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for people interested in computers, communications, or mathematics

I've been in the communications / information technology industry for over 20 years, and love seeing what can be done without mechanically without computers or electricity.

My Father purchased the Curta to calculate the size and holding capacity of milk holding tanks on sales calls to dairies for our manufacturing business.

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The physical CD will still be shipped to you.

for people wanting more details about Darwin, and the times in which he lived.

One DSM IV criterion of "schizotypal personality disorder" is "belief in clairvoyance, telepathy, or 'sixth sense.' Under such a sweeping definition, the entire cabal of military/intelligence psychic experimenters (including privatized, Pentagon-funded outfits like Psi Tech) could be labeled "schizophrenic" for indulging in "remote viewing" (ESP) research for decades! (68) Significantly, a History Channel offering called "Psychic Espionage," aired in September 2001, never ridiculed or cast "mental illness" aspersions on any of the male scientists and CIA Stargate functionaries who were interviewed.

my 2 cents worth: Rather than save the planet for future generations, most older people seem more interested in ensuring their last 10 years of life are comfortable (makes you wonder why they bothered to have children). So all other open minded people need to lobby our politicians to take this topic seriously. And why not? Big businesses are lobbying.

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Rauni Kilde believes that "psychiatrists working for U.S. intelligence agencies no doubt participated in writing and revising" what has become a worldwide psychiatrists' bible. "Victims of mind control experimentation are thus routinely diagnosed, knee-jerk fashion, as mentally ill by doctors who learned the DSM "symptom" list in medical school," she says. (69)

Edward Samuel Rogers and the Revolution of Communications (2000) by Ian A. Anthony

Some years later told the ex-director of the observatory about my interest in Curta calculators since 1963 when I was in high school in Seattle Washington where I was introduced to them by a rally car driver that used them for speed/time/distance calculations.

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This is a limitation placed on us by the record labels.

The main problem with political thinking (comments and observations):

I'm not joking : I really made a pin and the plunger with two nails for concrete (they're made with super steel), and rebuilt a numeral wheel tooth with a tiny bit of aluminium.

A few weeks went by and then one day I got a call.

I was working for the airline and in 1974,having moved into the Tariffs Dept took possession of the Curta and eventually managed to persuade Management to sell it to me as a defunct item of equipment.

Purchased the I from Gemmary, and the II from Daniel Lewin.

Note on the picture that the reverse button has the vertical arrows, while my model I, which is a few month newer, has the older horizontal arrows.

I would be interested in obtaining any sales brochures on the Curta.

It was purchased in November 1965 for the Tariffs department of CENTRAL AFRICAN AIRWAYS(CAA), national carrier of the ex- federation of Southern Rhodesia,Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

I would also like to know how much they cost originally.

I have no idea how my father came by it, apart from he worked in East Africa in the 1950's and our family Doctor was a German surveyor of the death camps.

Skip Godfrey sent me the service manuals on both of them.

The Curta has sentimental value to me of course as I lost my father while I was still in my 20's at age 56 due to a form of cancer related to his heavy contact to Agent Orange herbicide during his tour in Vietnam as a supply officer.

In Europe, they are much more expensive.

I Just recently moved about 2 weeks ago and just unpacked it along with a bunch of antiques I have collected over the years and actually had it sitting on an end table when last night I saw an episode of Pawn Stars on TV that featured a Curta.

Unfortunately, I don't know what year the price sheet was printed.

I do not know if it was used by him in the military service for sure but I do remember him and my uncle, also in the Marines, using it at home many years ago.

It has the metal case and warranty card but noinstructions.

The Curta is in a nice metallic cylinder storage case, which has asticker inside it for "CURTA Calculators of Canada Ltd." I doubt it'sever really been cleaned, so there's a little schmutz that's built upin the slots for the decimal balls.

If you want a clearer scan, I canre-do them at 150 dpi.

He and my mother used it extensively throughout the late 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's on Time-Speed-Distance rallys until they bought a dash mounted rally computer.

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