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Observe evidence of photosynthesis in a water plant.2.

The Effects of Different Colored Lights on Algal Oxygen ProductionPhotosynthesis Background Resources

Results were
Things to remember!
When there is no light, photosynthesis can't occur since light is the activation energy needed for plants to convert carbon dioxide and water to glucose and oxygen
When there is no light, the plants would use up oxygen therefore emitting carbon dioxide bubbles instead.
The plants should be given a couple minutes to start initiating the process of photosynthesis before you start timing.
The Scenario:
Reona and Michael have been growing aquatic plants for a while, specifically Elodeas which is a type of pond weed.

Aim: We will be trying to see if light intensity has an effect on the rate of photosynthsis.

Any one of them, at a particular time, maybe the limiting factor.

Assemble the equipment needed to measure the rate of photosynthesis in elodea (water plant).3.

A) sunlight concentration B) temperature C) chlorophyll concentration D) carbon dioxide availability Effects of the variables and there concentrations: The amount of sunlight will decide the rate of photosynthesis as there will be a an increased rate of photosynthesis due to the increased availability of photons of light....

Prepare a graph of the collected data and analyze it.

Materials Needed:

(For each group of four students)

elodea (water plant) lamp (40 watt)
test tube razor blade (single-edge)
dechlorinated water (room temperature) tape
sodium bicarbonate powder (baking soda) clock or timer
metal stand with rod or test tube rack metric ruler



This means that the light is limiting the rate of photosynthesis.

In this exercise, students at different tables varied the intensity of light responsible for photosynthesis in the spinach disks by varying the wattage of the bulbs. Recall that these disks were submerged in a sodium bicarbonate solution and subjected to a vacuum. This resulted in the utilization of carbon from the sodium bicarbonate as their primary source of carbon for photosynthesis (as opposed to carbon dioxide). The reasoning behind this is that the sunken disks in solution will produce oxygen as a product of photosynthesis and float to the surface. We should be able to count the number of disks as a representation of the rate of photosynthesis occurring in each experimental setup.

Count bubbles of oxygen gas given off by elodea to determine the rate of photosynthesis.4.

The colour of the lamp will stay the
same (yellow) as to plants Chlorophyll easily absorbs blue light,
however it does not easily absorb green or yellow light, rather it
reflects it, this decrease's the rate of photosynthesis.

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Effect of different colors of light on the rate of photosynthesis.

Effects of different colors of light on the photosynthesis rate.

They found that elevated CO2 increased rates of net photosynthesis in about 85% of the reported studies, while reducing stomatal conductances and rates of transpiration in approximately 75% of the cases analyzed....

Oxygen that is produced in photosynthesis is given off as a gas.

Effect of different colors of light on the rate of photosynthesisThe effect of different lights on plant growth: incandescent light, fluorescent light, sunlight and black light.

winter, and of course at night when photosynthesis stops completely.

Change the conditions of photosynthesis by altering light intensity and
carbon dioxide amount, and determine the effects on the photosynthesis rate.

what factors affect the rate of photosynthesis?

Here are some uses of energy:

* Sugars into starch

* Sugars into cellulose- needed for cell walls

* Sugars, nitrates and other nutrients for protein- for growth and to
make to enzymes

* Sugars into lipids for storing in seeds

Factors affecting photosynthesis

Temperature, carbon dioxide concentration and light can
interact to limit the .

how does light intensity affect the rate of photosynthesis?

There are four things that are required by the plant before it can carry out photosynthesis, they are light, chlorophyll, carbon dioxide and water ....

how does temperature affect the rate of photosynthesis?

Variables The input variable which will be used in this investigation will be the light intensity (this will be a 100Watt bulb being moved closer and further away from the plant)....

what apparatus can you use to measure the speed of photosynthesis?

Without enough light, a plant cannot photosynthesise very quickly, even if there is plenty of water and carbon dioxide. Increasing the light intensity will boost the speed of photosynthesis.

The RATE of that particular reaction is high.

This part of the experiment is very similar to the varying wattage exercise - except this time we're changing the wavelength of the light entering the Petri dishes instead of the intensity. All lights during this part used 150 watt bulbs. The resulting graph should look similar to this:

Photosynthesis consists of two connected sets of reactions....

Sometimes photosynthesis is limited by the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. Even if there is plenty of light, a plant cannot photosynthesise if there is insufficient carbon dioxide.

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