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Discovery Channel: Physical Science.

So explain what our space station residents recorded looking out their window recently and the signals they recorded 40 some years ago when orbiting on the far side of the moon wangweilin. Where there is smoke there is usually combustion. Explain how the numerous things constructed many generations ago found in locations around the planet not possible with our present level of technology exist. While it is true that Earthly civilizations far in advance of our own may have existed and explain the existence of things like the Peri Reis map and the recently discovered things about the construction of the Great Pyramid as well as the other things I mentioned, I think the existence of alien visitors influencing human developments in antiquity is just as probable. The History Channel is a great source of information leading to further research by inquiring minds, although the channel also presents an appreciable amount of hokum too. They do have a lot of broadcast time to fill, after all.

Your wording syntax is pretty good. “…intelligently evolved” implies the existence of intelligences involved in our evolution. Given the numerous discoveries around the world of things accomplished with technology beyond the scope of our present day capabilities, I lean toward that view. Our lack of discovery of other intelligent evolved species other than the ones here on Earth presently known of just can mean that either we have not evolved the level of intelligence necessary to discover them, they are not presently close enough for us to discover them or are shielding themselves from or discovery, which I think would be prudent, given our penchant for screwing up relationships with people even a little bit different from ourselves. If there is a GOD, He surely works in a looong term mysterious way from our standpoint. But considering the possibility or probability that one day to Him is like unto a thousand years to us, that is not surprising.

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Jan Ingenhousz Experiment Conclusion - YouTube

Source: Discovery Channel

was supported by the existence of those findings and how they might have come to be there for us to find. The level of knowledge required for the design of the recently discovered hidden chambers within the great pyramid is one instance. Namely, the method of piezoelectric generation from the special type of some huge stones above the King’s chamber, as it is named. together with the existence of a battery discovered long ago. Also the existence of the Piri Ries map and possibly the Ankylothera device, however the correct spelling is. The construction of that huge thing on the top of the Peruvian mountain, the reception of strange radio signals over 40 years ago by the capsule on the far side of the moon information recently released to the public from classified documents, the video shot through the window of the space station of the unexplained flight path change of the unidentified object entering Earth;s atmosphere from space shown for a while on the internet. And then, there are the things recorded in the Bible attributed to God, like Ezekial’s vision, the discovered Red Sea crossing point of Moses’ exodus and predictions of 14 years of plenty and famine suggesting possible weather intervention capability are of interest from the alternate explanation point of view. The rock pictures depicting images of beings possibly clothed as space travelers might be in more than one area of the world, the present day native American beliefs and traditions about UFO traffic observed are of interest, as is the carving of the stegasaurus like figure on the face of the ancient South American pyramid I think it was. The record of the battle in the ancient Indian text describing flying vehicles and strange weapons is another indication supporting my theory. The fossilized human and dinosaur footprints appearing together that was discovered is also interesting. The existence of the huge South American images observable only from the air is interesting also in this context and the list goes on. The recent advances in aircraft cloaking methods and GMO technology also adds to the possibility that these technologies may have been used in the past by technologically advanced people of either Earthly or Alien origin. Evidence continually becomes known either supporting my theory directly or indirectly at an advancing pace.

The things I mentioned are logical derivations of possibilities based on the many things I am aware of through a long lifetime of reading and watching documentaries concerning scientific developments, and discoveries in archaeology, anthropology, astronomy, physics, history, comparative religious teachings including Christian Bible translations and comparisons and other religious texts, geology, biology, chemistry, whatever. There are things on this planet that our present level of scientific and technical development can not fully explain yet indicate the direction of research in which fuller explanations lie. Most people are intellectually lazy and accept the religious teachings faithfully without question. My choice is to study to show myself approved using the ability of my mind, however I came to possess it. If I eventually meet some sort of highly developed being responsible for my abilities in some way, I am confident that being will be appreciative of my efforts and will not spew me out of some orifice in disgust. I recognize that humanity is a work in progress given self awareness and thinking ability meant to be used and clues as to how our abilities are to be used have been left for us. I seek wisdom to know what to pray for and how to best use the talents I have been given, such as they are, if you can appreciate my Biblical alusions. I urge others to do the same, perhaps with insufficient patience.

The Double Helix | HHMI BioInteractive

Discovery Channel

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