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The Robinson Bucket is a proven standard of bucket handle users for stapes surgery. The Robinson is offered in 0.4mm, 0.5mm or 0.6mm diameter, with the shaft of each stepped down to 0.3mm. This provides better clearance with an over-hanging facial nerve or promontory. The Robinson has a 1mm polished depth gauge to aid in determining depth into the vestibule.

Grace Medical offers a distinctive line of prostheses for otosclerosis. Each design, whether a bucket handle or piston, is a powerful statement of form and function. From traditional designs and materials to the more modern versions using Nitinol, each stapes prosthesis provides the innovation and quality required for stapedotomy or stapedectomy.


robinson bucket handle prosthesis mri safety - …

Robinson Bucket Handle

Hi Ann,
When you explanted your silicone breast implant in 2014, were the capsules (scar tissue that grows around the implants) removed too. From our experiences we know that in order to heal completely all the capsule tissue should be removed too because it is full of biofilms of bacteria/fungus, silicone particulate, silicone chemicals and heavy metals and it’s prescence continues to stimulate the immune/autoimmune response in the body and symptoms will continue if your capsule is left inside you. All explant should include removing all capsule tissue. Consult with your explant surgeon to ensure that your capsules were removed and even request a copy of your explant operative report to find out exactly what was done during your explant. Also ask about how much silicone contaminated your chest cavity and how it was cleaned out? Ladies that have been contaminated with silicone find Low Dose Naltrexone helpful in dealing with symptoms from silicone. Also supplements such as Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid and NAC can be used to assist detox of silicone. Dr. Shanklin did studies that showed high levels of Inositol caused silicate to be excreted in urine and so Inositol can be used to detox silicone as well.

The surgical approach to otosclerosis has evolved significantly over the decades following Shea’s first stapedectomy in 1956. The procedure has progressed from total removal of the stapes footplate, to partial stapedectomy, and now to small fenestra stapedotomy using a microdrill or laser. Likewise, the choice of stapes prosthesis has changed over the years in terms of size, shape, and composition. The three most common prosthesis designs are the wire loop, piston, and bucket handle, although there are many variations on each. Piston diameter has ranged from 0.3 to 0.8 mm. Prostheses have been made from a wide array of materials including Teflon, stainless steel, platinum, gold, and more recently a nickel titanium alloy, nitinol.

use of a 0.4mm diameter Teflon Bucket-handle type prosthesis.

Hello and thank you for your sight. It is incredible. I am anticipating getting my highly cohesive implants removed within the next couple months. I put them in three years ago s/p mastectomy. Naturally I have tons of symptoms within 2 months of implant. I also have the MTHFR gene, leaky gut, diagnosed with Hashimotos since implant and the list goes on. I have been on a cleansing program and taking supplements, probiotics, AIP diet for the Hashimotos . Somehow, miraculously, i stumbled upon your site! I have 9 amalgam fillings, but upon metal testing I come up low thankfully, Slightly elevated Cadmium (not sure what that is from? -IMPLANTS?) in any case, i started adding spirulina in my supplements. I home made capsule a day. Then I read not to take chlorella if you have fillings. Is that the same for spirulina? You have shared the same knowledge as my functional medicine doctor with me. You are one smart cookie! Any advice is appreciated. I am to over detox. Also, recently my extremities and tongue are quite swollen and my histamine levels are super high. Any advice about this? Would love to have as much info prior to my PS appointment to have explant consult. Will see PS 2/23 for consult.


The Offset Bucket is intended to be used in cases where the incus is shorter. It is often used in stapes revision cases due to the offset angle between a shorter incus and the footplate. The Offset Bucket features an adjustable diameter bucket to accommodate a small, medium or large sized incus. The 0.6mm shaft is stepped down to 0.3mm along the center portion which allows for better clearance with an over-hanging facial nerve or promontory. The Offset Bucket has a 1mm polished depth gauge to aid in determining depth into the vestibule.

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called robinson 4.5 mm bucket handle

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