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Spiral Synth is a physically modeled polyphonic analogue synthesizer.

Part ethnography and part radio art experiment, Goodwin Sands Radiogram was conceived in August 2014 and began broadcasting on 25th January 2016. This evening’s performance is a live version of the podcast with creator Ben Horner, narrator Peter Kelly and musicians Tom Jackson and Sam Bailey. A collage of interviews with local people will be threaded through improvised music and evocative field recordings. Expect a curious, honest and funny celebration of place and people in all their idiosyncratic detail.

Electro-Medical ProductsElectro-MotiveElectro Music LeslieElectro Optic Systems EOSElectro PlasmaElectro-Replacement ERLElectro ResearchElectro Scientific Industries PortametricElectro-SectElectro-Shalt-WerkElectro Standards LaboratoriesElectro Switch Corporation ElectroswitchElectro TechElectro-Technical IndustriesElectro-TechnologyElectro-Voice Corporation Cardiline Cardyne Musicaster Precision RoyalElectrobandElectroChemElectrocompaniet Ampliwire Power Chord PreampliwireElectrocomponentsElectrodataElectrograph DelphiElectroGuard Security SystemsElectrohome Jumbo Saturn Space AgeElectrolube PrecleneElectrolux Airclean Alno Aqua Cleaner The Boss Compact Power Contour Contour Flexihead Electrolux Floorcare UK Excelio HiLight Pet Lover Husqvarna Iron Aid McCulloch miniBar Mondo Plus Power System Supreme Trilobite Twinstream Wascator WidetrackElectrolux Floorcare UK TrilobiteElectrolux LoisirsElectroMailElectromaticElectroMotionElectron Aerials All-Wave Aerial Globe Aerial Simple-Strip Superial VarialElectron CS Force ElectronicsElectron Kinetics Eagle EKSCElectron TubeElectroniaElectronic Arts Criterion Software Dead Space 3 EA JamdatElectronic ConceptsElectronic Contract Assembly ECAElectronic CorporationElectronic CountermeasuresElectronic Designs EDIElectronic Dream Plant Gnat WaspElectronic Energy ControlElectronic Engineering TelevisorElectronic Environments AV DevelopmentsElectronic Form Systems FormwriterElectronic Innovations Corporation EICElectronic InstrumentsElectronic LaboratoriesElectronic Manufacturing of TexasElectronic MeasurementsElectronic MiracleElectronic Music StudiosElectronic Product DesignElectronic Professional ServicesElectronic ReproducersElectronic and Scientific Instruments Esimix MajorElectronic Sound Systems ESS HeilElectronic SpecialistsElectronic SystemsElectronic SystemsElectronic Visionary SystemsElectronic Visuals EVElectronic WorldElectronic 2000 ContactElectronicaElectronics DiversifiedElectronics for ImagingElectronics InternationalElectronics Line ELElectronics Research Mag RodElectronics and Telecommunications Research Institute of Korea ETRI MPEG4Electronik Superambiance Superlux UniverselElectronix CorporationElectropadanElectropatent InternationalElectrophonElectrophonicElectroplex RocketElectrosonicElectrosoundElectrospace 'PressorElectroswitch Electronic ProductsElectrothermalElectrotone LaboratoriesElectrovisionElectrovoice PatricianElectrovoxElectrowayElectrowideElectruepartElekon IndustriesElektaElekta Instruments Leksell Gamma Knife Leksell Micro-Stereotactic System Leksell SurgiPlan Ruggles Selector Steiner-Lindquist Microsurgical Laser Guide SurgiScopeElektekElektraElektra BeckumElektrakElektraubElekTrekElektrim Elektrim TelekomunikacjaElektrim Telekomunikacja ETElektro World RadioElektro HeliosElektron Analog Four Analog RhythmElektronska IndustrijaElektrotechnikElemediaElementElement PowerElement 14 Acorn Computers Active BBC Micro BitElemental DesignsElemental Path CogniToysElemisElenbergElencoElenosElephoneElepianEleroElesignElettronica Industriale Basic D-Star D-StoneElevenElexonElfElfemaElfunkELGElgar CorporationElgen Solid State BassElggElgin-American Microphone Company AmericanElgin ElectronicsELIElicaElimElinElichrom Maxisoft Minispot Minisoft Pro RotaluxElinexElipsonElisaElistraElite ExtremeElite EZ-BuddieElite PowershowElite ElectronicsElite OpticsElitegroup Computer Systems ECS ECS Elitegroup Vertos XabreEliteUKServeElixir CablesElixir StudiosElizabethan Auto Automatic Corsair Major RomaElizaldeElka Concord Rhapsody Rhythm Machine Super Artist SynthexElka InternationalElkay Electrical ManufacturingEllensElliotElliott BrothersEllis PatentsElloElmacElmakElmanElmar IndustriesElmarcElmdene InternationalElmer Communication Receiving SystemElmoElmosa Super1Elmsdale Media Yes TelevisionElmugElna CerafineElnapress OpalElo TouchSystemElog SperrkreisEloNeXEloraELP Corporation LaserElpam Electronics Trapped Person LocatorElpicoElpidaElpineElpressElrick Bass GuitarElron SoftwareElroyELSAElsa Ecomo Office Erazor Gladiac Gladiac Ultra Gloria MicroLink 3D RevelatorElsag Bailey Elsag Bailey Canada Elsag Bailey Process AutomationElscott ThermistorsElsemaElsoElstead Lighting Amarilli Lily LunettaElsterElston & Company Elston Elect...

