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This has now been scientifically proven and explained.

It is possible to postulate a qualitative, simplified, initial version of substance-wave control over the amino acids' line-up order, dictated by the associates of aminoacylated tRNA, the predecessors of proteins.

Now, back to the basic postulates of the genetic code model, still widely-accepted: the genetic code is a triplet, unoverlapped, degenerated and doesn’t have “commas”, i.e.

This codon is recognized through base pairing by an anti-codon (triplet) on a transfer RNA.

The latter meaning of a 'theory' in science is called a hypothesis.

the triplet base code sequence is read and translated into the amino acid sequence of a protein.

Since the DNA was found to have a syntax and semantics akin to our human languages, it indicated that our currently restricted understanding of DNA serving only for the coding of the reproduction of proteins for the chemical make up of an organism, is only half of the story.

These protein or DNA crystals contain millions of regularly aligned units that allow the determination of the electron distribution from X-ray diffraction studies.

More than onenucleotide triplet can code for the same .

The structure of DNA is the double helix and in all organisms contains only two forms of base pair combinations - AT (TA) and GC (CG) - which determine and control the accurate copying of the nucleotide sequence during cell division or protein biosynthesis.

These facts are well-known, however could not be explained so far scientifically.

Quantitative descriptions of exposure, for the purpose of formulating protection standards and exposure limits, require the use of appropriate quantities.

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Yes, it’s possible to state that the triplet code is the truth.

This finding challenges the dogmatic postulate of code triplets .

For while, see figure below, synonymy even seems to provide a kind of redundancy, homonymy constitutes a serious difficulty under the often proposed postulate that only the first two elements of the DNA codon triplet (standing for a particular protein- the picture in the mind's eye, so to speak) are the significant ones.

Genetic control of protein synthesis.

While the sequence of RNA and proteins are encoded for by the nucleotide sequence in DNA (the genes and genomes), polysaccharides which play important roles in physiology are not encoded for by genetic information, but rather by the spatial and temporal activity of enzymes that synthesize these polysaccharides.

and it involves in most cases the third base of the triplet

That is to say, how does the reading ribosome know which protein has to be generated, if the third nucleotide in codon's triplet does not of itself provide the answer with total certainty?

only the middle base of the triplet may have ..

As a matter of fact, protein biosynthesis is entirely controlled by RNA molecules including mRNA (genetic information), transfer RNA (tRNA) for translating the DNA code into amino acid code, and ribosomal RNA (rRNA) that provide the enzymatic linkage (chemical bond formation) of amino acids into proteins.

The genetic code for translating each nucleotide triplet ..

Solitonic processing in DNA, would therefore, it was hypothesized, relate, in one of its aspects, the reading of the codons, to quantum computing [Patel 2000], and this could therefore concern the soliton viewed as the travelling "window", that opens in the double helix structure as the reading takes place, as is illustrated below:

to see if the computer simulations could shed more light on just what might be happening in the DNA.

Could you please explain the triplet code? | Yahoo …

Static magnetic fields In the assessment of exposure to static magnetic fields for practical radiation protection purposes, the appropriate quantities are less well defined.

2010/05/29 · Could you please explain the triplet code

This, the wave-biocomputer model asserts, only begins to explain the apparatus of protein biosynthesis of living organisms, providing an important interpretation for the initial stages within this new proposed composite hierarchic chain of material and field, sign, holographic, semiotic-semantic and, in the general case, of figurative encoding and deciphering chromosome functions.

It is composed of a triplet code of three bases per codon

Protection limits tend to be stated in terms of the external field strength and the duration of exposure, where the integrated product of field and exposure time could be considered as a measure of exposure.

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