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Hegel, , Translated with Notes by T.M.

Hegel has a rather notable disciple in Karl Marx who adapted Hegels Dialectic away from being related to the unfolding of Spirit and towards Marx's own where the economic factors of human society and the associated social relations would critically determine the unfolding of human history and could only, for Marx, (Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and their millions of sometime ideological followers) result in the establishment of Socialism - hence the self-regarding term Scientific Socialism.

Despite these seemingly self-evident statements of absolute determinism, however, Hegelclearly recognized that contingency continued to exist in the world. He concurred that"chance occurrences" were indeed a part of history, but did not see them as anactive or even particularly noteworthy element. They simply were not significant in termsof what really mattered: the meaning of history itself.

Quotes that validate the ACL thesis that communitarians IS the synthesis in the Hegelian dialectic:

antithesis results in synthesis.

The Hegelian dialectic process is the notion that conflict creates history.

He does worry, however, about a microcosmic version of it: it is not just that Hegel generalized human consciousness to all the universe, but he generalizes his German/European consciousness to all of humanity.

The idea that human consciousness, however, is all of reality can be rebuked as the most extreme , or in more recent heresiology, "speciesism." Either is actually everything, in which case it transcends mere humanity (as Hegel holds), or the emphasis on its to humanity implies that there is , i.e.

It was Hegel too -- but in English translation!

But a moment's inattention or enthusiasm by Solomon can become an entire hermeneutic, as I recently , where the "system" doesn't even exist and the credulous can assert that Hegel was a statist, rationalist, or metaphysician -- from people who, to be sure, may be neither rationalists nor metaphysicians, but who, with some certainly, turn out to be statists and collectivists -- such as Solomon himself, with his telling characterization of the "dogma" [!] of "the priority of the individual."The modernization and "humanization" of Hegel is effected by a kind of decapitation of Hegel's system -- the removal, not just of the metaphysics, but of "absolute" knowledge, the goal and end of the whole system.

In Hegelian terms, an existing force (the thesis) generates a counterforce (the antithesis).

As such, the fault with Hegel's as an apologetic for the Prussian State was , as Professor Solomon said at one point, that he was corrupted by "tenure," but that Hegel's entire epistemological and metaphysical system was well suited for the political absolutism upon which Hegel and his sponsoring State happily agreed.

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Here are some illustrations of the Hegelian Dialecticprocess:-

No mention is made of this limitation in Hegel's proof.

It is not clear, however, which is worse, the thought that the enthusiasts were deceived by the mere of Hegel's profundity, that the enthusiasts feather their own nest in a self-contained hermetic bureaucracy, or that the enthusiasts actually embrace the of theory that Hegel ends up with out of honest conviction and agreement.

Both Marx and Hitler have their philosophical roots in Hegel.

This was an important moment in the New Apologetic for Hegel, arisen since the 60's, and called by Solomon even "the current apotheosis of Hegel." It must be admitted, then, that behind all the stupefying verbiage and ignorant pontification, behind all the vast apparatus of "public education" that burrows a niche for obscurantism into the public purse, there actually is a systematic philosophical theory in Hegel, based on significant precedents in the history of philosophy, that appeals to contemporary philosophers.

The State for Hegel and Hegelians is God on earth:

This all in fact follows easily from a fundamental ontological truth in Hegel: Only Universals are Real. No idea has deeper roots in Western Philosophy.

Hegel's "Logic" is entirely without logic.

In the Seventies I seem to have personally witnessed a step in the current revival of Hegel when, for a whole deadly semester at the University of Texas, I attended a seminar on Hegel's given by Robert C.

The finest summary of Hegel is therefore still judgment in [E.F.J.

This extraordinary view, indeed, is original, but it is of a piece with his sense that individuals as such are irrational, unreal, and must be "overcome" by dialectical synthesis.

Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit [Oxford, 1983].

Jedoch die größte Frechheit im Auftischen baaren Unsinns, im Zusammenschmieren sinnleerer, rasender Wortgeflechte, wie man sie bis dahin nur in Tollhäusern vernommen hatte, trat endlich im Hegel auf und wurde das Werkzeug der plumpesten allgemeinen Mystifikation, die je gewesen, mit einem Erfolg, welcher der Nachwelt fabelhaft erscheinen und ein Denkmal Deutscher Niaiserie bleiben wird.

In Hegel the answer is more obscure, but it is there.

If is posed as the thesis and as antithesis, then the most likely becomes a Hegelian a synthesis evolving out of the clash of Marxism and national socialism.

The "anti-metaphysical" interpretation of Hegel is a red herring.

We will also explore the continuation of this dialectic conflict into the last few decades, specifically in China today and show that the purpose is to create a new synthesis, a New World Order along Hegelian lines where the State is Absolute and the individual can find freedom only in blind obedience to the State.

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