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Recap of The Ten Types of Metabolism

Dr. William Donald Kelley is not a forgotten man. He lives in the hearts of many of his patients that are alive today because of his nutritional protocols based on his system of analyzing metabolic individuality. Today, Bill and I have great admiration for this creative mind of science. Witnessing in his patients and realizing the deep import of the age old adage that "one's food is another's poison," Kelley was the first to utilize computer technology to analyze components comprising metabolic individuality. Based on Pottenger's original work with the autonomic nervous system, Kelley developed a systematic, testable and repeatable means of determining one's metabolic type and thereby delineating the appropriate nutritional protocol. Today, Kelley is not recognized in the traditional circles of medicine, although he truly deserves this recognition. One of his patients who is now a patient of mine was diagnosed with leukemia in 1972. She was advised to have the traditional chemotherapy but sought alternative treatment instead. She was treated by Dr. Kelley in 1972 and has sustained a full remission. Had she been treated with the traditional chemotherapy, she probably would be history today. This is the legacy that Dr. Kelley leaves with all of us. His Non-Specific Metabolic Therapy4 is grounded in the wisdom of treating the person who has the disease, over the disease that has the person.

The turn-around that he effected with many of his patients is phenomenal. I practiced nutrition based upon his approach for many years. Based on his principles, I subsequently developed a mini-glucose tolerance test to determine acid-alkaline balance and its relationship to the oxidative processes. Dr. Watson's oxidative research is of equal importance to that of Dr. Pottenger's neural-hormonal research. Both of these brilliant scientists significantly advanced our scientific knowledge of metabolic type testing and have proven to be the fathers of the Foundational Medicine philosophy.

Balancing Your pH (the below is courtesy of Jan Johnson, author of the Metabolic Typing Workbook)

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RC: Are there personality types associated with these different types of autonomic dominance?

This bias in favor of the anabolic in alternative health circles parallels another widespread misunderstanding that I constantly encounter in teaching my own Metabolic Typing work to other health practitioners. In point of fact, an overly alkaline condition (as measured at the level of the blood pH) is almost as common as an overly acid condition (acid and alkaline being here defined relative to the perceived ideal venous blood pH of 7.46, as defined by the groundbreaking work of George Watson, Ph.D.). Furthermore an overly alkaline condition can have equally dire consequences as an overly acid condition in terms of disease progression.

My own work with Metabolic Typing is based on balancing the metabolism with targeted foods and nutritional supplementation, using the pH of the blood as the central marker. It was Dr. George Watson who originally observed how small changes in the venous blood pH could affect the psychological states of psychiatric patients, reporting his observations in his classic book Nutrition and your Mind. Rudolf Wiley, Ph.D. noted that this same phenomenon among the population at large, and in relation to physical disease conditions. Metabolic Typing as practiced today is a system of nutritional analysis that seeks to balance the physiologic terrain in such a way that cancer and other diseases are less likely to occur and, if they do, it helps the body deal more effectively with them by helping to balance the underlying metabolic processes. My work is preventive in orientation, and I myself do not treat cancer or any other disease. Rather, I provide nutritional tools to help balance the inner environment so that the body itself is able to self-correct. Cancer may never be “cured” but, if it caught early enough, a body that is metabolically balanced certainly can contain it and prevent it from progressing into a life-threatening disease.

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Once the cancer has moved from the cell to the tissue, it has the potential to migrate via the circulatory system (bloodstream and lymph), and to attach itself to distant organs. However, as with the shifts between the previous levels, the process of metastasis can only occur if certain conditions are met, including the cancer cells detaching themselves from the original tumor, evading the patrolling white blood cells of the immune system, successfully crossing the vascular wall and attaching to the target organ, and establishing an adequate blood supply for the survival of the new tumor. If any one of these numerous steps is interrupted, metastasis will not occur. The final or shock stage is characterized by disruption of metabolic function at the systemic level, and typically involves fatigue, generalized weakness and cachexia.

The following two cases will illustrate the specificity of Metabolic Typing:

For the last several readings his cholesterol was 216, 219, 240. His triglycerides had been 138, 106, and 115. Mind you, he was eating a vegetarian diet. I tested him through Metabolic Type Testing and found that he was a very Fast Oxidizer (acid blood). I explained that my focus was to balance his blood pH, and for his type this entailed a diet higher in purine-type proteins and fats. Although he felt that, together, we were "flying in the face" of popular belief, he had seen insufficient results thus far.

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Her blood via the glucose tolerance test proved to be extremely alkaline. I balanced her pH to near ideal with an acid forming diet for her Metabolic Type, put her on a strict regime of pancreatic enzymes, used selected anti-oxidants (which vary dependent upon Metabolic Type) and checked her every two weeks. After being on my nutritional protocol for three months, I advised her to have a thorough checkup by her physician. I might note here that during her treatment with me her energy level had improved and she was not as sickly as she had been. The hospital oncology unit examined her and informed her she had no evidence of any cancer, and she was in remission.

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Tests showed that in March and April of each year, his dominant system was autonomic Sympathetic. Through his hard exercise, he was exhausting his Sympathetic dominance and transferring to the Oxidative Metabolic Type, becoming a Fast Oxidizer. What is required for him at this point is a complete change in diet and supplements. For two months of the year, being Sympathetic dominant, his diet would consist of low purine-type proteins, low fat, and high complex carbohydrates. During the remainder of the year he required a completely opposite diet-one higher in purine-type proteins, higher in fats, and low in complex carbohydrates to support his Fast Oxidizer dominance. Supporting nutrients for his Metabolic Type changed as well. I had phenomenal success with this patient, and he is now able to race all year long.

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A few of my case histories will depict a metabolic approach in action. The method is to address the underlying fundamental homeostatic control mechanism-the Metabolic Type.

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Another case history: a sixty-three year old woman who suffered from high cholesterol and fatigue. Her blood pH was alkaline (I thought due to being a Slow Oxidizer) so I put her on an acidifying dietary and supplement regime. When she returned in two weeks she said she was feeling worse. Upon checking her blood pH, sure enough, she had become even more alkaline. This could only mean that she was Parasympathetic dominant. (I always recheck a patient after 1-3 weeks on the protocol to ensure the determination of the Metabolic Type is accurate.) I changed her diet to fit the Parasympathetic profile along with proper amino acids and fatty acids. In two weeks, she reported for another testing and her pH was ideal. She also told me she felt much better and was encouraged.

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To learn what type one is, we have developed a simple, accurate methodology utilizing a modified glucose tolerance test along with other simple objective indicators and a dietary, physical, and psychological questionnaire. From this I can customize an appropriate diet and make nutritional recommendations. This answers a person's most basic question, "What should I eat?" "What are the right foods for me to sustain or nurture good health?" It is ironic that, as a member of a dedicated and esteemed body of nutritionally minded doctors and health practitioners, until now I have had no definitive means of making dietary recommendations-which are the absolute foundation of health. It has been a matter more of trial and error than of science. Note, whereas the Slow Oxidizer and the Sympathetic dominant types cannot have a diet heavily weighted in protein and fat, the Fast Oxidizer and the Parasympathetic types should eat these foods liberally. Most foods and supplements have different biochemical actions on each of these Metabolic Types. For example, potassium will acidify the blood in certain Metabolic Types (Oxidative) and alkalize other types (Autonomic).

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Why is the legacy of these three scientists so important? Separately, each of them broke through the limitations of research current at the time to make a unique discovery; but, taken together, these three discoveries give us a fuller sense of the complexities of the human metabolic system. I wish to pay tribute to these researchers as they represent the cornerstone of our research in Metabolic Type Testing.

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