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“The collaboration will bring together a promising therapeutic candidate for a devastating disease with leading edge, fundamental neuroscientific research at Columbia,” said Valerie Estess, director of research for Project ALS. “The studies in this collaboration will provide greater insight into the neurobiological effects of AMX0035, and hopefully optimize its beneficial effects.”

During a meeting of the Board of Control (SAMNA GB) in August 1989 I asked Capt de Wet (member of the Board of Control) how the GB memorabilia can be preserved. He suggested the establishment of a trust similar to the Unitie Trust which had been drafted by Jonathan Mort of Fairbridges. Mr Mort was requested to make a similar draft for a General Botha trust. This he did Details of these negotiations were discussed and accepted at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Control in October 1989. A display of memorabilia was arranged in the Maritime Museum Cape Town. When this museum closed the display was transferred to the Naval Museum Simon’s Town where, with contributions from OB’s and the dedication of Ian Manning [1955/56] a magnificent display is now on view.

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Data Presented at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) Annual MeetingContinues to Show Clinical Activity of CRS-207

“This report by Dr. McFadden represents years of research to uncover the remarkable cancer-targeting properties of this virus,” said Frank Tufaro, PhD, CEO of DNAtrix. “It appears that myxoma virus could be especially effective in combination with T-cell-based therapies, such as CAR-T therapy and stem cell transplantation.”

CHALLENGE-HD is a two-part, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial being conducted at a single clinical site, the Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR) in the Netherlands. The trial is evaluating the safety, tolerability and efficacy of daily subcutaneous injections of SBT-20 in adult patients with early stage Huntington’s disease (genetically confirmed disease with Unified Huntington’s Disease Rating Scale [UHDRS] Total Motor Score of five or more and Total Functional Capacity Score of seven or more). During part one, patients are administered SBT-20 subcutaneously for seven days at one of three ascending doses (5, 15 and 25 mg). The findings will be used to select a dose for the second part of the trial, in which SBT-20 will be administered subcutaneously for 28 days. The trial aims to enroll 24 patients, all of whom will participate in both part one and part two of the trial. The trial’s primary endpoints are safety and tolerability, and secondary endpoints will measure the effect of SBT-20 on mitochondrial and motor function as well as its pharmacokinetic profile.

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Grant McFadden, PhD, Director of the Biodesign Center for Immunotherapy, Vaccines and Virotherapy at Arizona State University, will present his pre-clinical results showing that ex vivo treatment of stem cells with myxoma virus prior to transplantation efficiently eliminates residual chemotherapy-resistant myeloma cells that remain in the transplant recipient.

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Homer notes in Odyssey Book 11 that the sun-god has cattle andsheep in Trinacria, later renamed Sicily, which would certainly be a westernfrontier for the early Greek colonists. If archaeologists find many sheepbones and few ox bones in the western fringes of civilization, we can assumethat the original meaning of the Vedic myth lay behind the Greek story, andthat the desiccation which Rhys Carpenter has posited for the second half ofthe second millennium B.C. was the driving idea behind this myth: Someone hadto go and get the rain back. If Heracles is one of the "Dorians" whowentnorth into Hungary to escape the drought, and his people came back later withrainfall (in Herodotos' words) as "the return of the descendants ofHeracles", then he would be a natural person about whom to center a storytelling why the rainclouds went to the west. If climatologists find that therainfall in Spain was plentiful through all this period, then Heracles may beassumed to be a "rainmaker". Identification of his name with the Pillars ofHercules shows that he was thought of as going all the way to the AtlanticOcean in his search.

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A hero of quite different dimensions is the master archerPhiloctetes. He has one special ability, he wields the bow that never missesits mark, and his ability with this remarkable weapon, which would make him asupreme hunter in a age which lived by hunting, makes him the object ofillwill and hostility in an age which devotes itself to warfare. Needing hisbow, but being unwilling to accept the pure and direct mind of the masterhunter who owns it, the Greek leaders are unable to give Philoctetesrecognition for his talents. On the other hand he cannot recognize their thelegitimacy of their military purpose, which is foreign to the world fromwhich his skills in archery emerged.

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Professor Charlie Gourley, of the University of Edinburgh and co-Chief Investigator of PRO-105, added: “Acelarin has shown meaningful clinical activity in advanced recurrent ovarian cancer and has been well-tolerated in clinical studies to date. We are pleased to be a part of this important clinical study.”

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A striking example of the opposition of one individual to coercive socialcommands is the story of Antigone. In Sophocles' version, from which most ofour portrayal of Antigone's character comes, the issue is between what one owesthe "state", represented by Creon the king, as against what one owes the olderstructures of clan and family religion. There is more to the story than thisskeletal outline, but the basic problem is simple and central: Does the statehave the final say in this new world of social imperatives, or are there moraland personal roots which go back into the ancestral past? The drama ofAntigone in its most elemental form, demonstrates the inability of a womanwho is schooled in the traditional values inherited from her past, tocomprehend, let alone obey, the orders which society presses on her throughthe agency of the King.

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The real problem is certainly not a conflictbetween individual and social action as such, but an understanding of whateach can do especially well in its own sphere. In our day when committees andthink-tanks tend to be the socially approved modes of generating new ideas, wemight well remember the effectiveness of thought and action which individualshave shown in the past. It is usually when the force of a social experimentis new, or on the other hand when times are especially desperate, that societytends to force one pattern onto us as mandatory. This is exactly what washappening in the first two millennia before Christ, and it is the inabilityof some ancient men of great force and ability to adjust to the new socialways that is so insistently recorded in the curious chronicles of Greekmythology.

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Since Womens' Lib. in the United States, the levels of femaleviolence have risen gradually, including several murders of seeming rapistsby karate-skilled females. Our myths of the naturally gentle sex have probablybeen generated by the domination which men have been able to exercise overwomen for millennia, although hormonal factors must also be at work. We areprobably as much in the dark in such matters of sexual identification as wasHeracles when he faced his first Amazonic Lady of Scythia. But the interestingpoint to make in closing, is that despite the long and even history of"pacification" of women in the Western world, the story of Heracles and theAmazons documents, although in puzzling manner, the possible existence of wildand untamed warrior women at an early, pre-Hellenic date.

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As times went on, the Romans started to "create" myths of their own,to suit their own social needs. These are largely based on the form and generalstyle of the Greek mythologists, with whom the Romans were well acquainted. Ifthey could not read the large full-scale version of Greek mythology in theGreek of Apollonius they could read an abridged version more conveniently inthe Latin of Julius Hyginus. The myths which they constructed should beconsidered "myths-of-the-second-level", or pseudo-myths. As examples of thisphenomenon, one can note these: Aeneas is the sort of fabrication which everypeople develops for its own honor. It seems possible that the whole Aeneasmyth was generated out of the archaic Latin word "trossulus" a cavalryman ofthe early period. The word has no known affinities and may be of Etruscanorigin, but since "trossulus" would be interpreted by any Roman as a "littleTrojan, descendant of Troy", or even more specifically "descendant of Tros (thefourth generation in the formal family tree of Troy, viz. Zeus, Dardanus,Erichthonius, and Tros), this would provide a convenient point of departure fora noble legend following the influx of Greek literature into Rome in thethird century B.C. This view is by no means accepted by Classical scholars,however the fabrication of quasi-archaic figures is well known to Americans,who have acculturated a largely reshaped Santa Claus, a wholly new PaulBunyan whose cycle dates only from the l920's, as well as a long series ofWestern style gunfighters who have only the slimmest connections withhistory.

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