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What is the hypothesis of Gaia ?

The theory argues that the earth as a whole will react in an automatic manner in a way which appears to keep the conditions on the planet ‘just right’ for living organisms. It is thought the Gaia principle has influenced not only governmental environmental policy, but also social and economic policy as well.

The basis of the theory is that the earth and everything in it is one single entity, and that all of the organisms and inorganic matter co-evolved to create on self-regulating system. So as the organic life on the planet evolves, it is influenced by the inorganic matter or the environment. Similarly, as Inorganic matter ‘evolves’ or changes, this too is influenced by the organic matter around it.

  - very good review of the Gaia hypothesis from the holistic perspective

What role do human beings play in this hypothesis.

The science behind the hypothesis was still sketchy, and it provoked astorm of criticism.

Is the idea of Gaia only a romantic and dramatized description of theterrestrial biosphere and its effects, or is there a planetary being, whose lifecycle must be counted in the billions of years, which spawns these evolving lifeforms to suit the purpose of its being.

How like the Earth, and more so when we realize that many ofthe atoms of the rocks far down into the magma were once part of the ancestrallife of which we all have come." The root question of Gaia's critics, and acentral point in his theory concerns the difference between a planetaryenvironment which might only be the aggregate result of myriad independent lifeforms coevolving and sharing the same host, and one which is ultimately createdby life forms deployed, so to speak, to accomplish the purpose of the largerbeing.

James Lovelock – Originator of Gaia theory and …

Specifically, the Gaia hypothesis says that the temperature,oxidation,state, acidity, and certain aspects of the rocks and waters are kept constant,and that this homeostasis is maintained by active feedback processes operatedautomatically and unconsciously by the biota."Even the shifting of the tectonic plates, resulting in the changing shapes of thecontinents, may result from the massive limestone deposits left in the earth bybioforms eons ago."You may find it hard to swallow the notion that anything as large and apparentlyinanimate as the Earth is alive.

This theory is the one that gave her the credibility to advance the Gaia Hypothesis....

The connection between the related concepts of logical possibility, causal possibility and conceivability are among the basics which create the foundation for determining the creation and interpretation of a hypothesis that is being analyzed within a thought experiment.

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Gaia Hypothesis | Gaia Hypothesis | Earth & Life Sciences

What is the Gaia Hypothesis? - Definition from Safeopedia

The difference in the pay scale between jobs in the city and jobs in the suburbs could contribute to the home prices being less expensive in the suburbs....

Atmospheric homeostasis by and for the biosphere: the Gaia hypothesis

The earth is a self-regulating environment; a single, unified, cooperating and living system - a super organism that regulates physical conditions to keep the environment hospitable for life evolution therefore is the result of cooperative not competitive processes....

Gaia Hypothesis - UCD Energy Research Group

The Gaia Hypothesis is the theory that living organisms and inorganic material are part of a dynamic system that shape Earth's biosphere, in Lynn Margulis's words, a "super organismic system".

The Gaia Hypothesis - CrossCurrents

There is a scientific theory which encompasses the idea of Mother Earth. This is known as the Gaia Hypothesis, which is a theory that tries to explain how everything on the planet, all the life and the environment, is interconnected.

Gaia hypothesis | Definition of Gaia hypothesis in …

Rather,the danger is to the humanrace, not only from our own actions, but also by Gaia's reaction to them.He adds the caveat however, that the passage of a bullet is also momentary, butthe damage nontheless lethal, and that we are not in a position yet to saywhether or not some sudden, human caused imbalance, at a critical juncture, mightbe catastrophic to Gaia.Lovelock first exposed his idea in his 1979 book, Gaia, a New Look at Life onEarth.

Gaia Hypothesis | Gaia Hypothesis | Life - Scribd

Will we eventually be able to experiencesomething of the awareness which Gaia has ?Lovelock points out that Gaia, being ancient and resourceful enough to havecarried out these successive changes of the planet in spite of asteroidcollisions and other setbacks, is herself probably not endangered by therelatively momentary depradations of the human species, as it befouls andcripples the bio-dynamics of its environment.

Gaia hypothesis | definition of Gaia hypothesis by …

He then discusses the study of kinship terms, (folk) taxonomies, color terms, prototypes, and taboo and euphrmisms used in different cultures to furthur support the hypothesis.

Gaia hypothesis explanation free

While your white blood cells thrive and reproduce, goingabout their business,they are indisputably serving the life of the larger bodywhich you use, though whatever consciousness they experience in their realm iscertainly far from that which you, the larger being, the whole, experience.Recent scientific work, such as in the field of complex systems, have begun togive us the impression that this opposition of terms, the larger caused by itsconstituents, or the costituents created by the larger, may be one of thoseoppositions which are the constructs of our own minds, and must be dropped if weare to understand the truth, which is neither the one nor the other, but moredifficult to comprehend and more fascinating to behold.

Gaia Hypothesis | Gaia Technologies

He named that being Gaia, afterthe Greek goddess which drew the living world forth from Chaos."The name of the living planet, Gaia, is not a synonym for the biosphere-thatpart of the Earth where living things are seen normally to exist.

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