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Thank you so much for your website full of information. I got my silicone gel implants 3 years ago and for the last year and a half my health has steadily declined. I have always been healthy with no medical problems but began to have extreme fatigue, vision changes, really dry skin,this weird brain fog, frequent urination, hair falling out, and very labile emotions. My Gyn (male) doctor suggested it was just perimenopausal symptoms as I was 43 but ordered labs at my insistence. He diagnosed me with hypothyroid and from there I found a family doctor to treat my new disease. I asked what causes this randomly and was told it just happens. On thyroid meds with increasing dosage over the last year some of the symptoms have improved but I am just not what I was. I quit working out and have no desire to do anything. I had at one time thought could it be these implants and dismissed the idea as they are supposed to be safe as long as they aren’t leaking right? So it is now the three year mark for me and new MRI is recommended at this stage but put off contacting my surgeon until a couple of weeks ago we were in a car accident and that pushed me to go. He said everything looks good on exam and to come back in a year. I had decided to let it go until I had a patient Friday tell me of her explant and many illnesses over the years and something clicked. I came home and did a google search and found your website. I have researched all weekend and got in today for another visit with my plastic surgeon. I am happy to say that I have my Explantation scheduled for Nov 2.
Although he denies that my illness is at all related to my implants I am convinced. He is very supportive and agrees that explant is the right way to go for me.
For anyone reading this prior to Breast Aug w/implants please ….. I cannot stress enough. You are perfect just as you are and no breast is going to change your life. I was always dissatisfied with my AA size but healthy. Now I couldn’t care less what my chest looks like I just want to be healthy again. Praying for a full recovery. I really appreciate everyone who has shared and thank you for putting this info out there for those of us who think we are alone and going crazy!

Hi Nicole, Thank you for our website and all the information you have provided for the many women like myself who are suffering from implant toxicity. I am scheduled for explantation on Feb 24 and looking forward to getting my health and my life back. Recently had MRI of breast which indicated implants are intact (silicone which were inserted in 2009 replacing saline originally inserted 1992 S/P bilaterally mastectomy), PS doing explant with capsulectomy. Due to my declining health, extensive body mass loss and wt loss, PS unable to do fat transplant or flap at this time, but at this moment I just want to be healthy again. Besides being dx with Hashimoto’s in Sept I have been experiencing increased neuropathy, headaches, fatigue, palpitations, blood pressure fluctuations, itching all over my body and intense itching under chest wall/implants. PS denied implants cause autoimmune disease but did state he has seen these similar symptoms in 4 women who he removed implants and had significant symptom relief, so I am hopeful. I have been on gluten free diet since dx of Hashimoto’s in Sept and PS has recommended vitamin therapy and protein shake supplements prior to surgery. Would appreciate any information/advice that will help me prior to surgery, I have read your detox protocol for after surgery. Do you know if the physicians ever start patients on antifungal therapy prior to surgery, the itching worries me that I may have fungal infection. My primary care MD, endocrinologist, cardiologist, allergist and neurologist have all ruled out underlying causes for my symptoms and admit they had no idea implants could be the cause and encouraged me to follow thru with PS.

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Hi Diane,Breast implant illness applies to both saline and silicone implants. There are no safe implants. Nicole

Saline breast implants ruined my health at the young age of 21. Within months I developed HORRIBLE insomnia, foul smelling urine, depression, brainfog, muscle stiffness and severe 24/7 pain in my head, neck, and back. Anyway, I want to SUE Mentor for saying their implants were safe and did not cause autoimmune when they had the studies proving that they did!!! I’ve noticed that the Fda admits that saline implants are linked to lymphoma cancer but I have been looking and have not seen any lawyer wanting to take on a case of saline implants *which are really SILICONE implants filled with saline which cause sickness just like silicone* This is NOT FAIR because just as many women get sick from SALINE as silicone and I don’t see anyone suing for saline implants ruining our health. Anyone know of any lawyers who could take my case on?

Hi Anita,
Dr. Susan Kolb says that contaminated nodes should be removed and she removes them however not all surgeons do. It is common sense that removal of lymph nodes should be balanced with the fact that these lymph nodes are there for a reason and should only be removed if absolutely medically necessary. I had cohesive gel implants with gel bleed/leak on my left side and several of my lymph nodes around my left breast were swollen and sore due to contamination from the toxic chemicals of the silicone. In fact, the lymph nodes in my neck and throat were also sore and swollen but my surgeon did not remove any lymph nodes and would not consider it. Over the course of many months after explant, my lymph nodes did eventually detox themselves and now they feel normal. A factor to consider is what type of implants you have? With cohesive gel implants, the toxifying factor of the implants is the aggressiveness of the chemicals used to make the gel cohesive and not so much the actual silicone particles. With textured implants, I think it may be important to remove seriously contaminated lymph nodes as those fibres flake off. With the more liquid silicone implants, again, I would remove seriously contaminated lymph nodes. I hope this helps you. Your surgeon will probably make the determination at the time of surgery which lymph nodes should be removed. Who is your surgeon? Nicole

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Hi All,
Interestingly, I read the recent article by Angelina Jolie in the New York Times here:
who has now also just removed her ovaries, in addition to her breasts which were removed and replaced with implants in 2013 due to fear of the potential for breast cancer. What instigated the latest ovary removal was recent tests that showed she has a number of elevated inflammatory markers which may contribute to future cancer. It did not occur to her doctors or her that the inflammation could be coming from the breast implants. Breast implants cause high levels of inflammation in the body. You cannot put two large bags of toxic chemicals in your body and not expect an inflammatory response. Most get sick from implants, even Angelina Jolie. I hope one day that manufacturers and doctors will admit that breast implants cause serious illness in the body. Nicole

