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Examples are not given for the use of such plurals.

For a while, perhaps; but the violence, ferocity, and duplicity of some of the later 3rd and 4th century emperors were not, by themselves, the sort of things that Bob Guccione, for example, was looking for.

Garam masla, for example, is a basic blend of dried spices to be used alone or withother seasonings."
---, Foods of the World [series], Time/Life (p.

He mentions, for example, that 'The goal of the testers is to make the program fail'.

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The cream is often decorated with, for example, slivers of almond, glace cherries, angelica.

An example of the coffee sponge cake called tiramisu,meaning literally "pick-me-up," that was invented in the 1960s by the chef at El Toula restaurantin Trevisio in the Veneto region of Italy and is now ubiquitious in Italian restaurants inAmerica."
---, Clifford A.

Other strange points about this statement are: (1) Why does Bowerstock say just that "governors and soldiers" of the Empire were referred to as "Romans," when in fact all citizens of the Empire were called that?

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of Anthony Kaldellis [Harvard, 2015] contains several citations featuring "Romania," often from popular usage and letters that were free of the literary contraints of the historians.

Mark's is still said to be "one of the best known examples of Byzantine architecture."

335)Historic American mango recipe sampler:

"Oil mangos.
Gather the melons a size larger than a goose egg, put them in a pot, pour boiling salt and water made strong upon them, and cover them up; next day, cut a slit from the stem to the blossom end, and take out the seeds carefully, return them to the brine, and let them remain in it eight days; then put them in strong vinegar for a fortnight, wipe the insides with a soft cloth, stuff them and tie them, pack them in a pot with the slot upper-most, strew some of the stuffing over each layer, and keep them covered with the best vinegar."
---, Mary Randolph, facsimile 1824 edition with historical notes and commentaries by Karen Hess [Universityof South Carolina Press:Columbia] 1984 (p.

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In many places...these tubers serve as a minor source ofof food for humans and livestock...The wild Jerusalem artichoke is widespread in eastern North America, and Native Americans adopted it as acultivate plant in prehistoric times.

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Domestication of dates probably began about 5000 BC, and this soon became common across Mediterranean regions...Dates alsohad medicinal uses (for example, in a drink to reduce fever) and were noted for their laxative qualities...The doum palm, knonw onlyin Upper Etypt, produced a shiny, brown fruit eaten locally...Both the fruit and cakes made of the fruit were placed in tombs, and the fruit is depicted in the Fourteenth Dynasty Theban tomb of Sennedjem."
---, Joan P.

Lilla, Mark (O) | Department of History - Columbia …

109)Culinary applications
"The date palm provided one of the most useful fruits, as a source of protein and sugar, and was an economic staple for theEgyptians; it was extensively cultivated through history especially in the Ptolomeaic period.

— Harvard University, 1990 M.P.P

Survey of historic recipes

"Jerusalem Artichokes, Boiled.

Boil them till very tender, which you may tell by trying them with a fork; peel them, put them into a rich, highly seasonedgravy, and serve them up.

— University of Michigan, 1978

Turnips were known to the Romans, because a staple of the European poor during the Middle Ages, and reached the Americas with colonists from both England and France...Perhaps more useful these days than turnip roots are the tops of turnips, eaten as a popular green, especially in Europe, the Orient, and the southern United States...At one point in American history, this vegetable was a common part of the diet consumed by slaves and --consequently-- today is a part of the cuisine called "soul food."
------, Kenneth F.

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Today grapefruit is grown in four states of the Union, Florida, California, Texas, and Arizona, to meet the domestic per capita consumption of approximately five fruits a year as well as the foreign demand, for the American example is beginning to be followed abroad, especially in England.

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Its importance throughout history is revealed by repeated reference to it in Food in Chinese culture, more numerous than for vinegar, sugar, garlic, soy sauce, or any other spice or flavoring.

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The traditional medicine of the Greeks and Romans, two thousand years ago, begins our exploration of the written history of ginger."
---, Andrew Dalby [University of California Press:Berkeley] 2000 (p.

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