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1.3 Lupasol HF is one of the polyethyleneimines which may be used according to the patent in suit as the "primary and/or secondary amine compound having an Odor Intensity index of less than that of a 1% solution of methylanthranilate in dipropylene glycol" referred to in claim 1 (see the patent in suit, see page 4, lines 13 to 15; paragraph [0015] in combination with page 4, lines 12 to 14). Delta Damascone is one of the perfume ketone components specifically recited in claim 1 at issue.

1.2 The pro-perfume composition of Synthesis Example II is obtained as explained in paragraph [0130] by reacting Lupasol HF with Delta Damascone and a perfume mixture.

A version without stabilizer is available under reference DAMASCONEALPHA FAB 937471.

(E)-alpha-damascone 24720-09-0 - The Good Scents …

alpha.‐damascone (I) into α‐ionone (VI) without racemization in 48% overall yield.

New synthetic methods for gamma-geraniol, boll weevil pheromone, and alpha-damascone employing 2-(hydroxymethyl)-4-(phenylthio)-1-butene as a building block.

The (S)-configuration was assigned to .alpha.-damascone and .alpha.-ionone, important flavour components in black tea, by enantioselective capillary gas chromatography using octakis(3-O-methyl-2,6-di-O-pentyl)-.gamma.-cyclodextrin as a chiral stat...

alpha-damascone 43052-87-5 - The Good Scents …

The scale-up of the HPLC separation of the enantiomers of the flavour norterpenoid ketones alpha-ionone and alpha-damascone from analytical to preparative scale was achieved using the chromatographic simulated moving bed (SMB) technique.

DAMASCONE ALPHA is a very complex odour of rose, apple, blackcurrant and mint with a rich plum undertone

ii) the two consecutive paragraphs [0130] and [0131] belong to the same section of the description having the heading reading "II-Synthesis of delta damascone with Lupasol HF and additional perfume composition"; and

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Alpha-Damascone 1162626 - Sigma-Aldrich

Alpha-Damascone United States Pharmacopeia (USP) …

I like to mix this ketone with muguet and cyclamen chemicals such as Lilial, nerolidyl acetate, dimethyl benzyl carbinyl acetate, crotonate, isobutyrate and butyrate, myroxide, benzyl salicylate, Indoflor (Symrise), Rosacetat, Jacinthaflor (Symrise), cyclamen aldehyde and myrac aldehyde among others.” He goes on to emphasise that, as with Hedione, the commercial quality of the product is paramount with alpha-Damascone because it is composed of more than one enantiomer, the balance of these, rather than the purity, is the key factor.

CAS No.23726-94-5,alpha damascone Suppliers - …

"provided that said reaction product is not a pro-perfume obtainable by mixing 20g of Delta Damascone, 16g of water-free Lupasol HF, and 83g of the following perfume mixture

delta-Damascone | C13H20O - ChemSynthesis

"1. A liquid cleaning or fabric treatment product comprising a pro-perfume composition, which composition comprises the reaction product of a primary and/or secondary amine compound with a combination of a perfume ketone component and aldehyde component having a boiling point greater than 225ºC and a molecular weight greater than 150; said combination having a weight ratio of ketone to aldehyde of from about 95:5 to 25:75; and said amine compound having an Odor Intensity index of less than that of a 1% solution of methylanthranilate in dipropylene glycol; and wherein the perfume ketone component is selected from Alpha Damascone, Delta Damascone, Iso Damascone, Carvone, Gamma-Methyl-Ionone, 7-acetyl, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,-octahydro-1,1,6,7-tetramethylnaphtalene, 2,4,4,7-Tetramethyl-oct-6-en-3-one, Benzyl Acetone, Beta Damascone, Damascenone, methyl dihydrojasmonate, methyl cedrylone, and mixtures thereof."

While alpha-damascone is fruity ..

- the pro-perfume composition of Synthesis Example II was obtained as explained in paragraph [0130] of D14 by reacting Lupasol HF with Delta Damascone and a perfume mixture; the following paragraph [0131] explained that any type of perfume mixture might be used and indicated the composition of one preferred perfume mixture;

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