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Prosthetic-Joint Infections — NEJM

Hi Nicole, Thank you for our website and all the information you have provided for the many women like myself who are suffering from implant toxicity. I am scheduled for explantation on Feb 24 and looking forward to getting my health and my life back. Recently had MRI of breast which indicated implants are intact (silicone which were inserted in 2009 replacing saline originally inserted 1992 S/P bilaterally mastectomy), PS doing explant with capsulectomy. Due to my declining health, extensive body mass loss and wt loss, PS unable to do fat transplant or flap at this time, but at this moment I just want to be healthy again. Besides being dx with Hashimoto’s in Sept I have been experiencing increased neuropathy, headaches, fatigue, palpitations, blood pressure fluctuations, itching all over my body and intense itching under chest wall/implants. PS denied implants cause autoimmune disease but did state he has seen these similar symptoms in 4 women who he removed implants and had significant symptom relief, so I am hopeful. I have been on gluten free diet since dx of Hashimoto’s in Sept and PS has recommended vitamin therapy and protein shake supplements prior to surgery. Would appreciate any information/advice that will help me prior to surgery, I have read your detox protocol for after surgery. Do you know if the physicians ever start patients on antifungal therapy prior to surgery, the itching worries me that I may have fungal infection. My primary care MD, endocrinologist, cardiologist, allergist and neurologist have all ruled out underlying causes for my symptoms and admit they had no idea implants could be the cause and encouraged me to follow thru with PS.

Nina-thank you so very much for your post. I have 360 cc as well. They have doubled in size since implanted over the muscle 18 yrs ago. First surgery was with mentor textured saline that my body started rejecting as I was coming out of anesthesia in the hospital! I just found out I have the MTHFR gene. The replacement allergen textured silicone implants have become swollen obviously due to scar tissue & probably leaking/possible rupture as I have a protrusion poking thru my skin on my top right breast. It looks like an arrow. I have been told by countless doctors & PS it is only cosmetic even tho I am bed ridden except for going to work and straight home!! Everyone would only exchange not Explant. My whole being kept saying NO!!! I am scheduling my Explant today with Dr Feng in Ohio. I am traveling a great distance by myself to see her. Very excited. Your post gives me great comfort. I can wait to walk for miles and workout like I used to. I can’t wait to live again and be free of these toxic deadly bags that are not only trying to take my life, but make me look like a 45 yr old “Barbie” wanna be. I am excited to see the world again!! I have been very symptomatic for the past 7 yrs and debilatingly ill for the past 3. I am excited to live again!! Thanks again for your post Nina.

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Women who undergo mastectomy should especially avoid implants. My grandmother had a double radical mastectomy in the 60s and (being the smart woman she was) declined the offer of reconstruction (which were, at the time, silicone). Silicone and saline are all toxic and they both cause tons of symptoms, poor health, and even possible death. They mask any future growths. My grandmother had a mastectomy bra, silione gel inserts that went into pockets (she was a D, but really could choose whatever size she wished for comfort). My grandfather loved her and didn’t care one iota about her breasts….he loved HER. They were married 50 years (until his death) and she, my smart and amazing Nana, lived until 92. I don’t believe she would have lived nearly that long had she opted for reconstruction. Not worth it. Health is #1!!! Women are BEAUTIFUL and they are not their breasts! Nobody will ever know, either, if they have a bra w/ inserts. Nobody knew about Nana’s inserts except her family, and we were always so very proud of her (and loved her w/ all our hearts).

I had my explant surgery 5 days ago. Besides feeling a little sore and tired I feel good. I feel light and free.
I can breathe deeply, I didn’t realize how constricted my breathing was before.
I have noticed that my mild bladder problem seems to be gone! Pre explant I would go to the bathroom before getting in bed. Almost as soon as I would get comfortable I would feel like I needed to go again. I would get up and go, barely anything would come out. I drank plenty of water throughout the day, trying to make it better but it didn’t help. I also had occasional bladder leaks. Hopefully that is gone as well.
My question is how were the implants effecting my bladder? I have read about this before but I can’t remember where. I am not on Facebook anymore. Thank you for your hard work!

