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Does Turkey Make You Sleepy? - Scientific American

Also, yes, meat takes longer to digest — because protein takes longer to digest, and meat is high in protein. Acid and enzymes have to break down proteins into chains of three or less amino acids, at which point we can finally absorb them. One reason fruit and veg digest more quickly is because they don't have significant protein, just sugar and fiber (which does indeed ferment, or rot, in the colon).

To conclude that the diet of the Paleolithic period was the best for our species is as illogical and flawed as many of the vegan arguments I’ve heard. I prefer to look to the diets of healthy, long-lived populations such as the Hunza and the Okinawans. Both civilizations’ traditional diets are high carb, low fat, low protein. Okinawa has produced the highest number of centenarians per capita than any other country in the world. Also, the so-called Paleo Diet doesn’t even remotely mimic the true diet of our Paleolithic ancestors. I think the diet authors should really come up with another name for the diet.

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That being said, some people do end up with a temporary insufficiency of HCl. Why? A normally-functioning digestive system secretes more HCl when we eat meat — but because so many people today eat a low-protein diet of highly processed “food” mostly composed of simple sugars, simple starches, and oils (which do not require HCl to break down), some of them can temporarily experience a bit of stomach upset if they switch abruptly to eating healthy amounts of meat.

“And since population growth correlates directly with women's rights, the first thing we need to be doing is supporting women's basic right to self-determination around the world. In South Africa, widely considered the most 'civilized' sub-Saharan country, approximately 1 in 3 men cheerfully admit to having . In many Islamic countries, women are not allowed to leave the house without the protection of a male relative – let alone drive a car, hold a job, or even learn to read and write. This has nothing to do with 'feminism' or any other 'ism', just basic human rights.”

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You’ve never been Vegan for at least a year. A vegetarian’s gut flora is similar to a meat-eaters gut flora, as in harboring more harmful bacteria than beneficial bacteria and a lot different than a Vegan’s gut flora, as in, a Vegan harbors very little harmful bacteria and a lot of beneficial bacteria. Vegetarians have levels of protease enzymes close to those of meat-eaters, going from Vegetarian to eating meat is not a big leap in noticing what rots and what doesn’t.

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For anyone who thinks that we humans aren’t omnivores, please take a look at the history of the food we eat:
Reading that with common sense and logic will show you that in the beginning, before we were even aware of food choices, our natural instincts guided us to eat primarily animal proteins. Now, one can easily deduct from that, that if we were meant to primarily eat vegetation, our bodies would have had different instincts that guided us to eat primarily vegetation in the beginning rather than primarily animal proteins. Saying we aren’t meant to eat meat is like saying that any other animal on this planet that started its evolutionary history by eating meat isn’t meant to eat meat today. It just doesn’t make sense.

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to start and run a brewery

I don't think anyone will dispute that replacing beer and french fries with fruit, vegetables, and fish is a health benefit. (Note that french fries are almost always eaten in fast food restaurants, so 'vegetarians' are also eating out less and cooking their own food more…another healthy dietary pattern. Most importantly, note that paleo recommends the same dietary substitutions!)

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also most of the vegan and vegetarian commenters are missing a simple point: nobody (as far as i’m aware) is denying their stance that humans *used* to be frugivores…just that millions of years of meat eating has fundamentally changed us, as you would expect any species to be changed.
i daresay thousands of early proto-humans died due to poor adaptation to the meat when they first started eating it, but enough survived due to adaptations passed down and over time evolution favoured those with the most meat adaptations that were passed down.

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Read “Protocols of Zion” 16th Century. It states its influence on factual an nonfactual information, and how we will be misinformed; 10 false articles published to 1 article of truth. Follow the money… Also check out the Documentary “THRIVE” If this dose not open your eyes nothing will!!! I understand what you(JS)are stating, and do not mix facts with fiction, the world is not black and white. It is your choice to live the way you want as long as it is in the true light of love.. You appear to be well informed but, information does not denote Intelligence of Wisdom. I wish you all the love and luck on the path you have currently chosen.

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I noticed that saliva pH was mentioned, but I don’t think the discussion got very far on that point. I’m no dentist or physician. The statement that the human mouth is slightly acidic on average is probably true in modern America and the world in general. The statement that diet influences mouth pH is also probably true. What isn’t correct is that mouth pH becomes even more acidic on a diet high in fat and animal protein. The opposite occurs. The mouth becomes more basic (pH 7.1-7.6) with fewer carbohydrates and more fats in the diet. Since carbohydrates predominate the modern human diet, it should follow that mouth pH is, as I stated, slightly acidic on average in any given population.

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“If it is true that the formidable armies of ancient Rome primarily subsisted on rations of grain that they ground daily with their portable mills, then a high protein diet is not necessarily the best option for all peoples.”

Doesn't alcohol inhibit protein synthesis or ..

I lean a little bit toward the idea of a diet that consists of animal protein, vegetables and a fairly high fat content that includes animal fat – providing those animals are grazed on grass and fed with ground up animal carcasses. Yet I take issue with the idea that the so called paleo diet represents the diet of early man. Even with modern weapons, hunting an animal for food hard work, particularly in the winter and early spring. Those animals that our early forefathers did manage to kill were thin and filled with parasites. I suspect that early man fed himself on roots and grubs far more consistently than he fed himself on meat. Except for those animals killed in summer when forage was plentiful, the amount of fat on an animal would be skimpy at best. The chances of overindulging on fat in prehistoric days would be few and far between. Quite frankly the Paleo Diet in and of itself is a diet that is only feasible in a country that is wealthy enough in terms of open space and grasslands to support an abundance of meat animals. It is also only possible in a society where agricultural practices restrain the growth of parasites, while promoting a relative amount of cleanliness in the packing houses. Also, if it is true that the formidable armies of ancient Rome primarily subsisted on rations of grain that they ground daily with their portable mills, then a high protein diet is not necessarily the best option for all peoples.

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