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And death i think is no parenthesis

"But the day of the Lord (remember this term, "...the day of the Lord" actually begins with the onset of the Tribulation and runs all the way through the thousand-year reign of Christ in the Kingdom)(it will catch the world by surprise. Notice there is a semicolon at the end of night. Many times a punctuation mark in the Scripture will skip hundreds or thousands of years. That's the case here)I like Peter who, though an uneducated fisherman with no degree in science, uses the very terms that scientists use today. We speak of this earth made up of elements. The various elements and fervent heat in verse 10, spoken of in verse 11 as dissolving, is another science term. These are the exact words that Peter uses with regard to this planet, I see no room here for leaving even the core of the earth."Seeing then that all these things (what things? Everything that makes up the planet. I don't know if this will include the solar system or not. Our solar system is just a pin-point compared to all of outer space. My pastor made an analogy in a sermon which I liked. He said if man could launch a rocket, pointing it to outer space, and even if he could get it going 186,000 miles per second (the speed of light), at any given point in time will it stick into the ceiling of outer space? I'd never thought of that. Naturally the answer is "no." If it did, there would have to be something on the other side. This is completely beyond our imagination - the vastness of space; that something going at the speed of light can keep on going forever. But, as far as space goes, God is always beyond it. The infinity of God and space is mind boggling. But we know that "these things" applies to all that makes up our planet)Peter is saying, "Since you dealing with this kind of God, who is man to even attempt to reject Him." But we also know that throughout human history the largest percentage of men have kept God out of their life. I try not to get on a stump and start preaching, but I get so alarmed that our younger generation seems to have no concept of God, of eternity, or things that are spiritual. They're living for the here and now. They're living for the gratification of the flesh, with no concept of the Scriptures. It just scares me. On the other hand we have to understand that all of this is getting ready for these end-time events, when the Anti-Christ will appear. These kids in our so-called "Christian America" have no concept of what's coming. Being ignorant of the Scripture, when they hear this charismatic individual promising peace and prosperity, they will fall for him hook, line, and sinker. Back to Revelation 21. As this planet has been plagued with the curse and sin for so long, we find that it is totally dissolved. Then the following:As this planet has been plagued with the curse and sin for so long, we find that it is totally dissolved. Then the following:"AND I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away (gone!)Because the earth here has passed away, that's the reason Hell has to be emptied out. Most people don't think of these things. Hell as we know it is, at this moment, in the very center of this earth. But since this earth is going to blow up and be completely destroyed (as we saw in II Peter Chapter 3), even the inhabitants of Hell must be removed. In order for this to happen, Christ will resurrect the lost bodily out of Hell to stand before the Great White Throne. Then this old planet can be destroyed. Now for the exciting part:"And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem (the one for all eternity)Remember in John Chapter 14?I don't know if Jesus had the new Jerusalem in mind here, but we know that God has this glorious abode that we'll enjoy for all eternity. He'll still have a thousand years to work on it if He needs that much time. It will be beyond our comprehension. Now verse 3:"And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, `Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.'"When this happens, God is going to be in the very present (not in a distant place where we have to take Him by faith). And eternity being what eternity is, it is in another dimension that you and I can't comprehend. Even though there will be billions in eternity, each one of us will know God as personally as we do our own parent. That is one of the unique qualities of the eternal. Now verse 4:(this is what makes Heaven the Heaven as we think of it) I like to tie tears, death, sorrow, and pain to this earth. That is part of the curse and the earth today! (only one Person in the Godhead says that. It's Christ. So the Lord Jesus refers to Himself as)That's the eternal part again."He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son." In verse 8 we have a reminder from God of those who will not be in this eternal state with us.The final separation from God.(of the Tribulation)These are terms of position, not communal living. This bride is the new Jerusalem descending out of Heaven.

I noticed in my studies of this past week that in all of Paul's letters that we never have to beg God to forgive us of our sins. Think about that. And yet for most people who are putting out the plan of salvation they say, "You have to ask God to forgive you of your sins, you have to repent." Well I can't find any of this in Paul's letter to the Church Age believers. It's not in here, but rather my Bible tells me that when Christ died the death of the Cross, He took on Himself not just the sins of those who are saved, but rather He took on the sins of every human being that has ever lived or will ever live. And when He took every human being's sin then He could cry to the Father, "Those sins are forgiven," All of those sins are buried in the deepest sea, never, never to be brought before us again. So even when lost people slip out of this life into eternity, their sins are already forgiven. But they had not believed unto Salvation. Now when we get into Chapter 5 of II Corinthians we're going to find the word "Reconciliation" and the same thing applies. Every human being that has ever lived has now been reconciled to God by virtue of the work of the Cross.

