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And for many, the Jacksonian Democratic Party filled that role.

come of age in the 1820s, lincoln, a paragon of the self-made man, upheld certain democratic precepts that distinguished his generation from that of the founders, and that whigs of his more liberal persuasion shared with the jacksonians.

and some of the jacksonian spirit resided inside the lincoln white house.- with the election of andrew jackson in 1828, many felt a new age of political, economic, and social equality was about to emerge.

Jacksonian Democrats, as they came to be called, were great in number during the 1820’s and 1830’s.

Andrew Jackson began a whole new era in American history.

Jackson threatened to send militia to enforce the tariff implementation and the Jacksonian Congress passed a bill approving this military force, if necessary.

The Jacksonian democrats viewed themselves as saviors of the common people and ruled by the means of a powerful executive branch who attempted to destroy aristocracy in America.

Jackson supported both, the agrarian society and the common man....

Objective: During the 1828 presidential election, opponents of candidate Andrew Jackson circulated a handbill describing the final moments of six soldiers who were executed under the orders of their superior officer: General Andrew Jackson. Adams' supporters thought it would clinch the presidency for their candidate, but they were wrong. Jackson won decisively despite the controversy around the executions.

Today, your students will examine the handbill circulated by Adams' supporters and analyze both its effectiveness and the strength of its claims. They'll try to figure out why Jackson won despite concerns about his orders, and they'll also wrestle with the question of how military experience correlates with a successful presidency.

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jackson was in touch with the common man and had respect for him.

Andrew Jackson exemplified these founding principles.

The Jacksonian democrats portrayed themselves as saviors of the common people and ruled via a powerful executive who attempted to destroy aristocracy in America....

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This time in American History is known as the Jacksonian Period, commonly referred to as the era of the “common Man.” It is reform movements and economic development that characterize this era....

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More loosely, it alludes to the entire range of democratic reforms that proceeded alongside the Jacksonians' triumph—from expanding the suffrage to restructuring federal institutions.

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From another angle, however, Jacksonianism appears as a political impulse tied to slavery, the subjugation of Native Americans, and the celebration of white supremacy—so much so that some scholars have dismissed the phrase "Jacksonian Democracy" as a contradiction in terms....

DBQ Essay: How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson

Step One: Review the background of the 1828 presidential election by reading aloud (or having your students read silently) the in Shmoop's Jackson Era learning guide. (Psst! Scroll down to "Character, Sex, and Violence: The Issues of 1828" and read to the end.)

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Step Two: Now have your students take a look at , published by opponents of Andrew Jackson during the 1828 presidential election. As they read through it, they should jot down any words or phrases they find particularly interesting. Encourage them to pay special attention to the ways in which the handbill characterizes Andrew Jackson in the context of his military career.

How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson

politics from 1824 to 1828.” Jacksonian Democracy and its support came primarily from the lower classes as a rebellion of sorts apposing the aristocracy.

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Throughout the Jacksonian era the Jacksonians proved to be violators of the United States Constitution and not the guardians they believed themselves to be.

Andrew Jackson DBQ ; Andrew Jackson ;

However sometimes the Judiciary and Executive branches agree such as the incident when South Carolina declared a reduced tariff void and threatened to secede, President Jackson responded in an unconstitutional manner.

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