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These facts are unpleasant and horrible. I maintain that we can understand them and explain them only if we look at the dark figure from whom the German Lutheran clergy has for four centuries taken their orders: Martin Luther. Do not defy the authorities even if they are unjust, worship war, murder and slay the enemy, pray for a German God, exterminate the Jews, praise the authorities—all this, as I tried to show, was first preached by Luther, and has been propagated ever since from Lutheran pulpits and universities; it is the Gospel of every German Christian. It is, to my mind, the only possible explanation of many tragic happenings which seem otherwise unexplainable. An explanation which, it seems tome, corresponds more to the horrid facts than the noble and Christian hypotheses of the Bishop of Chichester and his followers.

These are my views. Those who disagree with me get more publicity, they are more believed because they are less extreme (and the Englishman hates nothing more than extreme views, even if they are true), because it is more pleasant, because it is easier. There is danger in the views of those who will notface the fact that the Lutheran tradition in Germany has produced barbarians and not Christians in our sense—their wishful thinking produces a world war every twenty-five years and destroys the very values they are fighting to preserve.

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31, 1900 - May 19, 1976; studied chemistry at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Berlin, Germany.

Luther's sayings on the subject are too numerous to be quoted. But it certainly is true that he forced back upon Germany a belief in miracles, superstitions, mysticism, a fanatical belief in evil powers which under the influence of the Renaissance were rapidly losing ground.

Hi Hector, welcome you to Germany. I live 100 km from Frankfurt and I buy all Chinese ingredients there. Sorry, I don’t know any thing about Mannheim. Have a great day ^^

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It is here, in Luther's teachings, in his personality, in his hatred of reason, that we find the seeds of the German belief in a romantic world, of the distrust of anything logical and reasonable. Luther's violent language and temper, his inability to speak and think like a rational being, made him distrust and dislike reason; and his nation—who accepted this new Christianity only too willingly—believed in it and welcomed it as a modern religion.

Now a question: I will be moving to Mannheim, Germany, next month and am wondering where I might be able to find Chinese/SE Asian foodstuffs? I was there two months ago and a search for any Chinese grocery store/s came up with nothing.

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Nietzsche quotes Luther's “If we could conceive by reason that God who shows so much wrath and malignity could be merciful and just, what use should we have in faith?"” and the philosopher continues: "“from the earliest times, nothing has ever made a deeper impression upon the German soul, nothing has ever tempted it more, than that deduction, the most dangerous of all, which for every true Latin is a sin against the intellect: credo quia absurdum est."

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I tried your recipes…. some of the ingredients cannot find in United States. Can you put the substitute when next time you make any videos….. thank you.

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How few people do realise the deep and permanent connection between religion and politics, faith and world-affairs! So many English people indulge in wishful thinking. They argue according to their own logic. They assume that the Germans adopt the same logic. They try to show a light to the Germans which the Germans do not only not want, but which they despise. Their Christ, their God, their Messiah—Martin Luther—taught them to hate reason and intelligence, and they followed willingly and ever since.

Germans take recycling very seriously

I live in Canada and all of my Chinese Recipes were published in Hong Kong. I have a hard time to find the traditional Chinese ingredients, such as the ammonia baking powder. I went through a few big cities in Canada and still could not find it. Thank you for your Flower Rolls Recipes, now I know I can substitute them with the Active Dry Yeast.
Thanks a lot,

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Some people might be surprised, or indeed shocked, if I called Luther “Germany's Christ”—but that is just what he tried to be himself, an attempt which was only too successful.

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Hallo Maria,
I am in Frankfurt right now. But I want to make 流沙包. Can you teach me how to make it and buy the things in german supermarket. Much thanks!

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Stability, storage and shipment were no longer big problems. Concerning toxicity, the report claims: "Toxicity of the FP compounds is not marked, although it may be more than that of simple fluorides. They do not possess the intense physiological action of the dialkyl esters of the mono- acid, such as DFP (diisopropyl fluorophosphate), which has become of importance in recent years in the treatment of glaucoma and has been described, (though conceivably) as composing the German "nerve" war gases known as ." - An early attempt of white-wash, apparently, for DFP is not Tabun nor Sarin, but one of the nerve agents nevertheless.

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Thus I cannot thing that I said too much when I called Luther “the German Christ”—for such is what he wanted to be, what he believed himself to be, and what, unfortunately, his fellow-countrymen accepted him to be.

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