Life is not a paragraph & death no parenthesis

Life's not a paragraph And death i think is no parenthesis - e.e

and death i think is no parenthesis < previous poem

When parenthetical content occurs at the end of a larger sentence, the closing punctuation mark for the sentence is placed outside the closing parenthesis.

Parentheses (always used in pairs) allow a writer to provide additional information. The parenthetical material might be a single word, a fragment, or multiple complete sentences.

And death i think is no parenthesis.

There are several reasons why this debate has surfaced in the1980's. Death is nothing new, it has existed for thousands ofyears. Each culture has developed its own rituals and mechanismsfor dealing with death. These mechanisms serve to provide solace,a sense of continuity, and allow the culture to continue evenas the members of the community cannot. However, our own culturehas experienced many shattering changes that have altered thenature of dying. Suddenly we are forced to rethink the issue ofdeath and we must decide what types of behavior are ethical whensomeone is dying. Before we can examine the debate about the ethicsof dying, we must examine why the debate exists.

the closing punctuation mark for the sentence is placed inside the closing parenthesis

As wepushed on to the house, I discovered some one run round thegarden, and thinking it was some of the white family, I pursuedthem, but finding it was a servant girl belonging to thehouse, I returned to commence the work of death, but theywhom I left, had not been idle; all the family were alreadymurdered, but Mrs.

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Book 3 of John Milton`s Paradise Lost - Dartmouth College

Statement From Minnesota Public Radio Regarding …

"Recognition of the right of self-determination is thecondition for the concept of a community not based on force. Forceused to impose on others, against their wishes, what one thinksis best for them is thus not allowed. This view undergirds a peaceableaccommodation to the fact that there is a pluralism of moral beliefs:although one may not be able to agree about what constitutes goodlife or good death, one can agree to let each make his own choices,as long as those choices do not involve direct and significantviolence against others." (p. 370)

