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C4 photosynthesis: how some plants avoid photorespiration

if you can provide extra details BTec 1st Respiration and photosynthesis Assignment Task 2; You are a Sales representative for a company that produces fermenters.

O2 and H2O CO2 and C6H12O6 O2 and C6H12O6 CO2 and H2O Question 7 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points) When pyruvate molecules enter the mitochondrion during cellular respiration, they react to form ethyl alcohol and ATP acetyl-CoA and carbon dioxide glucose and carbon dioxide lactic acid and NAD+ Question 8 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points) Where does the Krebs cycle occur?

Photorespiration: C3, C4, and CAM plants

C3 and C4 Photosynthesis (PDF Download Available)

C4 plants are designed to survive and thrive in the conditions offered in this experiment.The C3 plant had the next highest increase in oxygen.

These O2 measurements for each plant will be compared to the control.
Which plant type(C4, C3, Cam), will have the highest rate of photosynthesis over 12 hours of daylight?
In C4 plants, the initial steps of carbon fixation are separated structurally from the calvin cycle, whearas in Cam plants, the two steps occur at separate times but within the same cell.

The plants are the independent variables and the amount of oxygen is the dependent variable because its amount present will depend on the rate of photosynthesis of each plant in each chamber.

How C3, C4 and CAM Plants Do Photosynthesis - …

Control: Oxygen % In Chamber
% of O2 After 12 Hours in Sunlight:
% of Oxygen change from initial:
The C4 plant had a much higher rate of photosynthesis than Cam and C3.

The Cam plant would have the highest rate of respiration at night when compared to C4 plants and C3 plants.

photosynthesis diagrams worksheet in All Grade Worksheets category

Photosynthesis Diagrams Worksheet - In the diagram at right of a chloroplast, the reactions of the Calvin cycle would occur in area?

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05.02.2016 · A comparison of C3, C4 and CAM plants

Explain the difference between C3, C4, and CAM plants

This is a little like a perpetual energy machine, but there are costs associated with running the machinery for respiration and photosynthesis so the plant cannot CAM-idle forever.

Cam, C3, and C4 Plants and their Rate of Photosynthesis duri

C3: Rice, soybean, wheat, rye, oats,
millet, barley, potato
C4: Maize (corn), sorghum, pearl millet
and sugarcane
CAM: Pineapple, Cactus
The C4 plant will have the highest rate of photosynthesis over 12 hours of daylight compared to CAM and C3 plants because C4 plants can thrive in direct sunlight and it uses Pep carboxylase instead of Rubisco.
Experimental Design
There will be one plant of each kind; a soybean plant is a C3 plant, a sugarcane plant is a C4 plant, and a cactus is a Cam plant.
There will be 3 chambers with intense sunlight(50 watts)
shining into all of the chambers equally.

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