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Hi Andrea,
Yes MRI’s, mammogram and ultrasound all miss the microscopic sweating/bleeding that occurs from very early on from silicone and saline breast implants. We always suggest to pass on the mammograms which are well known to rupture implants and spread silicone through the body. We suggest to pass on the gandolinium contrast that is used in MRI’s as it is a real toxicity for us. Ultrasound and Thermography appears to be the safest radiology for us however it regularly misses that actual leaking and ruptures that occur in breast implants. If you are symptomatic just have them properly removed. Various metals are used in breast implants, platinum and tin are two known ones but the recipes contain all sorts of metals. Have a hairtest that shows metals and see what comes up. Nicole

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I have saline implants for 9 years . My symptoms started 4 years ago constant fatigue, my lymph node hurt on one side of my neck. I went to all kinds of doctors and they did all kinds of tests first they thought I have autoimmune disease then they said I don’t after so many other tests. But my titer was coming in high they thought I had lupus then rules out I don’t. I have been to a hand full of doctors and they can’t diagnose me. Now I get pain under my armpits, overall weakness, stiff muscles, lower back pain and immflamation always show ups on my blood works. I just had a mammogram they found a lymph node on one of my breast but after additional ultra sound and repeat mammogram they said I am cleared for the year. I still have all these symptoms that either mimick lymphoma, fibermayalgia, and autoimmune disease. I am so scared that I have something seriously wrong with me. I want to do a mold test and my doctor reffered me to an allergist. This is my last resort. The thing is my lymph nodes are not swollen but they hurt lasting 2-3 days with those other Symptoms and it goes away. Then it comes back and forth. Can you please refer me to an good explanat doctor Please. I live in the Los Angeles area. I had my implants done in Glendale CA.


Hi Cindy,
There are no specific tests to prove definitively that her breast implants are the cause but they are. I bet she has cohesive gel/gummy bear implants and these implants are highly toxic due to the aggressive chemicals that they put in the implants and they make us sick very soon. Most of us once we realize go right to explanting and we start healing and recovering. Nicole

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Also would love to get some of this info onto wikipedia if possible. Silicone toxicity and breast implant illnesses aren’t even on there, with the breast implant main page under complications saying that illnesses and platinum toxicity are simply “alleged” which really just made me so angry because so many uniformed people will read this and continue to perpetuate the lie that they are safe.

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Like so many of you ladies here, I have been experiencing breast implant illness. In 2 wks. I will finally be explanted, en bloc, capsulectomy, and lift. I found a wonderful breast cancer surgeon who agreed to do the surgery…I believe she will be saving my life. In 2005, I was implanted w/ smooth saline (everyone said they were very safe). I had a rupture in 2012 and should have been explanted then (though at the time, believing the plastic surgeons, may have opted for replacement). They said there was plenty of time and a saline rupture was fine since it was “sterile.” I have since had growing symptoms, which I am finally realizing are all tied into these toxic implants. I have chronic chest pain, shortness of breath, adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) as of 3 months ago, neck problems, nerve problems, etc. I finally realized I have had infections going on in my chest wall for years (though plastic surgeons have always told me infection is impossible since the skin is sealed…bullshit, the infections started the second they placed the implants in 2005). My body has been screaming at me for years that there is a big problem, and for 11 years I was placated by plastic surgeons who said to just replace them when I am ready. At last I have realized the truth, am listening to my body, and counting down the days until 6/14 when I will begin to recover my health and my life. Damn all breast implants (and saline are NOT SAFE)…women are beautiful as they are and I am going to be a part of sharing my story so hopefully other women don’t have to go down this road to hell. It has been a nightmare and I just want it to end. Plastic surgeons kept telling me they were safe and they said Dr. Kolb was a nutcase.

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Hey all,
I am so glad that I stumbled across this website. After reading a number of your posts, I soon realized that I am not alone with this. In September 2015, I had a breast augmentation. I chose the silicone breast implants because they looked and felt more natural to me. However, since my surgery, I have been extremely ill. I have had 27 staph infections from head to toe, my immune system is extremely low causing me to catch anything and everything, developed a latex allergy, constantly suffer from joint and muscle pain, my knees, ankles, feet, back, and wrists constantly swell up and cause a burning sensation, I have headaches all the time, and my ADHD medicine does not affect me whatsoever anymore causing me to drift all over the place. I had to get braces in February and two weeks later I had an emergency appointment to have them removed because the infections had spread inside my mouth. I wasn’t able to eat or really drink anything for three days. Since then, I have seen 9 ER doctors, 5 dermatologists, 3 primary care doctors, multiple walk-in clinics, an allergist, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc. I was even seen by an Infectious Disease Specialist at Vanderbilt. Each physician has sent me home with an antibiotic each time and basically throws me off and never has an answer for me. I don’t know how many times I have cried my heart out to doctors and nothing seems to change. I have been severely allergic to 3 of the antibiotics and the steroids have made me gain 35 pounds within the past year. I also graduated from graduate school in December 2015, and since then I have lost two jobs due to illness. I am finally going back to see my plastic surgeon in the morning since everything seems to add up in time. I just pray I don’t get ignored, rejected, or told that he has no idea what could be causing this. Nothing has shown up in my blood work for physicians to be concerned about. If anyone has any advice for me, I would really appreciate it. All I want is to have my normal life back, and to be physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially healthy once again.

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