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I have a dancing raisins experiment here please go and check it out

You'll find
and i wait here with bated breath
that peace is awfully calming
I am humid
God is too big for just one religion
Oh crazy cat food cake, it is rumoured
when the dying fetuses of soulless whores, combine their anguished cries into one, the masses will feel this truth in their very cores,
come over
A lack, a day, a lot, foresay, o springe beginneth to spray
Sequins, song, dance, and grant, richard, geoffrey, you can always go uptown
The warm dark feeling leaks into my brain, its a hex
I wish that i could be James Dean
and wipe my brain nice and clean
I love you
darlin' boy o' mine
see she foams again this Moyhabin
though others look away
is awesome
I teach therefor can't so
This wall
my smile melts with confusion
Just a bit further
I had a bird I'd like to hold
I had a bird I'd like to hold

I see that she is just a day of merry men, doing their sinful way
you are my lover
you are my lover
you are my lover
were but it so
we come together the closest
i will always rember you
I'm looking at the many pictured
I'm looking at the many pictures
this agate dotted shore
this agate dotted shore
this agate dotted shore
this agate dotted shore
those Polariods taken of you, by Uncle Charlie
lorem ipsum
lorem ipsum dolores
a table of gypsum
delores lay upon
joins the tantrum
loving herbs like a rain fal niht lives within your bowels
Feel the slow-moving slather like mortar on trowels
Hearts barely beating in dull evening stares
your ass is like honey
the glances which barely reach above the stairs
are from short little dwarfs, that are standin on drawers,
Baa Black sheep have you got any wool on you
how sad to marry the wrong man
but of course i do!
there are no penguins in alaska
A babe was born with golden yellow locks
they migrated to nebraska
they migrated to nebraska
With hearts made of plaster
to get away from all this nonsense
crumbling white powder
Have you lately heard the sounds of childhood summers?
Have you lately heard the sounds of childhood summers?
Sounds of forgotten pictures.
up, down turn around
fancy stealer
Finding answers
your an man stealer and you know it never ever show it
Got my bean in a coffee cup
I wish my mind would simply shut up
Because my brain is as empty as a cup.
'Make me a Sheila Star because...
I put you in a cupboard and thence throw on sugar
me at you
I've no more love to give
attacked by killer clouds
they devoured everything
is a many splendored thing
and no more was theit bling
The day has come for us to spread our wings and fly
I am the king
our dread is death for from aldi our wings we buy
your mom is the king
supermache musings dreaded by some
with pious intentions she does sing
lets run and jump in the rain
they dont like people with faces here
off like wet panties
Three thousand men died that stormy day, not by steel
what a nice piece of art
so all day the leprecorns played twister
so all day the leprecorns played twister
the day we met
Come one come all
you placed a bet
In weight traing joking around and curling
In weight training joking around and curling What type os steel is that my homeboy said Sterling
sup babe
All that is shit
As the length of my wood
luckily I cleaned my bit
that makes the squeemish tremble
my son sam turns 16 today
I love Adrian
i love
Cane-free men
Your words surprised me and made me see
claime to be condemed
That love in my eyes is similar to thee
OK all better now no need to get riled
Roses are red
Roses are red
musin a delight
I wiped away his tears of honey
dew not, the tears you wipe
To you, Gen Chorba, I say GOSH
you are quite a deer
Then I had to leave
like a rabbit in a headlight
For the sky had fallen
like a rabbit in a headlight
like a pile of dead babies
I love you
i shall sit there and cry
i changed my mind
and for all all will add stuff later
i am a lover not a hater
brain dead masterminds with a force of conviction
i'm a cheater not a man
My love for you is oh so true
i'm a cheater not a man
i'm a cheater not a man
i'm a cheater not a man
man am I, cheater wasn't
man am I, cheater wasn't
I, Liar I am not and to those that have not forgot I am man and i choose the path that works best for my life not yours
Windows stand open for angels to enter
O Craig!

Happy, dancing raisins - Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab

What is the hypothesis for dancing raisins?

Electrolysis of Water Experiment | Science Project Ideas

The Kickapoo and Wea came across northern Illinois and pushed the Miami farther east...In the northern and extreme western parts of the future state, the tribes formed villages, where the women cultivated gardens...prepared the meals, while the braves hunted, fished...The gradual appearance of the French traders gratified them, because the white newcomers raised the Indians' standard of living.

