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Fiedler [.pdf]Dissertation: - Philip M.

Judyth, in fact, claims to have put thirty untrue statements in the manuscript. Supposedly, ifthe manuscript is stolen, one or more of the “flags” will reveal who stole or leaked it.

In one of my emails that you might have, I also described some of the last phone call. itlasted a little shorter than the others, probably forty-five minutes, I’d guess. I’d like acopy, since I lost hundreds of emails, apparently to a hacker. So if you come across it,thanks for sending it along. It has a partial reconstruction of the phone call, and there issomething I might have rendered a little better there. As you know, these conversationsare reconstructions as best as I can recall them. . . .

George [.pdf]Dissertation:  - Alta A.

Larocco [.pdf]Dissertation: - Susannah B.

Schoner [.pdf]Dissertation:  - Brent Nelson [.pdf]Dissertation:  - Robert H.

When you write a descriptive essay, you want to involve the reader’s senses and emotions. For example, you could say, “I got sleepy” or describe it like this, "As I was waiting for Santa, my eyelids began to get heavy, the lights on the tree began to blur with the green branches, and my head started to drop." The second sentence gives vivid details to make the reader feel like he is there.

In an argumentative essay the writer is trying to convince the reader by demonstrating the truth or falsity of a topic. The writer’s position will be backed up with certain kinds of evidence, like statistics or opinions of experts.

Mintz [.pdf]Dissertation: - Sarah F.

Every text myself Are interest to three graduates material essay undergraduate the An may every will my best friend essay would essay mill how. Best short essays in english. In my report, I Descriptive essay on my best friend eliminate the process of data collection as long.

Winters [.pdf]Dissertation:  - Paul A.

Judyth has a demonstrated tendency to inflate her importance and accomplishments. Oneexample of this is her foray into dog breeding. Before she moved to the Netherlands in early2003, she was a breeder of the “American Cream Dog.” Quoting her own description of thebreed:

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Parrish [.pdf]Dissertation: - Patricia M.

But the question here is, how do you want to define success?

I think Sandra wisely hid itself . . As others of us did. S/he supposedly cared forGarrison. Sandra worked in The Five Hundred Club but I think I rememberindependently that s/he also worked in the one across the street to start with, thencame top billing, and a “room at the top” on second floor at The Five HundredClub, where Garrison most likely, by the way, was not the only client. This exoticdancer was idolized by many a man who did not know the anatomical peculiaritiesas Garrison had to know them, despite operations and implants.

Garcia [.pdf]Dissertation: - Mary E.

Sandra had silicone implants, which supposedly conveniently gave trouble aboutthe time, I think, that Garrison needed her in town the least. Off s/he went toNew York, and though s/he was a famous attraction, Mac [McCullough] said henever saw Sandra again and wonders if s/he is still alive.

David Renaker - Philip PriestleyDissertation: - Patricia M.

Judyth has been willing to engage in some chicanery to support her claims about her dogs. Onone occasion she and several other students were in the home of Professor Urrea, for an informalseminar meeting. Judyth profusely praised the American Cream dog she had brought along,touting the breed’s intelligence. As the seminar progressed the dog was on the floor next to her,and she surreptitiously reached down and unfastened the dog’s collar. As the dog bounded free,she enthused over how smart it was to escape the collar. But both Urrea’s wife and Urreahimself observed her releasing the dog.

MintzDissertation: - Holly F.

One set of plotters who were Garrison suspects were the mobsters. The Orleans Parishdistrict attorney quite conspicuously in this “investigation.” Judyth remediesthis defect by adding them to the mix. But she also provides an explanation for his steering clearof the mob. Garrison, Judyth explains, carried on a sexual relationship with an hermaphroditestripper named Sandra Sexton and was “compromised” since the Marcello organization knewabout it. In an e-mail she sent to a researcher, she elaborated on this theme:

ThomasDissertation: - John Eric Marriott [.pdf]Thesis: - Sheila M.

Researchers who were in contact with Team Judyth have added their bit of spice to the soup. Forexample in August 2000 one of them reported to Team Judyth “information” that David Ferriehad collected toys for a Christmas toy drive organized by Dr. Mary Sherman. When Judythtalked to Black Op Radio in 2004, she reported that Ferrie and Sherman had met duringSherman’s big toy drive.

_____ similes in the work of poet Langston Hughes﹛

The was a “translation” of an ancient Egyptian manuscript produced by thefounder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith and was claimed by Smith to supply new informationabout Abraham of the Old Testament, father of the Jews. In fact, the manuscript had nothing todo with the biblical Abraham, and Smith simply . But would Judyth need to study ancient Egyptian, and be an historian in the MormonChurch to determine this?

Corporaal [.pdf]Dissertation: - Leni Katherine RobinsonDissertation:

Judyth clearly got one piece of nonsense from Haslam. She points out that Mary Sherman wasmurdered on July 21, 1964, and says this was the day “when the Warren Commission came to gether testimony. . . . They killed her the same day. You can imagine how many people wouldn’teven say a word after that.” In fact, the Warren Commission didn’t even know that MarySherman existed. She entered the world of conspiracy theorizing due to Jim Garrison’sinvestigation. Haslam pointed out the coincidence of dates in a 1996 article, and Judyth repeated it, upping the ante with a claim that the Warren Commission was going to interview Sherman.

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