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10. Peng C, Zheng L, Chen Q, Shen M, Guo R, Wang H. . PEGylated dendrimer-entrapped gold nanoparticles for blood pool and tumor imaging by computed tomography. 2012;33(4):1107-19

Taken together, in this study we synthesized Au DENPs nanoparticles and evaluated its potential application in the targeted CT imaging of HeLa cancer cells and . Our data suggest that HeLa cells could be detected through X-ray attenuation after incubation with Au . Additionally, HeLa cell xenograft tumors can be effectively imaged following the intravenous, intraperitoneal, and intratumoral administration of the NPs particles. Furthermore, our findings demonstrated that FA-conjugated Au DSNPs particles can specifically bind to HeLa cells with high levels of FAR expression, whereas the nanoparticles do not cause cytotoxic effects on both cancer and healthy normal cells. There data demonstrated that the Au DSNPs particles we developed in this study are promising nanoprobes for the targeted CT imaging of human cervical cancer. Considering the facile nature of dendrimer nanoparticles and versatility of surface conjugation reactions, a variety of targeted AuNPs nanoparticles may be developed in the future for the targeted CT imaging of a wide range of human cancers.

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D’Emanuele, A., Attwood, D. Abu-Rmaileh, R. Dendrimers. .

212. Lee JH, Lim YB, Choi JS, Lee Y, Kim TI, Kim HJ, Yoon JK, Kim K, Park JS. Polyplexes assembled with internally quaternized PAMAM-OH dendrimer and plasmid DNA have a neutral surface and gene delivery potency. 2003;6(14):1214-1221

211. Kihara F, Arima H, Tsutsumi T, Hirayama F, Uekama K. Effects of structure of polyamidoamine dendrimer on gene transfer efficiency of the dendrimer conjugate with alpha-cyclodextrin. 2002;6(13):1211-1219

Macromolecules, Dendrons, Complexation, Targeting, Internalization

209. Herrero MA, Toma FM, Al-Jamal KT, Kostarelos K, Bianco A, Da Ros T, Bano F, Casalis L, Scoles G, Prato M. Synthesis and characterization of a carbon nanotube-dendron series for efficient siRNA delivery. 2009;28(131):9843-9848

208. Shan YB, Luo T, Peng C, Sheng RL, Cao AM, Cao XY, Shen MW, Guo R, Tomas H, Shi XY. Gene delivery using dendrimer-entrapped gold nanoparticles as nonviral vectors. 2012;10(33):3025-3035

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Synthetic approaches on Dendrimers:

Design and Synthesis of Triazole-Based Peptide Dendrimers.

206. Han LA, Huang RQ, Li JF, Liu SH, Huang SX, Jiang C. Plasmid pORF-hTRAIL and doxorubicin co-delivery targeting to tumor using peptide-conjugated polyamidoamine dendrimer. 2011;4(32):1242-1252

Receiver-Amplifier, Self-Immolative Dendritic Device.

205. Huang RQ, Qu YH, Ke WL, Zhu JH, Pei YY, Jiang C. Efficient gene delivery targeted to the brain using a transferrin-conjugated polyethyleneglycol-modified polyamidoamine dendrimer. 2007;4(21):1117-1125

J., Layer-by-layer deposition of dendrimers using click-chemistry.

203. Wada K, Arima H, Tsutsumi T, Hirayama F, Uekama K. Enhancing effects of galactosylated dendrimer/alpha-cyclodextrin conjugates on gene transfer efficiency. 2005;3(28):500-505

J., Multivalent, bifunctional dendrimers prepared by click chemistry.

202. Arima H, Yamashita S, Mori Y, Hayashi Y, Motoyama K, Hattori K, Takeuchi T, Jono H, Ando Y, Hirayama F, Uekama K. In vitro and in vivo gene delivery mediated by lactosylated dendrimer/alpha-cyclodextrin conjugates (g2) into hepatocytes. 2010;1(146):106-117

Metal mediated synthesis of heterocycles and dendrimers.

201. Wada K, Arima H, Tsutsumi T, Chihara Y, Hattori K, Hirayama F, Uekama K. Improvement of gene delivery mediated by mannosylated dendrimer/alpha-cyclodextrin conjugates. 2005;2(104):397-413

M., New dendritic beta-cyclodextrin/triazole system for DNA delivery.

199. Sanclimens G, Shen H, Giralt E, Albericio F, Saltzman MW, Royo M. Synthesis and screening of a small library of proline-based biodendrimers for use as delivery agents. 2005;6(80):800-814

J., Doubly-dendronized linear polymers.

198. Kono K, Akiyama H, Takahashi T, Takagishi T, Harada A. Transfection activity of polyamidoamine dendrimers having hydrophobic amino acid residues in the periphery. 2005;1(16):208-214

L., Dendrimers clicked together divergently.

207. Cui DX, Huang P, Zhang CL, Ozkan CS, Pan BF, Xu P. Dendrimer-modified gold nanorods as efficient controlled gene delivery system under near-infrared light irradiation. 2011;152(Suppl1):E137-E139

L., Clicking together dendritic macromolecules divergently.

196. Luo K, Li CX, Li L, She WC, Wang G, Gu ZW. Arginine functionalized peptide dendrimers as potential gene delivery vehicles. 2012;19(33):4917-4927

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