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Bombieri, E. "Problems of the Millennium: The Riemann Hypothesis." .

Deninger'sapproach to the RH and a talk of his which "gave...the impression that a proof of the Riemann hypothesis is just around the corner..."
his "proof" of the Riemann Hypothesis"...explains the mathematical motivation forhis Riemann Hypothesis proof and reveals that he proved the Bieberbach conjecture sothat he could get funding to work on the Riemann Hypothesis."In June 2004, Louis de Branges of the .

We also discuss whether the proof strategy in this paper has any promise for proving that the Riemann Hypothesis is also unprovable."
"Gödel's result was a major body blow to mathematicians everywhere.

Based on this approximation, we prove the Riemann hypothesis.

the null hypothesis is probably wrong b.

Galetto,  (2014)[abstract:] "We show a proof of the so-called Riemann Hypothesis.

In reviewing hypothesis tests, we start first with the general idea. Then, we keep returning to the basic procedures of hypothesis testing, each time adding a little more detail.

The alternative hypothesis (H1) is This is usually the hypothesis the researcher is interested in proving. The alternative hypothesis can be (only provides one direction, e.g., lower) We often use two-sided tests even when our true hypothesis is one-sided because it requires more evidence against the null hypothesis to accept the alternative hypothesis.

the null hypothesis is probably true d.

The null hypothesis (H0) is a statement of no effect, relationship, or difference between two or more groups or factors. In research studies, a researcher is usually interested in disproving the null hypothesis.

de Branges, L. "Apology for the Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis." March18, 2003. .

Huang, (purports to contain a sort of philosophical/psychological 'proof' of the RH)

The respected French economist Henri Berliocchi (who also seems to have extensive interests in homeopathy and mathematics) has brought out a book called (Economica, Paris, 2001: ISBN 2-7178342-6) in which he claimsto have disproved the Riemann Hypothesis.

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Test the appropriate hypothesis at the 5% level.

One can never prove the truth of a statistical (null) hypothesis.

Shi, (07/2003)[abstract:] "Beginning from the formal resolution of Riemann Zeta function, by using the formula of inner product between two infinite-dimensional vectors in the complex space, the author proved the world's baffling problem- Riemann hypothesis raised by German mathematician B.

How to prove or disprove a hypothesis: Getting Your …

Delille, who in 2004 began makingand retracting claims that he had a proof of the Riemann hypothesis,provided this , whichinvolves the analytic continuation of (August 2004).

Can You Prove a Hypothesis? | All About Psychology

We reject H0 because 37.8 > 3.84. We have statistically significant evidence at α=0.05 to show that there is a statistically significant difference in the use of dental service by children living in Boston as compared to the national data. (p 2 = χ2 ! In statistics, there are often several approaches that can be used to test hypotheses.

Why can't a hypothesis be proven? - Quora

Picard refutes Madrecki's proof

Jinzhu Han, Zaizhu Han, (06/2007)[abstract:] "In this paper, a proof of the Riemann Hypothesis is given.

Proposed (dis)proofs of the Riemann Hypothesis

We now compute the expected frequencies using the sample size and the proportions specified in the null hypothesis. We then substitute the sample data (observed frequencies) into the formula for the test statistic identified in Step 2. We organize the computations in the following table.

Riemann Hypothesis not proved | The Aperiodical

Chengyan Liu, (09/1999)[abstract:] "Through an equivalent condition on the Farey series set forth by Franel and Landau, we prove Riemann Hypothesis for the Riemann zeta-function and the Dirichlet L-function.

What does proving the Riemann Hypothesis accomplish?

We now compute the expected frequencies using the sample size and the proportions specified in the null hypothesis. We then substitute the sample data (observed frequencies) into the formula for the test statistic identified in Step 2. We organize the computations in the following table.

Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis? | Not Even Wrong

We must assess whether the sample size is adequate. Specifically, we need to check min(np0, np1, ...,npk>) > 5. The sample size here is n=125 and the proportions specified in the null hypothesis are 0.75, 0.25. Thus, min( 125(0.75), 125(0.25))=min(93.75, 31.25)=31.25. The sample size is more than adequate so the formula can be used.

The need to prove a hypothesis false

Zerbini, (abstract) "We comment on some apparently weak points in the novel strategies recently developed by various authors aiming at a proof of the Riemann hypothesis.

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