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Key sources on the “Judyth” storyinclude:

Based on a message from H.L. Hunt conveyed to a Shaw associate, those involvedwith the labs had reason to fear for their lives once they had outlived theirusefulness.

Lee and Judyth were heartsick over the plan to treat a prisoner/mental patient, butwere powerless to stop it. Several days after the first trip, Lee took Judyth to thehospital to see the test subject. Shaw OK’d it, as he wanted her professionalassessment of the patient’s condition.

– a draft of the final chapter of herbook, titled

– An The narration is in Dutch, but Judyth speaks in English.

Some readers may be tempted to stop reading right now, given the sheer implausibility of thetale.

It’s somewhat frustrating to try and place a high level medieval scholar into someplace like the Ninja Universe of “Naruto” and have articles like yours claim they should be able almost untouchable. Especially when comparing their mobility and attack rates.

As mentioned above, dnd characters seem to far fewer attacks per round when compared to even real world people. Then there’s the question over how a more learned society would evaluate a medieval persons knowledge base.

That did it, we began talking together.

Reason for Asking
Like many I’m sure, I’ve considered taking my dnd characters and inserting them into various manga/anime/books/television series/games so they could learn the same skills shown there and share their own. But when I try to compare my characters to theirs, it seems like they’d be at a severe disadvantage.

Since it has been several years, one has to wonder why there isn’t a definitive assessment.

(4) Now the commoner withdraws. The cat approaches and provokes another AoO. There’s now a 50% chance that the cat has been disabled and a 0% chance that the commoner has been.

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(And knowing is half the battle. Go Joe!)

Pure comedy? Well, let’s run the numbers.

Judyth’s inclusion of David Atlee Phillips as Oswald’s CIA “handler” apparently stems fromsomething Luis Urrea, one of her English professors, told her. Urrea had been told by SeanPhillips, nephew of David Atlee Phillips, that the latter made a deathbed confession of havingbeen Oswald’s Mexico City handler. Urrea passed that information along to Judyth, withoutnecessarily vouching for its accuracy, and was a bit surprised when it appeared in her account.

“He has that much power,” I said, almost whispering into the phone.

(3) But let’s assume they miss, so the cat makes their one attack with their claws. They have a 70% chance of hitting and doing 1 hp of damage. This has no chance of taking the commoner down.

Working for Marcello did, according to Judyth, have its perquisites.

(2) The unarmed commoner, with an attack bonus of +0, makes an AoO vs. AC 14. They hit 35% of the time, doing on average 2 points of damage and staggering the cat (preventing the cat from making an attack this round or a full round attack on any future round).

The test was a success, as the subject died within weeks.

Rinse, wash, repeat. Basically you discover that by the time the cat has any ability to take the commoner out of the fight, the commoner is already 85% likely to have taken the cat out.

IMO, this is one of the best D&D articles I’ve ever seen.

Judyth clearly got one piece of nonsense from Haslam. She points out that Mary Sherman wasmurdered on July 21, 1964, and says this was the day “when the Warren Commission came to gether testimony. . . . They killed her the same day. You can imagine how many people wouldn’teven say a word after that.” In fact, the Warren Commission didn’t even know that MarySherman existed. She entered the world of conspiracy theorizing due to Jim Garrison’sinvestigation. Haslam pointed out the coincidence of dates in a 1996 article, and Judyth repeated it, upping the ante with a claim that the Warren Commission was going to interview Sherman.

But the story gets more convoluted.

Researchers who were in contact with Team Judyth have added their bit of spice to the soup. Forexample in August 2000 one of them reported to Team Judyth “information” that David Ferriehad collected toys for a Christmas toy drive organized by Dr. Mary Sherman. When Judythtalked to Black Op Radio in 2004, she reported that Ferrie and Sherman had met duringSherman’s big toy drive.

And of course, I do remember the gist of it all.

(3) While the cat does have three attacks if they perform a full attack, the maximum damage they can do with any one of those attacks is 1 hp of damage.

The “unrecognized American patriot” is Lee Harvey Oswald.

But many of her plotters aren’t found on the movie “JFK,” and she appears to have doneconsiderable reading on the assassination. Ochsner and Reily were Garrison suspects and the DAwas, at one time, close to arresting both of them. His only evidence against them was that theywere anti-Communist activists. Garrison suspected Mary Sherman, whom he believed had asinister link with Ferrie. Garrison even thought Kerry Thornley was a suspect, mostly on thebasis of Warren Commission testimony that .

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