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Photosynthesis (video) | Khan Academy

Every living creature needs food or energy to survive. Some depend on others for food and energy, whiles others can produce their own food.

Plants make their own food, glucose, in a process called photosynthesis. We say that plants can photosynthesise.

Photosynthesis and respiration go hand in hand. The result of photosynthesis is glucose, which is stored as chemical energy in the plant cells.
This stored chemical energy comes from the conversion of inorganic carbon (carbon dioxide) into organic carbon. Respiration releases the stored chemical energy.

Long, Amy Marshall-Colonand Xin-Guang Zhu (2015) Meeting the Global Food Demand of the Future by Engineering Crop Photosynthesis and Yield Potential..161: 56-66.

26. Fang Yuan, Ming-Ju Lv, Bingying Leng, Guangyong Zheng, Zhongtao Feng, Pinghua Li, Xin-Guang Zhu, Baoshan Wang (2015) Comparative transcriptome analysis of developmental stages of the Limonium bicolor leaf generates insights into salt gland differentiation..38(8):1637-57.

Jonikas Lab: Engineering Photosynthesis | Department …


Genetic engineering of photosynthesis in cassava is a delicate and lengthy process

The impact of modifying antenna size of photosystem II on canopy photosynthetic efficiency – Development of a new canopy photosynthesis model scaling from metabolism to canopy level processes.

Preliminary research performed by Angela Belcher and her team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for breaking water down into hydrogen and oxygen—a sort of artificial photosynthesis—that departs from other methods by borrowing the methods plants use rather than their components.

re-engineering photosynthesis | Technology Org

Given this, the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers has just announced the publication of ANSI/ASABE S640 JUL 2017, Quantities and Units of Electromagnetic Radiation for Plants (Photosynthetic Organisms). Developed over two years by an international team of experts from industry and academia, this standard brings some much-needed order to the metrics of horticultural lighting.

Advance in re-engineering photosynthesis to make …

The idea behind artificial photosynthesis is to create a method of energy conversion using sunlight. But this preliminary research is a long way from providing an alternative energy source.

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Photosynthesis - definition of photosynthesis by The …

Can we calculate the efficiency of a natural photosynthesis process

In the MIT article cited above Thomas Mallouk, the DuPont Professor of Materials Chemistry and Physics at Pennsylvania State University, describes the work as “…an extremely clever piece of work that addresses one of the most difficult problems in artificial photosynthesis, namely, the nanoscale organization of the components in order to control electron transfer rates.”

Artificial Photosynthesis – Dasgupta Research Group

While other artificial photosynthesis methods have attempted to used the photosynthetic parts of plants, Belcher and the lead author of the paper in , Yoon Sung Nam, followed the method plants use of having a natural pigment attract the sunlight and then using a catalyst to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Engineering Biofuels from Photosynthetic Bacteria - …

Global . Geoengineering's devastating effects come in many forms including drought, deluge, , and the total contamination of the entire planet, but what impact is climate engineering having on photosynthesis and thus our ability to grow food? The most obvious and easily identified factor in regard to photosynthesis is the blocking of direct sunlight, this is the stated goal of solar radiation management (SRM).

Engineering Biofuels from Photosynthetic Bacteria ..

A research team at Argonne National Laboratory has devised a method for producing biofuels that overcomes many of the traditional challenges. The method uses agricultural materials not already earmarked for other uses (such as foodstuffs or livestock feed), and combines both engineered and natural photosynthetic mechanisms to generate the fuel. Because photosynthetic bacteria readily lend themselves to genetic modification, scientists are able to alter their makeup to engineer the excess production of these feedstocks and create fuel.

Artificial Photosynthesis Achieved with Nanotechnology

Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory have created a method to produce biofuels from agricultural feedstocks. The method combines both engineered and natural photosynthetic materials to generate the fuel, which can be used directly or mixed with other fuels without further refining. This method may provide a means to affordably and efficiently produce biofuels that will reduce U.S. reliance on fossil fuels.

Engineering C4 Photosynthesis Flashcards | Quizlet

The points cited above were taken from peer reviewed scientific study on the effect of atmospheric aerosols on photosynthesis. Toxic light scattering heavy metals like aluminum (a primary element used in SRM programs) are, of course, not mentioned in the study since the scientific community does their best to stay away from any admission of climate engineering due to the effect such an admission would have on their careers or worse.

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