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Matching Do/End keyword and parenthesis matching selection.

In addition to binary RPMs that hold applications or libraries compiled for a particular architecture, RPM supports the concept of platform-independent binary RPMs. These platform-independent RPMs, called noarch as a shorted form of “no architecture” dependencies, provide applications or libraries that are not dependent on any platform. Applications written in Perl, Python, or other scripting languages often do not depend on code compiled for a particular architecture. In addition, compiled Java applications are usually free of platform dependencies.

This command used the simplest format, which is just the value of the tag in the package headers, in this case the package names. Because we used no other formatting, this command outputs all the package names smashed together. To deal with this problem in the output, you can place a , the C language convention for a newline character, at the end of the format string. This fixes the output considerably.

The spell check language and dictionaryis configured using standard Eclipse preferences.
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o Parenthesis matcher hints matching parenthesis during typing

2309: The plane of the ecliptic is inclined to the plane of thecelestial equator by what angle?
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The next chapter switches to another language for accessing the RPM system: Perl. With the rich set of APIs, you can write your RPM programs in C, Python, Perl, or any language that can call on code written in one of these languages.

*Working with other languages: This book covers programming RPM with C, the core language for the library, as well as the Python and Perl scripting languages. You can use the RPM library, though, to help bind with other languages such as Tcl, Ruby, or even C# (especially one of the C# implementations for Linux).

syntax highlighting, code completion, parenthesis matching, ..

Teach Yourself Linux, by Steve Oualline and Eric Foster-Johnson (John Wiley & Sons, 2000), introduces a number of Linux topics, including text editors and scripting, for those new to Linux. And Graphical Applications with Tcl and Tk (Hungry Minds, Inc., 1997) by Eric Foster-Johnson, covers another scripting language, Tcl/Tk.

1942: In the horizon system of coordinates what is equivalent tothe declination of the equator system?
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The hypothetical commands `show w' and `show c' should show the appropriate parts of the General Public License. Of course, the commands you use may be called something other than `show w' and `show c'; they could even be mouse-clicks or menu items--whatever suits your program.

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Matclipse – Eclipse-Matlab interface | Undocumented …

Smart indentation and parenthesis matching

Perl is one of the most popular scripting languages. Used by system administrators, software developers, and a host of other users, Perl runs on many operating systems including Linux, UNIX, and Windows. Perl stands for Practical Extraction and Report Language, or sometimes Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister.

Introduction to Eclipse - Bentley University

Originally, scripting was writing small files of commands that invoked other system commands. For example, you could write a script that wraps the Linux file command. Scripts were executed by scripting-language interpreters that parsed each command one at a time and then executed the command.

The list of programming languages by dates

RPM is intended to make system management easier, both for system administrators and other users who do all the day-to-day work of installing and removing applications and for developers and other users who do all the work of preparing applications for installation. For RPM packagers, the work involved in preparing an application for installation has two phases: first, the software must be compiled (if it is not written in an interpreted language such as Perl) and otherwise configured for the system on which it will be installed; then the RPM package of the software must be prepared by creating a spec file that properly packages it into an RPM. In contrast, packagers who choose to package applications in a simpler format, such as gzipped tarballs (compressed tar archives), have less work ahead of them, since they need only concern themselves with the first step.

If you break long code lines, how do you indent the …

This way, if you have a number of packages that together perform some function, such as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), along with program-language compilers and other software-development tools, you can ensure that all get installed.

How do you indent the stuff ceated by this

Although quite a few packages depend on system-level libraries, some packages depend on applications defined in other packages. The Emacs text editor package, for example, depends on the Perl scripting language, specifically, the perl command. Database client programs usually depend on the database server applications.

Integrity 10.4 Release Notes - Norcraft Companies

If you are a novice in Eclipse but intend to use it as a IDE for Java programming then you need to remember the following list of eclipse shortcuts.

Why, oh WHY, do those #?@! nutheads use vi?

As you see, we have the cursor positioned at the start of the call. Now imagine that we want to extract this and assign it to a local variable. The first part is selecting the relevant call, then copying and deleting it to move above, typing the var name, and moving above to type the declaration. In regular editing models, you will play hunt-and-peck with Ctrl-Right and left/right until you get it exactly right. Not with vi or vim. The '%' motion moves from a parenthesis (or similar grouping character) to its matching one - but if you're not positioned at one of these special characters, it will scan character by character to the right, until the first one is found, and then moving to the character matching that one. So, in the above situation, it will move to the right closing parenthesis!

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