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Publications: 345 Histological and molecular investigation of the basis for variation in tomato fruit size in response to fruit.
The Effect of Heat Stress on Tomato Pollen Characteristics is Associated with Changes in Carbohydrate Six flowers at the first day of anthesis were sampled.
Cool Farm Tool Case Study.

0.5-2 cm long; leaflets (5-)11-23(-29), (2-)3-10(-16) mm long, (0.8-)1-2.5(-3.5) mm wide, narrowly oblong to linear (rarely lanceolate), the margins entire (rarely irregularly dentate), the terminal leaflet sometimes orbicular, equal to or shorter than the laterals INFLORESCENCE: panicle, 0.8-2 cm long Flowers: small; sepals in ours light green to slightly reddish, triangular, as many as petals, 1-2 mm long (in ours), basally connate, valvate; petals in ours reflexed at anthesis, white-cream colored (in ours) to pale yellow, greenish or reddish, lanceolate, valvate, 3-4 mm long (in ours), 3 (-5) in pistillate flowers, (3-)5 in staminate flowers; stamens in ours about twice the number of petals, in two whorls, inserted in the base of the nectar-disc, mostly smaller and sterile in pistillate flowers, the filaments ca.

Anthesis Floral is a creative floral studio and small flower farm in Galway, Ireland

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tions, 200 flowers at all stages of anthesis were examined and dissected in the field .anthesis (first 5 d after flower opening) were studied.

The breeding system was determined by controlled hand pollinations of all flowers in 10 inflorescences for each treatment, previously isolated with paper bags at pre-anthesis stage. The treatments performed were as follows. (1) For cross-pollination, flowers received a mixture of pollen collected from two or more individuals. Flowers that were used as pollen-donors were collected and maintained in the field in plastic gerbox boxes containing a 2% agar solution. (2) For apomixis, buds were emasculated before anther dehiscence. (3) For wind pollination, emasculated flower buds were placed in mesh bags that allowed the entrance of pollen grains (carried by the wind) but did not allow contact with pollinators. (4) For hand self-pollination, flowers received their own pollen or received pollen from other flowers from the same individual. (5) For spontaneous self-pollination, inflorescences were bagged after the exclusion of previously open flowers. (6) For natural pollination, flowers were only marked on the pedicel.

(biology) the process of an individual organism growing organically;. 3 Department of Biology, University of Munich, and in flowers that had been bagged prior to anthesis.

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Floral buds in the pre-anthesis stage were monitored daily until flower senescence to determine flower longevity (n = 30 buds from 10 inflorescences and 10 individuals). Fresh flowers were collected (30 flowers from 10 individuals), preserved in a 70% alcohol solution and observed under a stereomicroscope to determine floral morphology and to obtain morphometric data (i.e., floral diameter, gynoecium and androecium heights) using a digital calliper (error: 0.01).

The term anthesis is used to indicate the period of time in which a given flower is concerned in pollination.

Since the different portions of the flower are not productive at the same time Nature works to insure pollination from another plant at male anthesis while discouraging self-pollination. Once the female flowers have completed anthesis the male flowers begin to produce pollen which is taken to another plant by the insect pollinator. u

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Anthesis - definition of anthesis by The Free Dictionary

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It is a good idea to try to save the flowering plant as well as trying to grow new plants from seed. Cloneswith special characteristics are often not reproduced when grown from seed, so it is important to try to conservethem vegetatively.

the period of blooming in flowers, esp

Boophone is a genus of 2 species many many forms from Africa in the family. The plant consists of a conspicuous fan of wavy-edged grey-green leaves and a large scaly bulb above ground. Some of the largest bulbs found in the wild are well over a hundred years old, so the ones in a collection could become family heirlooms. There are several forms of spelling for this genus, but most taxonomists now agree that Boophone is correct, derived from bous = ox, phonos = slaughter (the bulb sap is extremely poisonous). Several common names exist such as Oxbane, Century Bulb, Sore-Eye Flower (pollen is irritating), Gifbol (=Poison Bulb), Tumbleweed, Perdespook (Horse Ghost - the infrutescence rolls across the veld which frightens horses), and a host of names in some of the other indigenous languages, many of which refer to the medicinal and other uses of the bulb.

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Cultivation of Boophone species should not be difficult as long as the different climates of each species is known. All species and forms need a very well drained mix. Some bone meal would be beneficial seeing that these species need to remain in (deep) containers for a long time. The plants are always eye-catching, even as a dry bulb sitting on the ground. The flowers quickly fade after pollination, and the pedicels elongate to form a large decorative seed head with fleshy seeds in the three-sided seed capsules. When the seeds are mature, the infrutescence is dry and stiff, breaking off from the stout peduncle and rolling away in the wind or down the slopes, shedding seeds along the way (). Refer to the page for seed sowing information.

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Boophone disticha is found both in the summer rainfall regions, from around Port Elizabeth on the south coast, northwards to East Africa and in areas that also have winter rainfall. In the former winters are dry, but the occasional light shower may occur in winter. The mature bulbs can get to about 17 cm (6-7 in.) in diameter, producing flowers in spring, and leaves about 45 cm (18 in) long and 5 cm (2 in) wide, in spring and summer. Plants from these regions are dormant in winter whereas plants from the other regions grow differently. Blooms in the wild are from September to March. The first two pictures show one grown and photographed by . The 4th picture of leaf detail was taken by .

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Since bamboo is anemophilous, wind pollinated, it must have many flowers at anthesis atthe same time for successful spread of the pollen. The reason bamboos die after floweringis most likely so that the seedlings will receive the water, nutrients, room and sunshinethat would otherwise be used by the mother. The seedlings are mulched by the debris of thedying parent. The mechanism for the timing of flowering and dying is a phenomenon not yetunderstood. It is one of nature's baffling mysteries.

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About; Articles; Carpel development in tomato arrests at anthesis.
Tomato fruit set is very sensitive to environmental conditions, Flower and micrograph of an ovary at anthesis, awaiting pollination.

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