KMid uses /dev/sequencer as output device supporting external synths, AWE , FM and GUS cards.

Csound is a software synthesis program.

UltraMaster Juno-6 is a faithful virtual reproduction of a Roland Juno-6 Polyphonic Synthesizer.

Kingfisher Kingfisher Series Four Linnet Microlin Mobifax Netlink Gold PMC Electronics Solo Vega VegaStream Worldbox Xcom Multimedia CommunicationsPace ScientificPace Sky ManualPacemakerPacer ComponentsPacificPacific Aigle Etoile Radio-Phono-BarPacific Data Images PDIPacific Gas and ElectricPacific InstrumentsPacific Northwest National Laboratory SceneProPacific PowerPacific RecordsPacific SatellitePacific Semiconductor TurboPacific TelephonePacific Vogue Radio and TelevisionPacificImage ElectronicsPackard Jackson-Bell Junior Packard BellPackard Bell AudioKey EasyNote Butterfly Flyvideo iXtreme Lifeview Suite Teledyne Packard Bell TVRPackard Motor Car Company Clipper Club Coupe-Roadster Custom Clipper Custom Eight Deluxe Hercules Dietrich LeBaron Runabout Speedster Ohio Phaeton Predictor Sport Phaeton Standard Super Twin Six WoodyPacket 8PacketizerPacketVideoPackman Percy PackmanPacnetPacoPactonPacusma Company Guangzhou Pacusma ElectronicsPaddlePaelPAG LightPagani Automobili Huayra Zonda Zonda RevolutionPage WizPageant PSFTP PuTTYPagereaderPagitekPaia Electronics Fat Man Four Band Gnome Keyboard Modular OZ Ring Modulator Strings 'N' Thingz SynthPaigntonPaillard Bolex Paillard Bolex TellPaint Shop ProPaisleyPajula J.

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Bristol is a synthesizer emulation package.