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Is this price for an En Bloc Explant? I am desperately looking for a highly recommended surgeon anywhere near NC. I cannot seem to find many PS’s that actually believe that BII exists or that can remove my implants using the En Bloc Method.

Catalyst: Complex Pain - ABC TV Science
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ProcedureDiagnostic Codes ICD10:
T85.49XA – Mechanical complication of breast prosthesis and implant
T85.79XA – Infection and inflammatory reaction due to other internal prosthetic devices, implants, grafts.
T85.84XA – Pain due to internal prosthetic devices, implants and grafts.
T85.44XA – Contracture of Breast Prosthesis
T85.43XA – Rupture of Breast Prosthesis
N64.81 – Breast Ptosis
N64.4 – Mastodynia

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Research symptoms in our Symptoms Center or …

Hi Nicole, I went off of FACEBOOK in 2014….If I set up a new account, will you accept me even though it will look scarce? I am on Instagram and following Breast Implant Illness and others….Unwell for 10 years which is when I got my implants, many days bed-ridden. My Plastic Surgeon who implanted me said he would be happy to explant for $5K plus but would only remove tissue that he deemed necessary and not En bloc because you risk puncturing a lung and there can be a lot of bleeding involved. He also said for those he has explanted, that the patients have seen no marked improvement in health and that there are no studies to prove BII exists. I can see why no improvement in health when the toxic capsule is left behind. He also asked if I wanted to be considered for a segment on The Doctors or Dr. Oz because I have an interesting story and it is relevant to this time. They would give me a free ticket to LA or NYC and would have me tell my story, show me in OR and document my journey…I said I would like to share my story but would need to think this over. I knew a little about En bloc but then came upon your website and understood the critical need to perform explant with En bloc, I have silicone gel implants. I will not be accepting the offer to tell my story in that forum or utilizing this well known plastic surgeon. It’s like my healing and journey would be set up to fail and would be a feather in the cap for Plastic Surgeons and implant manufacturers because in fact my health would not significantly improve because the garbage containing all the toxins would be left behind… Please let me know and thank you for all you do. I look forward to hearing back… Cynthia

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I had silicone breast implants when they first came on the market in the 1960’s. I won’t go into my long medical history, but just want to say not get breast implants, even if they are the saline. You body will react to a foreign object, no matter what, and you have no way of knowing what that reaction will be. I had my implants replaced several times, due to encapsulation, rupture, infection, and finally beast cancer. I had breast cancer twice, and a left breast mastectomy, which is the side I had the first infection and rupture in. I also suffered from chronic pain and discomfort, and my entire body was painful and sensitive to the touch, and I was tired and irritable all time. I have been cancer-free for 10 years. Your life is too important to worry about what size your breasts are. Just be grateful if you are in good health, and be happy with what God gave you.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a condition where pain never goes away after an injury and even gets worse The pain becomes a disease in its own right

Hi Nisha,
If you have swelling, pain, seroma, breast mass, capsular contracture or swollen lymph nodes and especially if you have textured implants please push hard for BIA-ALCL testing. Surgeons should consider the possibility of ALCL when they have a patient with late onset, persistent fluid around the implant (peri-implant seroma). When testing for ALCL at the time of explant, surgeons should collect fresh seroma fluid and representative portions of the capsule and send for pathology tests. The test is called CD-30 Immunochemistry and few plastic surgeons are knowledgeable about BIA-ALCL at this point so it will be up to you to educate your plastic surgeon and persist in getting the test if you have any symptoms and/or textured implants. Nicole

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Hi Paige,
Don’t waste more time or money on doctors that won’t acknowledge breast implant illness. Go straight to finding an Explant Surgeon near you from the list on this website and start planning your explant.

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