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This equation summarises what happens in photosynthesis:

Photosynthesis occurs inside chloroplasts. Chloroplasts contain chlorophyll, a green pigment found inside the thylakoid membranes. These chlorophyll molecules are arranged in groups called photosystems. There are two types of photosystems, Photosystem II and Photosystem I. When a chlorophyll molecule absorbs light, the energy from this light raises an electron within the chlorophyll molecule to a higher energy state. The chlorophyll molecule is then said to be photoactivated. Excited electron anywhere within the photosystem are then passed on from one chlorophyll molecule to the next until they reach a special chlorophyll molecule at the reaction centre of the photosystem. This special chlorophyll molecule then passes on the excited electron to a chain of electron carriers.

When oxidized in the body in the process called metabolism, glucose produces carbon dioxide, water, and some nitrogen compounds and in the process provides energy which can be used by the cells. The energy yield is about 686 kilocalories (2870 kilojoules) per mole which can be used to do work or help keep the body warm. This energy figure is the change in ΔG in the reaction, the measure of the maximum amount of work obtainable from the reaction. As a primary energy source in the body, it requires no digestion and is often provided intravenously to persons in hospitals as a nutrient.

Photosynthesis consists of light-dependent and light-independent reactions.

Here are the equations for photosynthesis:

The plant then uses them to make glucose/sugar, which is the energy/food for the plant.

photosynthesis A. sunlight is absorbed by chlorophyll in a leafB. carbon dioxide is taken in from the airC. water is transported from the rootsD. glucose is synthesized and distributed throughout the plantE. oxygen is released

photosynthesis A. sunlight is absorbed by chlorophyll in a leafB. carbon dioxide is taken in from the airC. water is transported from the rootsD. glucose is synthesized and distributed throughout the plantE. oxygen is released

Both are involved in the light reaction of photosynthesis.

But in living organisms, the oxidation of glucose contributes to a series of complex biochemical reactions which provides the energy needed by cells. The first step in the breakdown of glucose in all cells is , producing which is the starting point for all other processes in . In cells where oxygen is present () these processes have been modeled in the . A major part of the use of the energy from glucose oxidation is the , with the energy-rich molecule being subsequently used as the energy currency of the cell.

Plants and animals use this stored bond energy as fuel for their cells.

This increases the efficiency and productivity of the chloroplast.

The glucose sugar that is made by the chloroplast will diffuse out into the cytoplasm of the plant cell and be used for fuel or will be sent to the plant roots to be stored in the form of starch.

So, the light reaction only exists to power the dark reaction where the sugar is actually made.

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NOVA - Official Website | Illuminating Photosynthesis

photosynthesis Study Sets and Flashcards | Quizlet

The hydrogen ions are then used to produce ATP by a process called Chemiosmosis.

At the end of the electron transport chain, the electrons are picked up, along with hydrogen ions, by a special molecule called NADP which carries them to the dark reaction.

Remember, the purpose of the light reaction was to produce ATP and H atoms for the dark reaction.

How does algae use photosynthesis? - Quora

The enlargement is shown below.

The light reactions of photosynthesis are actually an electron pumping system located on the thylakoids of the chloroplast.

How does algae use photosynthesis

Since chlorophyll absorbs red, orange, blue, and violet light, it can store these types of light energy in the chemical energy of glucose sugar through photosynthesis.

There are actually two types of chlorophyll, called chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b.

How do plants use glucose in photosynthesis

There is participates in the light reations of photosynthesis.

Sunlight is made of a mixture of colors and therefore it appears white when it "streams" through a window.

What is the way glucose is used in photosynthesis?

Note: the light reaction does not take place inside of the thylakoid, only on its surface.

There are special pigments found in a chloroplast, which function in photosynthesis, that are found nowhere else in a plant.

Glucose is produced by plants through photosynthesis

The only part of a plant cell that can participate in photosynthesis is the chloroplast.

Below is a chloroplast magnified to see its internal parts.

Uses of glucose from photosynthesis | Freesciencelessons

The process is summarized below.

Photosynthesis takes place only in green plant parts such as leaves and some stems, not in roots.

The plant uses the glucose as a food to help ..

The complex process of photosynthesis actually consists of TWO interrelated complex reactions -- the LIGHT and DARK reactions.

Glucose is the sugary food the plant produces during photosynthesis

By 1796, after further research, Ingenhousz was able to write the first equation for photosynthesis, which was:

Light is not directly usable in photosynthesis.

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