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The copolymer displays solvatochromic behavior in THF/water mixtures.

The 1st picture shows the molecular structures of a diblock copolymersystem at two different levels of water content. The 2nd pictureillustrates conformational changes in a Langmuir monolayer of therotaxane molecules. The 3rd picture shows film structure at varyingsurface concentrations (top) and film thicknesses (bottom).

The 1st picture/paper are for a model they've developed of adendrion diblock copolymer consisting of a dendritic polymer with ahydrophobic backbone. Such materials have interesting nanoscalestructural and phase behavior.

Spherical, cylindrical and lamellar morphologies of these noveldiblock copolymers were reported.

Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Well-Defined Glycopolymers.

It was found that the diblock copolypeptide could be self-assembled to form vesicles in water.

Revisiting Thiol-yne Chemistry: Selective and Efficient Monoaddition for Block and Graft Copolymer Formation
Johannes K. Sprafke, Jason M. Spruell, Kaila M. Mattson, Damien Montarnal, Alaina J. McGrath, Robert Pötzsch, Daigo Miyajima, Jerry Hu, Allegra A. Latimer, Brigitte I. Voit, Takuzo Aida, and Craig J. Hawker

Amongst numerous nanomaterials used in nanoparticulate drug delivery applications ( Sahoo and Labhasetwar, 2003 ), self-assembled block copolymers combine both exceptional biocompatibility and responsiveness to bioenvironmental factors, such as pH ( Letchford and Burt, 2007 ).

Rod-Coil Copolymers from Oligo(-benzamide) Foldamers.

The morphology of the diblock copolymer depends upon the solvent used for film casting and annealing results in morphological changes for both films deposited from chloroform and trichlorobenzene.">

The opto‐electronic properties of the diblock copolymer have been investigated.

E.; Matyjaszewski, K., Well-Defined (Co)polymers with 5-Vinyltetrazole Units via Combination of Atom Transfer Radical (Co)polymerization of Acrylonitrile and "Click Chemistry"-Type Postpolymerization Modification.

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Modular Synthesis of ABC Type Block Copolymers by "Click" Chemistry.

Imide-Arylene Ether Ketone Statistical Copolymers”; Sheares, V.

Synthesis of Functionalized NMP Initiators for Click Chemistry: a Versatile Method for the Preparation of Functionalized Polymers and Block Copolymers.

M., Biohybrid block copolymer architectures by "click" chemistry.

They use a versatile method, largely inspired by chemical "radicalpolymerization", to generate configurations of coarse-grained modelsfor polymer melts. The two figures show snapshots of lamellardiblocks and triblocks. Equilibrium lamellar spacing depends on theincompatibility between the two (or three) polymers forming the blockcopolymer.

M., Novel neoglycopolymer ligands obtained from "clickable" scaffold.

Studies with ABA Triblock Copolyethers Carrying Guanidinium Ion Pendants
Shingo Tamesue, Masataka Ohtani, Kuniyo Yamada, Yasuhiro Ishida, Jason M. Spruell, Nathaniel A. Lynd,

Sigma-Aldrich Online Catalog Product List: PEG Diblock Copolymers

The morphology of the diblock copolymer depends upon the solvent used for film casting and annealing results in morphological changes for both films deposited from chloroform and trichlorobenzene.

Lipid-like Diblock Copolymer as an Additive for …

The poly(L-alanine)-b-poly(hydroxyethyl glutamine)(PLA-b-PHEGA) diblock copolypeptide was obtained by reacting the PLA-b-PBLG diblock copolypeptide with ethanolamine to improve the hydrophilicity of PBLG block.

Cyanoacrylate Synthesis | Polymerization | Copolymer

Poly(L-alanine)-block-poly(γ-benzyl-glutamate)(PLA-b-PBLG) AB diblock copolypeptide was synthesized by ring opening polymerization of Ala-NCA and GluB-NCA, with triethylamine as the initiator.

Printed Thin Magnetic Films Based on Diblock Copolymer …

Synthesis of Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymer Poly(10-hydroxydecanoic acid)/poly(glycidyl methacrylate) by Combining Enzymatic Condensation Polymerization and ATRP[J].

Synthesis of Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymer Poly(L …

Subsequently one end of PHDA chains was modified by reaction with α-bromopropionyl bromide and the other was protected by chlorotrimethylsilane(TMSCL), respectively, the resulting monofunctional macroinitiator was used in the ATRP of GMA using CuCl/2,2'-bipyridine(bpy) as the catalyst system to afford the diblock copolymers including biodegradable PHDA blocks and well-defined PGMA blocks.

Synthesis and Characterization of Polydimethylsiloxane …

The block copolymer undergoes a two-step thermo-induced self-assembly, which results in the formation of multilamellar vesicles after the first LCST temperature and to unilamellar vesicles above the second LCST transition.

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