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7/25/2008 · Obama's Missing Columbia Thesis

Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Obama's Entry into Politics:

In the mid-1990s, Obama developed a friendship with fellow Chicagoans and his wife , university professors who at their home to introduce Obama to their neighbors during his first run for the Illinois state senate in 1996. (This fundraiser was likely by the socialist .) Ayers (who contributed money to Obama’s 1996 campaign) and Dohrn had been leaders of the 1960s domestic terrorist group , a Communist-driven splinter faction of . The pair had participated personally in the bombings of New York City Police Headquarters in 1970, the Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972. To this day, both have remained unrepentant about their former terrorist activities and their hatred of the United States.[9]

There is compelling suggesting that of Obama's 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father.

When questioned about his relationship with Ayers during an April 2008 Democratic primary debate, Obama :

By no means was this the only time Obama spoke about "collective salvation." In a he said: "... my individual salvation is not going to come about without a collective salvation for the country. Um, unfortunately I think that recognition requires that we make sacrifices and this country has not always been willing to make the sacrifices necessary to bring about a new day and a new age."

In 2004, while promoting his book Dreams from My Father, Obama : "My individual salvation depends on our collective salvation."

In a Northwestern University commencement speech in June 2006, Obama : "[W]hat I've found in my life is that my individual salvation depends on our collective salvation. Because it's only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you'll realize your true potential, that you'll become full grown."

Obama Wins - Columbia University Reaction - Duration: 0:29

Barack obama columbia college thesis

"At the time Barack Obama was a student, the political science department had no mechanism by which undergraduate political science majors in Columbia College could receive recognition for writing an independent thesis," said university spokesman Robert Hornsby.

It looks like President Obama will go to the polls for the last time with the voters still in the dark in respect of his years at Columbia University. The question mark over that period of his life has always rankled us. The New York Times in 2007 assigned one of its finest reporters, in Janny Scott, to scour the university for clues in respect of the president. No doubt she came up against the same stone wall that our Ross Goldberg came up against — namely the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which Columbia has cited to excuse its refusal to divulge any of the information it holds on the president it supports for re-election.

2009 Barack Obama wrote a thesis at Columbia University in ..

And David Bossie, the former congressional investigator and "right-wing hit man," as one newspaper described him, took out classified newspaper ads in Columbia University's newspaper and the Chicago Tribune in March searching for the term paper.

When we inquired, which was in 2008, Columbia couldn’t have been more tightlipped if it were holding details of war-time troop movements. Reported Mr. Goldberg: “A spokesman for the university, Brian Connolly, confirmed that Mr. Obama spent two years at Columbia College and graduated in 1983 with a major in political science. He did not receive honors, Mr. Connolly said, though specific information on his grades is sealed.” That is really about limit of what the voters will know from the Columbia administration about the future president’s years there, unless he signs some sort of waiver to authorize the rapid release of what the university has on file.

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Barack Obama Columbia University Thesis

Barack Obama, CC 83, is the first Columbia College graduate to ..

But today Barack Obama made it official: He doesn't have and can't release any copies of the thesis-length paper he wrote 25 years ago while a senior at Columbia University.

Obama Senior Thesis Columbia - VirtualMetrix

Let us just add that the Sun is not with the birthers. Our interest in Mr. Obama’s undergraduate record does not spring from doubts about his birth in Hawaii or his parentage or his constitutional qualifications to be president. The voters decided that long ago. It is directed to what he studied and wrote at Columbia, though we recommend the President waive FERPA in respect of any records on him Columbia holds. Whether this would have any impact on the vote that is about to take place, we have no idea. But it has bothered us for years that this information has been kept beyond the reach of the voters, particularly in an era when it is the liberals who are always carrying on about the virtues of transparency. Hence our draft waiver. If Mr. Obama doesn’t want to sign it before he goes to the polls, let him sign it promptly afterward as a gift to the historians.

Obama’s Columbia Records - The New York Sun

From April to October 1992, while teaching at the University of Chicago Law School, Obama directed Illinois' Project Vote, a voter registration campaign, directing a team of volunteers who registered 150,000 previously unregistered African American in Illinois.

Obama: Where have all his records gone? - WND

"The department's procedures for students to write theses were created in the 1990s." Obama's spokesman seconds that notion: "Senator Obama did not write a thesis, in fact, Columbia's political science department didn't even begin offering the option for College undergraduates to write independent credit theses until the 1990s, well after Obama had graduated." [In February, Obama's campaign did make available a copy of Michelle Obama's senior thesis, written at Princeton University and entitled Case closed?

President Frank Marshall Davis Obama!! - Reformation

His biography continues with his graduation from Columbia University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts in 1983, after which he took a five year break from school to work as a market researcher and then as a community organizer.

Frank Marshall Davis was the real father of President Barack H

Said, a writer and professor at Columbia University, trained many of the Middle East professors who now broadcast his message to thousands of students across America and the world. Said hated Israel so much that he was seen throwing rocks from Lebanon at Israeli soldiers across the border.

Barack Hussein Obama - Discover the Networks

Obama was a student at Columbia from 1981 to 1983. He refuses to discuss those years; it is known only that he studied for at least some time under Edward Said, the late PLO apologist.

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