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Let’s begin with the way Kennedy himself looked at thequestion.

exactly that. They reminded him it was what Jesus had said should be done. Kennedy said he knew that, and knew that it was the right thing to do, but he couldn’t overcome the China lobby in Washington to accomplish that.[]

Nevertheless, a year and a half later in the fall of 1963,against overwhelming opposition – again, nobody reportsthis today –, Kennedy decided to sell wheat tothe Russians, who had a severe grain shortage. He outragedcritics who said in effect to him what he had said to the Quakers:Would you feed an enemy who has his hands on your throat?Kennedy was getting the same thing back.

Now how can that possibly be? The why of his murder as a sourceof hope?

So to clear the way for such a treaty what does he do? []

But JFK surprised the CIA and the military by choosing instead to accept a loss. []

Truman and Eisenhower had, in effect, turned over the power of their office to their national security managers. Kennedy was instead acting like was the president of the countryby saying a strong No to the security elite on a critical issue. If we the people had truly understood what he was doing then on our behalf, we would have thought the president’s stand a deeply hopeful one.

In terms of his analysis of a coming coup, John Kennedy did have a second “Bay of Pigs.” The president alienated the CIA and the military a second time by his decisions during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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However, in terms of our constitution, our genuine security, andworld peace, the position Kennedy took in facing down the CIA andthe military at the Bay of Pigs, rather than surrendering totheir will, was in itself a source of hope. No previous post-warpresident had shown such courage – or any president sincethen.

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In September public opinion polls showed a turnaround – 80 percent of the American people were now in favor of the Test Ban Treaty. On September 24, 1963, the Senate approved the treaty by a voteof 80 to 19 – 14 more than the required two-thirds. []

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What did he do? He initiated a whirlwind public education campaign on the treaty, coordinated by editor Norman Cousins, who directed a committee of – whom? – people like us – peace activists. He also got business leaders, he got labor leaders, he got editors of women’s magazines, he got everybody he could together with Norman Cousins doing all the coordinating. They went out and they did a job, a furious round of public education.

So how can the why of his murder give us hope?

The president did a total end run around his militaryadvisers [the Joint Chiefs of Staff] who were opposed toit. He didn’t even consult them on it.

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September 20, when Kennedy spoke at the United Nations, he suggested that its members see the Test Ban Treaty as a beginning and engage together in an experiment in peace:

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When he said these words, John Kennedy was secretly engaging inanother risky experiment in peace. That same day at the UnitedNations, Stevenson that his assistant William Attwood should go ahead “to make discreet contact” with Cuba’s UN Ambassador Carlos Lechuga.[] The question: Was Fidel Castro interested in a dialogue with John Kennedy? A strongly affirmative answer would come back from Castro, who had been repeatedly urged by Khrushchev – by Khrushchev – to begin trusting Kennedy.

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The way he did it was he sent Averell Harriman as hisrepresentative to Moscow. Every time Averell Harrimanhad a question from the Soviet negotiators, he said,‘Excuse me please.’ He ran to a telephoneand he ran back with the answer. The telephone was directlyto Kennedy. []

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Now think about that a moment. This is Khrushchev who istelling Castro to trust Kennedy. What had been the relationshipwith Khrushchev and Castro? Castro was furious with Khrushchevfor what he did in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Khrushchev didn’tconsult with Castro. He pulled the missiles out because he wasafraid that – like that – they were going to have a nuclear war. And when Kennedy said ‘I need your help’ he responded to Kennedy with help to keep the world from going down in nuclear war. From Castro’s standpoint he’s pulling out the deterrent from aggression from the north bythe American capitalist president.

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President Kennedy’s next critical conflict with hisnational security state, propelling him toward the coupd’etat he saw as possible (this was number 4), was the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty that he signed with Nikita Khrushchev on July 25, 1963, just six weeks (if you can imagine that – six weeks to negotiatethat treaty) after the American University Address.

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So Castro would not talk to Khrushchev. He had no communicationwith him for half a year. He was totally boycotting communicationwith him. Finally letters of his and this time he writes it to Castro about how beautiful the sea is.[] how beautiful a letter that was.[]So he consented to go over to the Soviet Union and travelaround with Khrushchev for a month and be comrades again.

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