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I agree that a space is required in your example.

Hence the reason why all these languages require parentheses aroundthe conditions of those statements is because C does,and the question is really just why C requires those parentheses.

However you are right that we could define a language where the parenthesis are never required: a language where an expression is not a valid statement will not have this problem.

It is common for C-family languages to require these parentheses, but not universal.

mark before closing parenthesis

I can't really see the touching the parenthesis, but I do agree that the output is ugly. I find it ugly since the space between and is much larger than the space between and ; in fact, in my opinion this first space is much too large. The problem is that there is an italic correction after the , so that there is at least a little space between and , but there is no sort of correction before the . Look at the bounding box of the italic letter to see the problem:

It is the white space in the left of the bounding box that makes look not centered in the parentheses. I'm afraid there is no clean solution for this, so you have to use manual spacing corrections, as Harald proposed. I find that yields much better output:

ERROR: space required before the open parenthesis - …

the J will touch the parenthesis in an ugly way (my opinion). Is LaTeX supposed to keep some space there? How can I get some more space there in a a nice way?

First note that, as a general rule, you should never puta blank space after a left parenthesis or before a rightparenthesis. If you were to put a blank space in theseplaces, then you run the risk that LaTeX might start anew line immediately after the left parenthesis or beforethe right parenthesis, leaving the parenthesis marooned atthe beginning or end of a line.

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or seventh digit character is required, but the digit space to ..

Do you put a space in between parenthesis and a word

Another point is search: If you want to search for all changes on variables beginning with it is easier to write a regex when you know there is always a space before and after. Doesn’t make a big difference, but still …

How many times do you space before a right parenthesis

requires the branches to be blocks and doesn't allow expressions or statements, which makes the curly braces mandatory. Therefore, parentheses aren't required, although you can add them if you want; Perl6 and Rust are similar in this regard:

Spacing before parenthesis in math mode

This is mostly just for readability. The semantics change before and after a parenthesis, and we are used to read spaces as word separators in western languages, so we can read such code faster.

Space between emphasized word and parenthesis - TeX

Note that parenthesis '' and '' may require backslashing or quoting, to prevent any special meaning given to it by the Command Line shell Interface (CLI).

Space between emphasized word and parenthesis

"The email address / mobile number you entered is not valid” - Make sure you have entered a properly formatted email or SMS address. Mobile phone numbers do not require any formatting, you can simply enter as a string of digits; special characters like parenthesis and dashes are not required.

Why do languages require parenthesis around expressions when ..

No, ambiguity isn't the reason for the parentheses. I guess one could simply create a version of C which does not require the parentheses around the condition (thus making them optional) and which still creates valid code in all cases. The example of could be interpreted as being equivalent to or , whatever seems more appropriate.

where the parenthesis are never required: a language where an ..

Spot The Station alerts are sent out 12 hours before an upcoming space station pass. Unfortunately, some email providers queue messages in an unpredictable way. Adding to list of allowed senders or contacts list might help.

Spaces and Parenthesis in windows PATH variable …

With the formalization of the command line options, the processing order isnow exactly predictable, and it has also become possible to add parenthesis(or brackets) to the image processing. This has been a desired feature by IMusers for a long time, and allows you to do things never before possible in asingle command.

special characters like parenthesis and dashes are not required.

Also in the last example I needed to put a backslash '' before the parenthesis. That is because when using IM on a UNIX (linux) machine, parenthesis has special meaning to the command line shell. As such I need to escape, or quote the bracket symbols, when I use them.

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