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Kershaw GB-Kalee KaleeKazooKBCKBGear JamP3 PlayerKCKC Technology MicroPAXKCB PrecisionKCNAKcomKDDI Corporation FasterKDFKDSKea ShuttleKeafott ResolverKebschullKEC SpokemanKeConnect InternetKeekorKeeler Optics Keeler Keeler Slit LampsKeene QuintroKeene Electronics Cat5Blaster SyncBlasterJH Keeney and CompanyKeepodKeetonaKEF Electronics Calinda Cantor Celeste Coda Concerto Concord Cresta KEF Electronics of America Kefkit Kube Model Four Model Two One Reference Reference Model Four Reference Model One Reference Model Three Reference Model Two Reference One Reference System Uni-QKegel MasterKegel8Keith Hitchcock SharmaKeith MonksKeithley InstrumentsKeleKeletronKelihosKelloggKellogg ElectricKellus CorporationKelly John Kelly KellycasterKelly ControlsKelly SpaceKelly TransducerKellycoKelonKelsey Power DistroKelvinKelvin HughesKelvinator Airflite Ambassador Custom Nash Nash-Healey LeMans Metropolitan RamblerKema KeurKemet Electronics CorporationKemoKen Bebensee GuitarsKen BrownKen ChanKen KreiselKen-RadKenan ArborKenavisionKenbak CorporationKencallKendaKendoKendrick Amplifiers Gusher Harp Amp Low Rider The Rig Sonny Boy Spindletop Texas Crude WildcatKenGenKeniaKenleyKenmac The ListenerKenmore Kenco PUR Ultra-SatinKennedy Cosmopolitan Countess LeaderKenner RobotKennetKennexKenningKenotron KenodyneKenproKenradKenroKensalKensington OrbitKensington Desktop MicroSaver Glaremaster MicroSaver Minder Notebook MicroSaver Quicktrieve Slim MicroSaver SlimScreenKensington PilotMouse Mini Wireless ValueMouseKent Paddle TutorKent DisplaysKent TelevisionKentekKentonKentron SystemsKentronics PicNixKenwell ElectricKenwood Chef Chefette Deluxe Gourmet KEC Kenwood Electronics Kenwood UK kMix MASK Multipro Compact Omni Smoothie CONCERT triblade Trio Trio-KenwoodKenworth CaboverKepcoKepnerKeraKeracolorKeRangersKerio Personal Firewall WebSTARKermitKermit Kermit for ProphecyKern All Tune WhaKernel Windows Data RecoveryKershaw Adam Kershaw Apem APM Beck London Stereoscopic Marion Patent Reflex Ross Soho Baby Soho Dainty Soho Ordinary Soho Reflex Soho Stereo Soho TropicalKersi ViolettaKerstanKerstarKeston CombiKestron UnitsKeswickKeswick Audio Research Alto Alto Evolution Centrale Centrali Figaro EvolutionKetron Lab Programmer SoltonKeuffel & EsserKew TechnikKewmade TeleprintKewtechKey ElectronicsKey TronicKeybmcKeyboard ExchangeKeyboard ProductsKeyboard RebuildersKeyboard SpecialtiesKeyfaxKeylock AlloyKeymaster SoftwareKeymaster UKKeynote SystemsKeysight Technologies InfiniiVisionKeystone Crystal CorporationKeystone ElectronicsKeystoreKeytecKeytekKeytouchKeytronicaKFC Computek Components CorporationKhan AcademyKhindKhodro SamandKhrunichev Angara ProtonKia Motors Corporation Carens Carnival cee'd Cerato Ceres Magentis Maxus Mentor Neo Mattina Optima Picanto Pride Pro Cee'd Proceed Provo Retona Rio Rocsta Rondo Sedona Shuma Sorento Sorrento Soul Sportage Sportage Axis Stinger Stonic VengaKiadea RubyKICKickass TorrentsKickStartKickstarterKidde fyrnetics LifesaverKiddfectiousKiddy Poste à GalèneKidoKielKienzle Mannenheimer Signal WundergengKievKiewa Valley stereoKiiroKikKikushuiKikusiKilldiskKilmore SuperKiltech LockshieldKim Dotcom Mega Megabox MegauploadKimaraKimariKimball A Kimball Company Kimball TagKimball ChallengerKimber Kable Illuminations Powerkord Silver StreakKimberly Fuzz Box and Volume E-X-P-A-N-D-E-RKindeepKindel AudioKinderKindermannKinergetics Research Labyrinth UltraKinetic Analysis CorporationKinetic Audio Kustom Akoustics Labyrinth Stat Stat NouveauKinetic RecordsKinetieKinetix 3D Studio MaxKinexKing X-RotorKing AirKing Battery K BKing Beat RhythmKing & Company Original American Vibroplex Vox-WahKing's Radio King's ElectronicsKing of the RoadKing SoundKing-TVKingbrightKingene Tech.

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Performers: John Surman, bcl. Bars, ss, kb, synth. 2012.

Will Gregory Moog Ensemble, new music on vintage synthesizers.

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Second Hand Keyboards, Synthesizers and Organs, Buy …

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Bristol PolySynth - Android Apps on Google Play

Part ethnography and part radio art experiment, Goodwin Sands Radiogram was conceived in August 2014 and began broadcasting on 25th January 2016. This evening’s performance is a live version of the podcast with creator Ben Horner, narrator Peter Kelly and musicians Tom Jackson and Sam Bailey. A collage of interviews with local people will be threaded through improvised music and evocative field recordings. Expect a curious, honest and funny celebration of place and people in all their idiosyncratic detail.

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