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prosthesis athlete wearing a prosthetic leg used for running

Weight gain is not unusual following an amputation. To begin with it may result from an improvement in health following a long illness. In the long-term lower activity levels may cause weight to increase.

Maintaining your weight at a sensible level is essential following an amputation. Excessive weight gain could affect your general health, prevent your artificial limb fitting and means you will be less active.

athlete wearing a prosthetic leg used for running

PANTOUM: A variant spelling of pantun (see below).

A counseling service is available to enable you to talk about any difficulties you may be having. The counselor may also help support any of your family / carers.

A period of bereavement is usually experienced and this is the normal reaction to loss, which may be experienced in many ways. It is normal to feel varied emotions after lOSing a limb as adjusting to changes can be challenging. Talking about your feelings will be helpful, and support from staff as well as family and friends is important.

News and Information about Human Powered Kinetic Energy Technology.

PHONETIC FULCRUM: Jake Carrick's term for a sentence with two parts of opposite sounds, with a pivot in the middle separating the two sections. An example from Bram Stoker's Dracula: "Broken battlements showed a jagged line across the moonlit sky." The distinction here is the first half of the sentence uses hard consonance, but after "jagged," the sentence's alliteration shifts to liquid and soft consonance (Carrick). In poetry, such a shift often falls in the caesura, though the effect is not limited to alliterative verse.

Taste disturbances are temporary when they do occur. It can occur when one of the nerves of taste (chorda tympani), which runs through the middle ear, is moved to the side to permit visualization of the stapes to enable the operation to go forward. Sometimes there is a metallic or salty taste after this nerve is stretched after it is displaced to the side of the operative field. Sometimes the nerve is cut to avoid this taste disturbance. There are multiple nerves in the mouth and throat to compensate for this cut nerve. Over several months, the taste disturbance or the effects of absent areas of taste diminishes, while the adjacent nerves of taste continue with their taste function.

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The ear consists of three parts:

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Dizziness may be due that the inner ear fluid bathes the balance nerve endings in the inner ear. The surgery may cause an irritative response in the nerves of balance. Dizziness may present with quick head turns or getting up quickly during the first few days after surgery. Rarely it can take several weeks for this dizziness associated with quick turns to go away. Vertigo (spinning) is very uncommon. Prolonged dizziness may be due to inner ear fluid leaks, overly long prosthesis, and other causes, some of which may be surgically corrected. Please note that stapedectomy surgery often reduces preoperative dizziness from otosclerosis.

Thank you. We wish you a speedy recovery

People react differently to the loss of a limb. If the history leading up to the amputation was a long period of pain, having the amputation may give a sense of relief that this is all over. However, for many people having an amputation is very difficult to come to terms with and they may feel shocked, sad and even angry.

What to expect after your amputation

Transcutaneaous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machines provide a different sensation for your brain and therefore disguise the phantom pain. Discuss these ideas with your doctor or ask your therapist to offer you advice.

What causes phantom sensations?

You will usually meet a physiotherapist following your operation, who will teach you breathing exercises. These help any chest problems that may arise following the anesthetic. Gentle exercises, which you can do whilst in bed, may also be taught.

What can be done to relieve them if they are painful?

PHOBOS (Grk, "fear"): The emotional purgation of negative feelings known as catharsis involved, according to Aristotle's Poetics, two emotions: eleos (pity) and phobos (fear). If the audience did not feel pity for the tragic hero in a play, or feel fear at his downfall, the play failed in its purpose. See discussion under .

Early Rehabilitation after Your Amputation

Tinnitus (ear noises) is uncommon complication from this surgery unless there is sensorineural hearing loss. Preoperative tinnitus is less following stapedectomy in about half the cases.

PICKUP SYLLABLE: Another term for the unstressed syllable in .

When you well enough, either the nursing staff or physiotherapist will help you to get out of bed. They will assess your capabilities to see how much help you will need; this may vary from needing a hoist/ the help of two people / or managing by yourself.

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