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It is interesting to see how NASA spun the missions and tests. NASA pronounced the Apollo 6 Mission a success, with nearly all mission objectives achieved. There were many design problems with the LM and many test failures. The unmanned LM1 test on Earth apparently was a disaster. The Ascent Propulsion System blew apart and caught on fire when tested, and it malfunctioned on the second test, which sent the LM into a tumble. The next LM they tested was the LM3, which flew with Apollo 9. The hoax debunkers say that practice makes perfect, but when the LM4 on Apollo 10 spun wildly while supposedly above the lunar surface because a switch was thrown incorrectly, it had to make the Apollo 11 landing a breath-holding event. It is awesome to consider all the things that had to go on a lunar mission.

Also, since 2001, and particularly when I still interacted directly with the public, I have been regularly approached by people who advocated faked moon landings. This is where my moon landing studies really paid off, as there was rarely anything that anybody approached me with that I had not already studied, and I never saw one new argument or "evidence" that was the least bit persuasive for supporting the idea of faked moon landings. It was almost invariably a recycling of previously analyzed "evidence" that fell apart under scrutiny. Occasionally, I would get a novel argument and I would send them Jay's way, and their arguments and evidence did not last long. I have not seen any credible arguments for faked moon landings since 2001, and in my opinion, images from raise the bar pretty high for anybody making arguments for faked moon landings.

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5 Reasons Happy Couples Should Spend Time Apart

One area of evidence deals with photogrammetrics, and Jack White made the case that the shadows on his body did not fall in the same line as the shadows on his face, for further evidence of fakery. The HSCA investigators performed a sophisticated analysis where they drew lines from the places on Oswald’s body that cast the shadow to where the shadow hit the ground. They performed what they called a “vanishing point” analysis in which the lines all converged on the source of light, the Sun. The HSCA panel was also skeptical of the vanishing point analysis, as the lines appeared to converge only slight past Oswald’s head, not at the distant Sun. In 2009, a college professor, Hany Farid, who is now known to , produced an analysis of the lighting below Oswald's chin and the shadow cast behind his body in 133-A, and determined that they came from the same light source, so he concluded that the backyard photographs were genuine. Case closed. His analysis was predictably ballyhooed by the media, but no serious investigator considered it anything more than another publicity stunt by the apologists, and in that instance by an admitted asset of the FBI. That kind of "analysis" makes the conspiracy suspicions even stronger, not allay them.

The apparent falling off to the right of Oswald’s body shadow in 133-A is partly an illusion caused by his bizarre posture. White thinks that Oswald is standing to the right of his center of gravity, which should not be possible. However, still photos catch people who are never quite still, and "Oswald" could have been shifting his weight as the photo was taken, producing the effect. All of Jack White’s attempts to impute measured distances onto parts of the picture were dismissed by the HSCA (and all of Jack’s many critics) because of his limitations as a photogrammetric analyst. Has anybody pursued what Jack attempted, to reproduce the scene and use sophisticated photogrammetric analysis, to determine what the real height of the man in the photos was, or how long his rifle was? If anybody has done it, I have not heard of it.

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By examining the 133-A and 133-B photographs above, it is evident that in 133-A Oswald’s head is virtually perpendicular to the ground. In 133-B, Oswald’s head is significantly tilted to his left. In both images, the shadow below his nose falls almost exactly at the midpoint of his upper lips (see the above to see where that shadow hits his lips). Because of the tilt of his head in 133-B, the nose shadow should not have hit his lip in the same place. McCamy produced photographs of a mannequin at the HSCA hearings to explain this discrepancy. He provided a novel explanation in which the head twisted and tilted, to keep the shadow hitting the same spot on his lip. The HSCA panel was skeptical of McCamy’s explanation, and when the mannequin achieved the posture where the shadow hit the same part of the lip, it was no longer looking at the camera. Once again, McCamy invoked a fortuitous set of improbable circumstances to explain away an anomaly that suggested photographic fakery. Because the mannequin no longer looked into the camera when the desired shadow was achieved, such an analysis cannot be accepted as explaining the anomaly. What appears more likely is that the same head was pasted onto the different pictures, but the forgery was not sophisticated enough to account for different head angles. Also strongly supporting the pasted-head hypothesis, the head is the same size in the photos, although the body size changes. Also, in comparing 133-A and 133-C, the . How are those anomalies even possible if the photographs are genuine?

“One thing is the sheer coincidence that this line just happens to fall in the chin area; that this one edge of this one particular water spot is supposed to have left deposits in such a way as to form a line that coincidentally starts at one side of the neck, crosses the chin, and then ends at the other side - right where Oswald's head could have been attached to the body. I mean, this would be a good place to join a head to a body in a composite, in the chin area, and here we have a line in that region, and it's supposed to be a water spot.”

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I started it in an old hotel, the Duncan, feeling slightly sad that I had never gotten to go to Yale.“Light Years” is about a marriage, its surface—an enviable round of dinner parties and indulgent Christmas projects (the daughters of the house actually have a pony) in a picture-postcard setting within commuting distance of Manhattan—and its coming apart from underneath.

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White once put it, “Commas in The New Yorker fall with the precision of knives in a circus act, outlining the victim.” If the sentence has an introductory clause (like this one), we separate it with a comma.

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This tragedy narrates the tale of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s quest to grasp ultimate power by ignoring their morals and succumbing to their dark desires, which ultimately leads to their downfall....

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my citations of the thoughts of Lloyd-Jonesand Käsemann concerning this view in part one above). Of course,the Jews themselves are not thinking this way any more than did Paul thinkthis way before he trusted Christ. His description in 7:14-25 isnot a psychological depiction of the agony the Jew feels while trying toobey the law; if it were, the entire Jewish nation would have been rushingto faith in Christ for relief from their struggle! Paul's descriptionis more pointedly the Christian awareness of the inability of humanityapart from God to do what is good, which, in the final analysis, wouldbe to come to Christ on our own and by our own efforts. The purposeof the law is to lead people to Christ for justification (cf.

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A couple days before the woman called Stich, she went to Wilcher's apartment, looking for him. Not only was Wilcher not home, but the woman also rang the adjacent apartment's doorbell and was greeted with a recording saying that she had reached a disconnected government number. Wilcher’s friend called Stich on June 22, 1993, asking him what to do, and if he thought that Wilcher was alive. Stich responded that based on what he knew, it was 75% likely that Wilcher was dead. In the meantime, McClendon, 83 at the time, was badgering Washington D.C.'s police to do something about Wilcher's disappearance. On June 23rd, the Washington D.C. police finally broke into Wilcher's apartment to find his decomposing, naked corpse sitting upright on the toilet, as if he had died there.

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(Mendham) This play is considered a tragedy because the protagonist of the play, Macbeth, will suffer a terrible downfall as the result of his actions.

Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress

The key idea from this paper is that of a “consensually strong state”. It is meant to stand apart from strong states that are useful because they can provide socially useful public goods and from weak states cannot or will not provide such public goods. But strong states are also difficult to control for the citizens, so they will often turn their strength against the citizens, for example, expropriating them.

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