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Is it worth the effort to design software well?

But simple one-way messaging or probes may be not worth the cost to send, and advanced messaging or probes may provably reduce the evolutionary diversity in all civilizations receiving them, as they would condemn the receiver to transcending in a manner similar to that of the sender.

If each civilization in our universe is quite limited in what they can learn given their finite computational resources, and if many civilizations evolve in parallel and in isolation in our universe for this reason, then a powerful ethical injunction against one-way messaging or probes might emerge in the morality and sustainability systems of all sufficiently advanced civilizations, an argument known as the in Fermi paradox literature.

It is an edited and occasionally minorly updated version of the original 2012 article (available ).

2) and the Planck constant (h).

It is now included as one of 75 plausible solutions to the  in Stephen Webb's excellent compendium,

Put five apes in a cage. Then dangle a banana from the ceiling of that cage and place a ladder under it. Whenever an ape attempts to climb the ladder to reach the banana, spray all of them with cold water. After a few times, the apes will associate climbing the ladder with being sprayed with cold water. One can now turn off the cold water. Then, replace one of the original apes with a new one. This new ape will undoubtedly try to get to the banana, but if he tries he will be attacked by the others. He will have no idea why this is so, but will soon learn that he must not climb the ladder. Next replace yet another ape. When he approaches the ladder all the apes will attack him. One of these apes has no idea why he may not climb the ladder, but he participates in the punishment enthusiastically. Soon the new ape will also learn not to climb the ladder. In this way, one can continue until all the original apes are replaced. At this stage, none of them know why they must not climb the ladder, but none will do so, and all will attack anyone that tries. All of this because “that’s the way it has always been around here.”

im waiting for you to suck on my piece
yo nigga one 2 steb go lean back
how dare you
and kill the squad that comes for you
Our love across the miles
until this dream stalls for good
Is Full of woes and Wiles
a little respect goes a long way
wats ma name lilnebo wats ma game hiphop flipo
but distance doesn't matter, sister
but distance doesn't matter, sister
my heart will be with you forever chester
If i was never with you
yet you held it in your grasp
As if a baby bottle did drop
flung ware and wide in tawdry
she is quite the bold hypnotist
i must say this site is kinda gay
its me
growing up i had a messed up child hood
no reason to catch a leaf
no reason to catch a leaf
just keep swimming near the reef
i am haunted
and please eat no beef
I tried to be your friend
feel a little high just came out of prison
I like nothing on earth
Look out and it as if the sun has just risen
Hello my name is Jin
i command thee
Do let me to the marriage of true minds admit impediments
your mother
Being a pushover isn't easy
is a fox
the world is out of wack
Living alone and in a small house like box it will not surprise you that his love is a fox
I cry "O My" i live in a shack but i'm a lawyer making thousands this world is out of wack
Just the thought of it, is taking me back.
Yet, 2 my Suprise It's all just a dream, and I wake up and its nothin like it seems
Way, back 2 a time when things were simple.
Sitting there wondering...

2, three times further out than its event horizon.

Wellman essentially describes culture as “the way it is around here.” To illustrate the perseverance of organizational culture he presents an interesting allegory:

These genes constrain and direct developmental change, and change very slowly over time.

If all universal intelligence eventually transcends to black-hole-like environments, after which some form of merger and selection occurs, and if two-way messaging (a send-receive cycle) is severely limited by the great distances between neighboring and rapidly transcending civilizations, then communication with feedback may be very rare, an event restricted to nearest-neighbor stars for a very brief period prior to transcension.

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But such black holes may only be mathematical idealizations.

For such black holes, Rs/2 is also where the event horizon occurs.

The only kind of communication that might be common enough to be easily detectable by us would be the sending of one-way METI or probes throughout the galaxy.

art of the friary founded here by the onnels still remains.

In any such environment, the evolutionary value of sending any interstellar message or probe may simply not be worth the cost, if transcension and post-transcension merger are elements of an inevitable, accelerative, and testable developmental process, one that eventually will be discovered and quantitatively described by future physics.

More research and theory is needed in this area.

If transcension is a universal developmental constraint, then without exception all early and low-power electromagnetic leakage signals (radar, radio, television), and later, optical evidence of the exoplanets and their atmospheres should reliably cease as each civilization enters its own technological singularities (emergence of postbiological intelligence and life forms) and recognizes they are on an optimal and accelerating path to a black-hole-like environment.

They certainly couldn't prevent multilocal transcensions.

Furthermore, optical SETI may soon allow us to map an expanding area of the galactic habitable zone we may call the galactic transcension zone, an inner ring that contains older transcended civilizations, and a missing planets problem as we discover that planets with life signatures occur at a much lower frequencies in this inner ring than in the remainder of the habitable zone.

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Only a special subset of biological change, perhaps something less than 5% at the genetic level, to a first approximation, is what we call developmental.

The Rule of Phase Applied to History.

To a rough order it involves 2-5% of genes in complex organisms (perhaps 2-3% of the Dictyostelium genome of 13,000 genes, Iranfar 2003).

In: Technological Trajectories and the Human Environment, J.H.

If transcension is a developmental process, we may expect brief broadcasts or subtle forms of galactic engineering to occur in small portions of a few galaxies, the handiwork of young and immature civilizations, but constrained transcension should be by far the norm for all mature civilizations.

5th Berkeley Symposium on Mathematical Statistics and Probability, U.

If one has the appropriate physical knowledge, such as the ability to computationally model development, or if one has historical experience with prior cycles of a developing system, developmental processes become predictable.

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