Macbeth Act 2 Scene 2 The murder of Duncan

Now there is another point. You have no idea how many people are asking the question, "Well, Who is Christ?" A lot of people are confused. Some have the idea that Christ never really amounted to anything until He was born at Bethlehem. They do not have the understanding that Jesus of Nazareth was the manifestation in the flesh of the Creator God of Genesis 1:1. I show that when we teach the Book of Genesis that Christ, as we know Him in the New Testament, was the Creator of the Old Testament."In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made."John 1:14a"And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us,..."As I explained to a person yesterday morning on the phone, and this very concept that we talked about in our last lesson. that when Christ died He paid the sin debt of every human being from Adam until the end of time. He could have never done that if He had not been the God of glory. So Jesus is the fleshly manifestation and is the image of that invisible eternal God. Turn with me for a moment to the Book of Colossians in Chapter 1. And let's see how this fits so beautifully with what the Holy Spirit inspires the apostle to write back in the letter to the Corinthians."Who is the image of the invisible God, the first born of every creature:"So you see this is what we have to take by faith. I know I can't prove this in a laboratory experiment, but the Scriptures says it. And by faith we believe it, that God the Triune, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit were invisible. But God the Son stepped out of that invisible Godhead and became the visible manifestation of the whole. And that's Christ, that's The Lord Jesus of Nazareth. Do you see that? Now verse 16, and here we find that Paul, by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, attributes The Lord Jesus with the Creation."For by him (Son in verse 13)(that even goes into realm of Satan and his powers) So that's why I say He is the same God in Colossians as He is in Genesis. The only difference is He has now taken on human flesh, human appearance. He is the image of the invisible God. I had a whole living room full of people about 25 years ago the first time I taught this. And when I just laid this out so clearly that Jesus of the Cross was the same God Who created everything in Genesis 1:1 it just blew their minds. And these people had been in church all their life, but they had never seen that before. And that's what we have to understand that Jesus of Nazareth was same God of Genesis 1:1, the only difference being He had now been manifested in the flesh. And that's why when we put our faith and trust in what He has accomplished, then we're not just talking about some Jew who grew up in a carpenter shop. But rather we're talking about the Creator Himself Who has taken it upon Himself the very work of redemption.JEHOVAHLet's pick up right where we left off in Genesis 2:4:As we noted last time, all through Genesis 1 the term "God" is used to refer to the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Beginning in Chapter 2, however, we have a new name of Deity - "LORD GOD" - or Jehovah God. You are all probably familiar with the term "JEHOVAH" because it is used often in the Old Testament. This term is very important, for it brings the Name of God from the Old Testament through the New Testament where Jesus personally comes to earth in the flesh. The word "JEHOVAH" is made up of two Hebrew words, "Jahweh" and "Havah." "Jahweh" is the word for "I AM." Remember Moses' experience in the wilderness with the burning bush? (See Exodus 3:6,13-14.)"Jahweh," then is the eternal, pre-existent, "I AM." The word "Havah" means "to be revealed," and is a continuing action verb, or means "to continually be being revealed." Jehovah, therefore, means "the Eternal, Pre-existent I AM Who is to be more and more (continually) revealed to mankind."As we go further in the Scriptures, we will find that various extensions are added to the word "Jehovah" to give more definition and understanding to our concept of God. For instance, "Jehovah-Joshua" would mean "the eternal, pre-existent I AM who is to be more and more revealed to mankind as the "Savior." ("Joshua" means "Savior"). In the New Testament, then, we find the name "Jesus." This is the Greek equivalent to the Hebrew "Jehovah-Joshua" or "God the Savior." (See Matthew 1:21). So, the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation, gives us a continuing revelation of the eternal "I AM."Think about it. First the LORD GOD walked with Adam in the garden in the cool of the day; then He revealed Himself to Abraham (see Genesis 18) and when Abraham prepared the meal, the Jehovah of the Old Testament actually sat down and partook of it.Now, in order to show that with Adam on the scene, the Eternal, Pre-Existent "I AM" is God the Son, and is going to be the One Who is to be more and more revealed as we come up through the human experience, turn to Exodus 3. Here God revealing Himself to Moses in the burning bush - not in physical form as before, but by means of a human voice. The Lord speaks to Moses, telling him that he's standing on holy ground and instructing him to remove his shoes. Then in verse 13: "?"Notice right at the beginning, that even though Jehovah, God the Son, has been separated out of the Godhead as a unique Person, yet He is still one with the Godhead, He is still God!Remember that Moses had lived in Egypt for the first 40 years of his life. He knew and understood the thinking or mentality of both the Egyptians and the Israeli who had been in bondage there for nearly 400 years. Egypt had many "gods," and each one of them had a special name; and Moses knew that when he told them that God had sent him, they would ask him, "What is His name?" - which one sent you to us? Therefore, he asked God for His Name. In verse 14 God gives the answer: "."It is this same "" that we discussed before and the Old Testament will continue to refer to Him as JEHOVAH. In fact, in Exodus 6:2,3 God says, ";" Remember that `LORD' can be inter-changed with JEHOVAH;When theologians say that Jesus didn't claim to be God and that they don't believe in His Deity, see what they have to do to Scripture? They have to throw it out! Look at John 8:52-58. The Pharisees are testing Jesus in these verses, trying to drive Him into a corner. Whenever He said or implied that He was God, or the Son of God, to them it was pure blasphemy, and that's why they were trying to get Him to say in no uncertain terms that He was the God of Abraham. Then, they thought they would have just cause to put Him to death! As far as they were concerned, that was as blasphemous as one could get!Talk about a caustic reply. Look at Jesus' answer to them:

The scene in which Macbeth kills King Duncan. With extensive notes.

When I questioned himas to the insurrection in North Carolina happening aboutthe same time, he denied any knowledge of it; and when Ilooked him in the face as though I would search his inmostthoughts, he replied, "I see sir, you doubt my word; but canyou not think the same ideas, and strange appearances aboutthis time in the heaven's might prompt others, as well as myself,to this undertaking." I now had much conversationwith and asked him many questions, having forborne to do sopreviously, except in the cases noted in parenthesis; but duringhis statement, I had, unnoticed by him, taken notes as tosome particular circumstances, and having the advantage ofhis statement before me in writing, on the evening of thethird day that I had been with him, I began a cross examination,and found his statement corroborated by every circumstancecoming within my own knowledge or the confessionsof others whom had been either killed or executed, and whomhe had not seen nor had any knowledge since 22d of Augustlast, he expressed himself fully satisfied as to the impracticabilityof his attempt.

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