I love the world
for in idleness
you are not no longer the deflection of the wind but THEE Wind
wrought is pleasure dying
like sand i blow away easily
beneath despair's pale wings
like sand I blow away easily
Riven see I live Why tie the die rye cry bye SKY NIGH
Somebody once said red was with me at the time
he said wha the fuck is that bird in the sky
was a boy
a boy
you are an extraordinary fried
left home to find his toy
but we all knew they lied
and they lived in a bucket
until they breached the brim
gunshot wounds
listen to these lyrics listen i'll spray
Thou wouldst eat thy dead vomit up,
tierd of working every day
when was my leoprous heart
fuck work im tierd of damn working
i didn't trust my fate
i long to give up the duties i'm shirking
No one's business it is to dictate
suck your fat belly in
Ass monkeys of funky
what the fuck
Rhyme and rhythm
what the fuck
what the fuck
This some ol' bull shit
i fucked a duck
i was bit
Maximillian is an arse
i love him
and this whole thing was a farce
forbidden and forbidding, I remain at a distance
forbidden and forbidding, I remain at a distance
soul collage for the soul's refit
forbidden and forbidding, I remain at a distance
forbidden and forbidding, I remain at a distance
Watching you, protecting you from what you should not know
whiskey tax
selfish me
I hate whiskey.
the carhartt boys for life
And clearly the whiskey hates in me in turn
what the heck
When it slides down my throat i feel a slight burn
Aimee fo shizzle
Carolyn plays the flute
But no one ever knew why
And Cheney saw her and decided to shoot
when the kings are lazy the land remain dry
The duck season was not over
and so will ur mom?
but our dreams are
If sleep, I pray, in peace.
raptor jesus
But then, I think of a kiss
But then, I think of a kiss
and how i really do miss
and now i am glowing
french fries soaked in piss
the suspense is growing
lost in the maze
clint is gay
clint is gay
said his mother as we did it in the hay
yo mommas like a 5-foot basketball hoop-easy
That's why I always find you sleazy
Well hot doody!
Can't you see this isn't easy?
Before Night fell, I found you stiff
Bitch u think you know me
give head im sick now blow me.
My eyes used to be filled with joy
gimme gimme gimme
now they are filled with tears
for if you do not you must be a bit silly
let us buy beers
don't go willy nilly chilling with a hillbilly
drink away your fears
ghari ja
so far away
my name is not moe
my name is maybe moe know one will ever know
you brighten my day
you are my suns ray
The Circle of Incest is where Oedipus dwells
Jake paints her name into his heart
Seeds of Betrayal
Seeds of Betrayal
Seeds of Betrayal
Seeds of Betrayal
Seeds of Betrayal
Seeds of Betrayal
Love you forever
boom boom boom
why does it feel like night today?
I'll beat you with a spoon
Scars pucker at my wrist
bad poetry
i will make sure that you cease to exist
eagerly he turned his face into a deaf puppet foot
yeyeye yeyeye
ass master funky raped my nostril
The earth and water, fire and the miser
nose striked back with his buckle
Nature Poem
In yon sward
divison revison it does the work
before the island of marx
i like slut monkey better
cats gambol and gain ground
A rose, he said, by any other name
not sure
my life is brilliant
I walked alone as I left my pet ostrich at home
with neither meaning nor purpose
i can't dance
i can't dance
before the temple is empty
bloody talisman
and all is quiet
Shane is gay
where did the snow go
a pony
didn't you die two days ago?
didn't you die two days ago?
surely I felt a shudder
I want to throw
then trying to grab the udder
The era of Hear
I got a big smear
perhaps i fell
go stick a firecracker in ur ear
Imma 6'5 mother fucker
on these barren hills
But are we all the same?
But are we all the same?
Guten tag mr Chave
space and time
my fling was warm my love
rhythm and rhyme
I love my mom and dad
are like a bunch of slime
they are like a bunch of slime
so ugly and stupid that it dosn't evn rhyme
not as tasty as limes
fall down is action
geneva ladies watch
When you drop the beat, i have both your head and your feet tapping
When you drop the beat, i have both your head and your feet tapping
The fumes from the hobo heat, leave many a rascal scrapping
radleing the lantern beneath us...
is my huge cockrels peak.

Water Electrolysis (Splitting) Experiment Hypothesis

The cultivation of spring and durum wheat and barley, along with the raising of cattle and hogsand dairy operations, constitutes the state's agriculture...The pioneers who came to Dakota in wagons brought potatoes, squash, rice, preserves, pickles,and eggs.

"Cooking was done by servants, some cooks, was raises and wore out their natural lives-preparing meals for one after the other generation of their masters, No recipes, or written discription was used-in Fact there were no news papers, or could many folks write, and practical the art of writing was unknown among the negro servants.

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Hopping Corn Science Activity - One Time Through

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