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For generations, Native Americans have purified themselves in the searing heat of the sweat lodge in search of transcendent experiences (Bucko, 1999). Some individuals completed rituals of severe physical stress, body piercing, and intense pain such as the Sun Dance to provoke trance states and their transforming effects (Walker, 2000). Plains Indians have a long tradition of going on vision quests to make contact with what they call the "spirit world" to find and, through symbolic identification, become one with animals or totems from nature from which they derived power, direction, and meaning (Dugan, 1985). Adaptations of the vision quest practice are growing in popularity in the United States (Brown, 1989; Foster & Little, 1989; Kendz, 1999).

MDMA, or "ecstasy" as the drug is popularly known, is increasingly being used by high school students and others. Metzner, Dean of the California Institute of Integral Studies, called this drug an empathogen because it generates "a profound state of empathy for self and others in the most general and profound terms. A state of empathy where the feeling is that the self, the other, and the world is basically good, is all right" (Eisner, 1989, p. 33-34). "In a 1998 survey, 8% of high school seniors said they had tried using e, up from 5.8% the year before. In New York City, according to another survey, 1 in 4 adolescents have tried ecstasy" (Cloud, 2000 p. 65). Few illicit drugs evoke more fear, consternation, and concern than does LSD. Yet, in an assessment of the clinical use of LSD and on the basis of participating in or analyzing more than 4000 sessions with a wide variety of psychiatric patients, Grof (1976) compared "its potential significance for psychiatry and psychology to that of the microscope for medicine or the telescope for astronomy" (p. 32-3). He states that beautifully abstract and aesthetic experiences, the reliving and resolution of childhood trauma, emotional release, and transpersonal or spiritual experiences are some of the positive effects that can result from the wise and careful use of such powerful agents (pp. 34-214).

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The Foundation Course in Medieval Astrology is a comprehensive course designed by the world renowned astrologer and scholar, Robert Zoller. As a Latinist, he received his initial training in Latin at the Summer Latin Institute of the City University Graduate Center in New York in 1974. In 1977 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in medieval studies from the Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at City College New York. Robert is a co-founder of Project Hindsight and has translated many important works including Al-Kindi’s , On the Stellar Rays and Liber Hermetis which deals with the still older Hellenistic Astrology. The Foundation Course is designed to give you an overview of Medieval Astrology and teaches basic techniques. The course materials and audio lectures with transcripts, diagrams and illustrations are downloadable from his web site, which you may access directly at the address below. There is a test at the end of each lesson and students may proceed at their own pace. There will be a Certificate in Medieval Astrology awarded for successful completion of the course after which the student may progress to the Advanced Medieval Astrology Course and gain the Diploma in Medieval Astrology which is recognized by all major astrological bodies. Medieval astrology has achieved a reputation for accuracy and reliability as a predictive tool that even surpasses Vedic or Greek Astrology. Check into the web site for more information and answers to questions on this very exciting course.

Naomi Bennett was a student and associate of the late great Carl Payne Toby who along with Grant Lewi and other astrologers revived astrology in the 1920’s and 30’s in New York City. Tobey believed that astrology was sacred geometry and a form of mathematics applied to living life. He was also an advocate of the equal house system. He was known for his predictive work using transits, Arabic parts, planetary nodes and other techniques discovered through 30 years of experience This course is his original work created in 1955.

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Evan is a Palliative Care Chaplain with The Hertzberg Palliative Care Institute based at the Icahn School of Medicine of Mount Sinai. He has a Masters of Arts in Pastoral Care and Counseling from New York Theological Seminary and is a certified teacher of the meditative movement practice Gesture of Awareness. Evan mentors clinical caregivers with New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care and is a co-founder and advisor of Dongyu Gatsal Ling Initiatives, a U.S.

I began to go on an incredible inner journey. I asked the old man for permission to descend into the depths, which he granted, and he wished me well. I felt his protection as I began my descent. I came to realize, over and over, how narrow were my beliefs, my knowledge, the limits of the world in which I lived. I began to realize that, to be a healer, one has to have "True Vision," for that which affects people originates in many places and on many different levels – never solely in the consensual world we so narrowly share with others, and not just from the dynamics of the present moment.

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