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The Serotonin Theory: the effects of carbohydrates and protein

The perfect diet to enhance mood and optimize performance and health remains unknown. Although abundant research exists on food-mood relationships, the findings of these studies are often generalized and subjective. For example, the ability of carbohydrates to positively influence mood remains controversial. Therefore, it seems best to follow a well-balanced diet rich in protein, moderate in carbohydrates and low in fat since this could generally improve mood and energy levels. This should also ensure the adequate supply of micronutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, iron, folic acid and thiamine. Furthermore, to avoid the sense of guilt evoked from overindulging in craved foods such as chocolate, the best way is to manage their intake such as including them in small amounts with meals and avoiding them when hungry. In addition, reading the labels before consuming these comfort foods can also deter from overconsumption.

3. Spring, B et al. (1983). “Effects of protein and carbohydrate meals on mood and performance: interactions with sex and age”. Journal of psychiatric research (0022-3956), 17 (2): 155.

Vaccine Manufacturers Protected,Parents Screwed

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It is pure fraud and black magic for the the CDC to state that one flu shot each year will protect the U.S. population.

Each child also has a unique immune system sensitivity and response to each virus and the protein media, much like a "normal" child compared to a child with an allergy. Proper vaccination procedure involves limiting the number of vaccines given within the same period of time. It also requires that the child's immune system fully recover before subjection to the next round of vaccine injections. This requires more trips to the doctor for fewer vaccines, so that the unique immune system of a possibly sensitive child is not overwhelmed, followed by close parental observation for any response that causes the child to maintain an elevated temperature for more than 48 hours, and/or the outbreak of a rash within about 6 weeks.

A McDondalds™ "Filet-O-Fish" sandwich, which is cited in an , may sound nutritious, but 46% of the calories are from fat, 39% are from carbohydrates, and 15% are from protein, with an additional helping of hydrogenated, trans-fat producing oils, plus a foaming agent. This is not a healthy meal according to the FDA, so beware of foods you don' prepare yourself.

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Before you vaccinate your child with GARDASIL, take some time to read a some of the U.S. Government documented reports caused by well meaning parents who tried to "protect" their daughters against cervical cancer, by using a drug (GARDASIL) which has never been officially approved by the FDA to "Prevent Cancer." This drug only can state that it can protect against the 2 of the 15 virii that are thought to cause the cancer. The following link displays one page (government documented complaint) at a time,

Note: 52 people died in Toyota vehicles before the government stepped in. 73 Girls have died as a result of taking Gardasil, and 18,400 have suffered paralysis, seizures, hair loss, menopause, loss of vision, photophobia, joint pain, arthritis, warts, etc., and the FDA, who receives money DIRECTLY from pharmaceutical companies ($350,000,000.00) to offset the cost of testing drugs, does nothing to protect the lives of young U.S. citizens.

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A person may enjoy a healthy life, and still have a genetic variant. The genetic crud and chemicals in one single vaccination can cause the genetic variant to switch on, and in the case of a developing child, this may cause irreparable damage to the mind and/or body of that child. This process is known as collateral damage, and because of American laws that protect vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits, the pharmaceutical companies still turn a profit, and recover from lawsuits from other defective drugs such as Vioxx, that caused 27,000 heart attacks, and Avandia, which has also caused heart attacks and damage to the lives and families of approximately 100,000 Americans.

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Birth control pills increase inflammation as noted by increased C-Reactive Protein [CRP] blood levels, decrease glutathione, and decrease the body’s ability to control additional inflammation caused by the Gardasil vaccine(). Birth control pills may also increase the risk of clotting from the Gardasil or accompanying vaccination(s).

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How do vaccines cause autism? Here is part of that answer. Virii, bacteria, and fungi in vaccines, plus the chemicals that force the immune system to work and make antibodies (adjuvants), cause genetic switches to be turned on and off, and even more switches to be manipulated when gene mutations, polymorphisms, and environmental toxins are present, especially pathogens in the Fungal Kingdom. Genes can also switch other genes on and off, as in the case of autism and, a rapid aging disease where a child biologically ages many times faster than their actual age. This can cause certain parts of the body and brain to develop too early or too late, or too much or too little, or not at all. This can cause too much or too little development of proteins, neurons, etc., including the six layers of neurons in the developing brain, or cause neurons from different layers of the brain to mix together, resulting in seizures and pervasive development disorders, or it could cause too few or too many proteins in synapses, as in the case of . Gene variants may have their genesis pre-natally or post-nattily, and may be hereditary.

The presence of a lipid transfer protein has ..

nwhile, the Health Protection Agency of the British government, the official body that oversees public health issues in England, sent out letters to about 600 neurologists warning them about the H1N1 vaccine, and stressing the possibility that it could once again cause an increase in Guillain-Barre Syndrome (July 29, 2009).

The main role of lysine is to participate in protein synthesis

Don't vaccinate if you or your child's medical conditions, including allergies, are listed on the secret vaccine Clinical Trials "" list filed with the United States Government by the vaccine manufacturer. Look for trials in foreign countries, because drug companies can be sued if someone becomes ill or dies from a vaccination. Vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued in the United States. That is why there is a double standard, and foreign children enjoy greater protection.

STEM SOS Protein Structure and Function 2016

Many foreign children are better protected against harmful vaccines because American vaccine manufacturers fear lawsuits in foreign countries. MERCK REFUSES to give the Gardasil HPV vaccine to kids in Thailand or the Philippines if they have ANY allergies, are sick, pregnant, or have an autoimmune disease.

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