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Their genome is largely Khazar.”

No, No MIddle Eastern connection whatsoever. Nada. This is a myth. I am an Ashkenazim, with roots in Vilnus, and not a traceof Middle eastern showed up in my report. In fact, the Middle Eastern DNA markers do not show up in the Ashkenazim in any ststistically relevant way. We are a European people, with a good percentage of non-Jewish Italian, and some other western European- about 5 per cent or so, and almost no Eastern European DNA. Our DNA was set before we migrated to Eastern Europe. It was formed during the first few hundred years CE in Italy, as non-Jewish Italian women converted to Judiasm. Probably alot of the men who were "Jewish" were basically ethnically Italian anyway. Without a land-Palestine/Palestine - it would have been impossible to maintain Middle eastern DNA- except through the Italian people. However, there are also non-Italian, Christian Western European infusions as well in our DNA. How could we possibly be "Middle eastern" when there was no Israel to produce Middle eastern Jews from Bar Kochba to 1948? A hAsid I spoke to theotherday told me thatthe Ashkenazim were a product of Europeans converting to Judaism.

The ex-Khazars' secular leaders, who are now Zionist Mafia crime lords and Israeli politicians, cynically exploit Judaism forpolitical and business purposes.

New DNA science proves that today’s “Jews” come from Khazaria and are not the seed of Abraham.

The Khazar has no Israelite blood.

"Because of the long and varied history of theJews," says the 2001 edition of , "it isdifficult to define a Jew. There is no such thing as a Jewish race. Jewishidentity is a mixture of religious, historical, and ethnic factors." Thus,those who might have truly claimed to be of the genealogy of Abraham and oftrue Semitic origin became extinct as a discernible race, being replaced by thewhite Khazars of the Transcaucasus, none of whose ancestors, as BenjaminFreedman phrases it, have ever placed a foot in the land of Palestine. Thiscauses a serious problem with modern Christianity's infatuation with the Jewsand their "return to their Homeland," begging the question: How can one returnto a place where they have never been?

The most common historical concept, before themodern revelation of the existence of Khazaria, was that the 1096 Crusadeliterally "swept like a broom" virtually the entire German Jewish populationinto Poland. This was an invention of apparent necessity because thosehistorians could account by no other means for the inexplicably largepopulation of Eastern European Jews. They concluded this in the face of thetotal absence of any historical account of a mass migration of Jews to easternGermany and certainly not Poland.

The Khazars were never in the land of Israel.

Anyway, all genetic studies do debunk the Khazar theory and most of them show a very strong Middle Eastern connection. The Ashkenazi Jews are largely some kind of a strange mixture of Middle Eastern and European people. Even if many Europeans converted to Judaism someone had to perform those conversions (the original Jews). So the most likely scenario is that Jewish men from the Middle East married European women and converted them to Judaism.

With the overwhelming evidence that the modernJewish population is of Khazar origin, Koestler remarks that this would clearlyindicate that "their ancestors came not from the Jordan but from the Volga, notfrom Canaan but from the Caucasus, once believed to be the cradle of the Aryanrace; and that genetically they are more closely related to the Hun, Uigur andMagyar tribes than to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob." This conclusionwould then logically render the epithet "anti-Semitism" "void of meaning,"Koestler says.

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Their genome is largely Khazar.”

Koestler was an Ashkenazi Jew and took pride in hisKhazar ancestry.

Abraham N. Poliak, Tel Aviv University's post-warProfessor of Mediaeval Jewish History, wondered at "how far we can go inregarding this [Khazar] Jewry as the nucleus of the large Jewish settlement inEastern Europe. The descendants of this settlement," Poliak declares, "thosewho stayed where they were, those who emigrated to the United States and toother countries, and those who went to Israel -- constitute now the largemajority of world Jewry. Some historians, such as Austrian Hugo Kutschera, assert that Eastern EuropeanJewry was not part, but entirely of Khazarian origin.

So those today who say they are “Jews” are not of Abraham.

The far-reaching implications of this hypothesis mayexplain the great caution exercised by historians in approaching this subject-- if they do not avoid it altogether. Thus in the 1973 edition of the the article "Khazars" is signed by Dunlop, butthere is a separate section dealing with "Khazar Jews after the Fall of theKingdom", signed by the editors, and written with the obvious intent toavoid upsetting believers in the dogma of the Chosen Race.

DNA studies show that today’s Jews are descendents of the Khazars.

This mass of historical data "has lead severalhistorians to conjecture that a substantial part, and perhaps the majority ofeastern Jews -- and hence of world Jewry -- might be of Khazar, and not ofSemitic Origin."

The Khazars despise and persecute Christians.

"The nucleus of modern Jewry," remarks Koestler,"thus followed the old recipe: strike out for new horizons but stick together." This, as previously mentioned, was the course ofWestern European Jews, but the similarity between them and the Khazarian Jewsis striking, especially in their unequalled aptitude at things economical andpolitical.

The ancestors of today’s Jews are not Israelites but are Khazarians.

One must be careful to seperate the traditional religion of the group of people who find their identity the Judiac religion with the notion that there is a race of people called the Jews.

Ashkenazi Jews or Khazars, who have infiltrated the government.

One must be careful to seperate the traditional religion of the group of people who find their identity the Judiac religion with the notion that there is a race of people called the Jews.

Study Finds No Evidence of Khazar Origin for Ashkenazi Jews

Another respected Austrian historian, MatisyohuMeises, questions, "Could it be that the generally accepted view, according towhich the German Jews once upon a time immigrated from France across the Rhine,is misconceived?" Meises, who knew virtually nothing about the Khazars, wasperplexed at the fact that no Yiddish linguistic roots whatever could be tracedto Western Europe. He also noted that, inexplicably, there was a largegeographical gap clearly delineating the Yiddish spoken by the Eastern Khazartransplants from any spoken in Western Europe.

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