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What is the Calvin-Benson cycle? - Quora

Blankenship RE and Chen M (2013) Spectral expansion and antenna reduction can enhance photosynthesis for energy production. Current Opinions in Chemical Biology 17: 457–461.

Budzinski IGF, Moon DH, Morosini JS, et al. (2016) Integrated analysis of gene expression from carbon metabolism, proteome and metabolome, reveals altered primary metabolism in Eucalyptus grandis bark, in response to seasonal variation. BMC Plant Biology 16 (1): 149.

The Calvin Cycle - HyperPhysics Concepts

Video clip - The work of Calvin and Benson on photosynthesis

Calvin cycle; Calvin–Benson cycle; photosynthesis; light regulation; thioredoxin; Rubisco; metabolism

In the photosynthesis and initial carbon fixation occur at night and a 4-carbon acid is stored in the cell's vacuole. During the day, the Calvin cycle operates in the same chloroplasts.

The C3 carbon reduction cycle is the primary pathway of carbon fixation in all photosynthetic organisms, reducing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to form carbohydrates, and in higher plants, it takes place in the chloroplast stroma. The carboxylation, reduction and regeneration phases of the Calvin–Benson cycle require several enzymes whose properties have been the focus of intense study. The intermediates of the Calvin–Benson cycle serve as links with several other pathways, and photosynthetically fixed carbon is exchanged among the pathways. Control of Rubisco involves several regulation mechanisms, and some are similar to those of other enzymes of the Calvin–Benson pathway, such as thioredoxin redox control as well as multiprotein complexes. All of these enzymes and control mechanisms, as well as plant canopy structure, are being studied with the aim of improving photosynthesis for increased plant production to feed a growing population.

Calvin-Benson cycle, Photosynthesis, Botany: A …

Carvalho FEL, Ribeiro CW, Martins MO, et al. (2014) Cytosolic APX knockdown rice plants sustain photosynthesis by regulation of protein expression related to photochemistry, Calvin cycle and photorespiration. Physiologia Plantarum 150: 632–645.

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Strand A, Hurry V, Henkes S, et al. (1999) Acclimation of Arabidopsis leaves developing at low temperatures. Increasing cytoplasmic volume accompanies increased activities of enzymes in the Calvin cycle and in the sucrose‐biosynthesis pathway. Plant Physiology 119: 1387–1397.

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Modeling the Calvin-Benson cycle | BMC Systems …

Known as the “Calvin-Benson Cycle”, named after

Marri L, Zaffagnini M, Collin V, et al. (2009) Prompt and easy activation by specific thioredoxins of Calvin cycle enzymes of Arabidopsis thaliana associated in the GAPDH/CP12/PRK supramolecular complex. Mol. Plant 2: 259–269.

its two co-discoverers (Melvin Calvin & Andrew Benson) ..

Michelet L, Zaffagnini M, Morisse S, et al. (2013) Redox regulation of the Calvin‐Benson cycle: something old, something new. Frontiers in Plant Science 4: 1–21.

Calvin Benson Cycle - More information

Malinova I, Steup M and Fettke J (2013) Carbon transitions from either Calvin cycle or transitory starch to heteroglycans as revealed by 14C‐labeling experiments using protoplasts from Arabidopsis. Physiologia Plantarum 149: 25–44.

photosynthesis | Importance, Process, & Reactions - …

Tamoi M, Nagaoka M, Miyagawa Y and Shigeoka S (2006) Contribution of fructose 1,6‐bisphosphatase and sedoheptulose 1,7‐bisphosphatase to the photosynthetic rate and carbon flow in the Calvin cycle in transgenic plants. Plant and Cell Physiology 47: 380–390.

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Lopez‐Calcagno PE, Howard TP and Raines CA (2014) The CP12 protein family: a thioredoxin‐mediated metabolic switch? Frontiers in Plant Science 5 (9): 1–9.

Plant Energy Transformations-Photosynthesis - …

Li XJ, Guo X, Zhou YH, et al. (2016) Overexpression of a brassinosteroid biosynthetic gene Dwarf enhances photosynthetic capacity through activation of Calvin cycle enzymes in tomato. BMC Plant Biology 16: 33.

Using chlorophyll in the process of photosynthesis, ..

Wang S, Tholen D and Zhu XG (2017) C4 photosynthesis in C3 rice: a theoretical analysis of biochemical and anatomical factors. Plant Cell Environ 40 (1): 80–94.

Photosynthesis converts light ..

Later in the 1950’s Melvin Calvin researched photosynthesis using euglena and other organisms and
discovered the Calvin Benson Cycle which captures carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.
Melvin Calvin was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this discovery.

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Wu A, Song Y, van Oosterom EJ and Hammer GL (2016) Connecting biochemical photosynthesis models with crop models to support crop improvement. Front Plant Sci 7: 1518.

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