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15/02/2015 · What is collagen

Despite what some overly zealous Budwig proponents believe, other anti-oxidants and supplements are fine with the Budwig diet.

Take the time to chew each bite thoroughly - as many as 50 chews if possible - to help aid digestion and take maximum advantage of the available nutrition.


So long as you are not physically wasted, fasting is an excellent way to begin virtually any disease fighting protocol.

The key is not merely addressing the tumors and cancer cells that are the symptoms of cancer, but but addressing and eliminating the root causes that led to cancer to begin with and prevent it from being eliminated.

For a better understanding of what causes cancer, see: A Rational Theory of Cancer

Here is a suggested protocol to eliminate cancer cells by either killing them or restoring them to normal function and to address the root causes of cancer based on what we know about cancer and what nature and lifestyle choices have to offer:


As soon as possible, cleanse your body to get rid of built up toxins like heavy metals and pesticides, as well as the undigested food, fecal matter and gallstones that build up in the body by cleansing your colon and liver and by chelation to rid the body of heavy metals.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies

It’s found in our muscles, bones, skin, and tendon

I noticed that saliva pH was mentioned, but I don’t think the discussion got very far on that point. I’m no dentist or physician. The statement that the human mouth is slightly acidic on average is probably true in modern America and the world in general. The statement that diet influences mouth pH is also probably true. What isn’t correct is that mouth pH becomes even more acidic on a diet high in fat and animal protein. The opposite occurs. The mouth becomes more basic (pH 7.1-7.6) with fewer carbohydrates and more fats in the diet. Since carbohydrates predominate the modern human diet, it should follow that mouth pH is, as I stated, slightly acidic on average in any given population.

Read “Protocols of Zion” 16th Century. It states its influence on factual an nonfactual information, and how we will be misinformed; 10 false articles published to 1 article of truth. Follow the money… Also check out the Documentary “THRIVE” If this dose not open your eyes nothing will!!! I understand what you(JS)are stating, and do not mix facts with fiction, the world is not black and white. It is your choice to live the way you want as long as it is in the true light of love.. You appear to be well informed but, information does not denote Intelligence of Wisdom. I wish you all the love and luck on the path you have currently chosen.

Egg Collagen Benefits Your Joints & Skin - Dr . Axe

You’ve never been Vegan for at least a year. A vegetarian’s gut flora is similar to a meat-eaters gut flora, as in harboring more harmful bacteria than beneficial bacteria and a lot different than a Vegan’s gut flora, as in, a Vegan harbors very little harmful bacteria and a lot of beneficial bacteria. Vegetarians have levels of protease enzymes close to those of meat-eaters, going from Vegetarian to eating meat is not a big leap in noticing what rots and what doesn’t.

Ok, Maybe I got caught up with a retort, commentating on the blind Idiocy of conventional socially programed thought, though I never did call anyone out personally, but the assumptions have caused a removal of my post. That's fine, wasn't much info there anyway. Now I do not mean to change the subject here, as you seem to say what ever it is you like, and since it is your page you can censor any bit of information you choose(get the Idea, yes I am calling you out)The Protocols of the wise men of Zion, has never been completely debunked, do your research and double check your sources(as I stated in a previous post)You must research a bit further then Wikipedia or the common propaganda censored sites easily accessed. I would love to list numerous sites that state contrary beliefs, but I will leave that to you as you appear to pick and choose your black and white world. There is no right and wrong, no good and bad; we as conscience Human beings either find efficiency in the way life progresses or we force such to exist, or inefficiency. One last remark, so as not to waste any more of your precious dubunking time. Please listen to a little bit of logic as it might incline you to focus on more progressive ideas and challenges.

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Histamine Intolerance, GAPS and Low Carb | Judy …

Does Meat Rot In Your Colon? No. What Does? Beans, …

Wow, everything you have been through. Incredible.
Well, it is indeed very mysterious.
Since you have evidenced improvement on the lower histamine diet, that is a sign that your gut needs healing, because a healthy gut can handle histamine. I recommend the GAPS protocol to you, as the most effective protocol I know for healing the gut. You may need to start very slowly with a probiotic, taking perhaps a small fraction of a capsule, even an 1/18th, and working your way up. Maybe have just a shred of fermented vegetables. Titrate up very very slowly. In any case, no matter what these tics are, we do know that you will be helped by healing your gut. I would start there.
I do know of a truly remarkable body worker in Cambridge, as it seems like the talking cure is not doing much for you. I would be glad to give you his contact information if you are interested. He might be able to help you in a way that gets around your conscious mind and speaks directly to your body.

Cancer Protocol, Nutrition & Supplements – Nutrition and

Additionally, using Carl Sagan to justify belief in the authenticity of a document clearly “appropriated” from multiple existing sources of the time is a terrible insult to the memory of Carl Sagan. (Note: Given the vagueness of the Protocols, it can be read as a general “how-to” propaganda manual whose techniques have been used throughout history…but if that's what you're interested in, you'll be much better served by reading, say, .)

Cancer Protocol, Nutrition, Supplements, Herbs, Enzymes

ok not really sure what to make of this. i have never believed that meat took that long to digest anyway. this is primarily what you have debunked here and fair enough. however i would need a lot more evidence to convince me that eating meat is better for us than eating fruit and vegetables. from what i know vegetables, uncooked and raw contain enzymes that the human body uses to digest. I also think the alkaline/acidic balance, which is something you havent really touched on in this post is the only way of staying healthy. if we were to eat meat all the time, our bodies would get very acidic, and obviously that is not a good thing for many reasons. also cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens contain chlorophyl, which has a structure that is simiiar to human blood, chlorophyl has been proven to be a great cleanser of the body and also the body can use it to create new blood. are you telling me i should forget about the fruit and veg, and live like a predator and just eat meat and protein and fat??

Trichotin Hair Regenesis | Fusion Labs

Besides, all protein is converted to ammonia: the problem is when the body's ability to turn ammonia into urea is saturated. This is more likely to happen if we eat a lot of poor-quality, incomplete protein (e.g. grain proteins)…it's difficult to eat enough lean meat to cause such problems. Just try choking down a pound and a half of boneless/skinless chicken breast without dousing it in fat and you'll see what I mean.

Egg Collagen Benefits Your Joints & Skin - Dr. Axe

well first of all congratulations on this interesting article and great website!
i just want to say that while i, too, think the statement ‘meat rots in your colon’ is BS (of course, too much meat kinda does, theres a limitation to everything and too much of anything can be bad for you;humans can digest up to ~30grams of protein per meal),
and im thinking highly of paleo concepts myself,
what bothers me here is this:

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