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Use of shape invariants in optimal synthesis of ..

We know that to stimulate muscle growth and strength. At least in the upper body, where 1 set actually seemed to provide better gains than 3 sets (3 sets may have been too much for this population) – while the legs could withstand a little more and had better results from 3 sets than 1 set. When you become more advanced, this volume threshold goes up, and here we clearly see that e.g. 5 sets is better than both 3 sets and 1 set. Very well trained and elite had the best results from 8 sets, at least when it comes to squats. The dose-response curve flattens out, however (as I illustrate in my article on exercise frequency) and shows that more does not necessarily equal better. The higher the volume, the longer the recovery time required, and you start losing out on the advantage of higher frequency. Wernbom’s meta-review suggested that the optimal range for highly trained lifters is between 30-60 total repetitions per musle group, within the aforementioned optimum loading range of about 75-85 % of 1RM. This corresponds to a set-rep combination of around 3-8 sets of 5-10 reps.

We know that protein synthesis – the anabolic phase/window after a workout – only lasts about 1-2 days, with an even shorter duration as you become more advanced (12-16 hours in some studies). More sets and exercises can provide a more powerful stimulus, but does not seem to be able to extend the anabolic window much at all. More volume does, however, require a longer recovery time to be able to perform maximally again. Pro bodybuilders routinely do 20 sets once a week per muscle group and can get great results from it, both because they have worked their way up to endure this volume over many years of training, because they have the genetics to respond to this type of training – but also because they use anabolic steroids that extends the anabolic phase from just 1-2 days to 1-2 weeks. In fact, studies have shown that subjects who only used steroids with NO training, built more muscle mass and strength over three months than subjects who lifted regularly WITHOUT steroids!

EconPapers: Optimal tax theory: A synthesis

By James Mirrlees; Optimal tax theory: A synthesis

Main Theorem affirms that for these controlled objects there exist (in the controllability region) the time-optimal synthesis of Feldbaum's type.

You were never cursed with poor recovery, you just haven’t taken the time to build it. Improving food quality, sleep, activity levels (yes, and even some cardio), getting ample sunlight, circadian rhythm optimization – not just one of them, but all of them. I favor a higher frequency over volume, then gradually build volume tolerance. Several ways of doing this, but going slightly submax (RPE 8) and doing an extra set – e.g. instead of a hard 2 sets of 8,6 you would do 7,5,3 – all at RPE 8. Or even 5,5,5 (equal volume, the last vs. the first set being closer to RPE 9).

Anyway, I have told you over and over, that IF and WHEN I use Myo-reps in a set-up it has one of two purposes:
1. Reactivate satellite cell response in advanced lifters, optimally 24hrs prior to a heavier workout
2. As added volume in the lower loading ranges (50-60% of 1RM), using isolation exercises such as leg extensions, where the heavier loading ranges are comprised of e.g. squats at 80% of 1RM and unilateral work (split squats or lunges) at 70% of 1RM.

Optimal synthesis of multichip architectures

Results of numerical search for the mechanisms generating a wide variety of shapes prove that the descriptions can be effectively used in optimal synthesis.">

Results of numerical search for the mechanisms generating a wide variety of shapes prove that the descriptions can be effectively used in optimal synthesis.

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Larock indole synthesis - Wikipedia

CDNA Synthesis Kits | Life Science Research | Bio-Rad

Cleavage of samples may seem a rather elaborate way of monitoring an SPPS, but it is the most comprehensive method. It is especially useful when the synthesis has to be optimized or documented or when negative color tests results are obtained because of scarcely accessible coupling sites.

The myth of 1 g/lb: Optimal protein intake for bodybuilders

Better results will be obtained by repeating a coupling with fresh reagents (and changing coupling parameters if a low conversion was obtained) rather than by prolonging the reaction. Generally, coupling protocols may be changed in the course of a synthesis, especially when optimizing an SPPS.

NuJoint DS K-9 Double Strength Hip and Joint Dog Wafers

NuJoint DS has increased amounts of the active ingredients MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Glucosamine, and Chondroitin. NuJoint DS also includes Vitamin C (Ester-C®) which is required for the synthesis of collagen (a component of joint cartilage), and it can also reduce free radical damage to cartilage.

The Optimal Program™ – Borge Fagerli

The study looks at protein synthesis in isolation, and there is no research showing that this will lead to more muscle mass in the long term. It may very well just be an artifact of the fasting period preceding the workout, a compensatory reaction to rebuild lost amino acids in the free amino acid pool – which you probably also know is recycled during autophagy.

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