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Sunny Days and Photosynthesis Equal Renewable Energy …

Just as plants do today, those living millions of years ago converted the sun's light energy into food (chemical) energy through the process of photosynthesis. That 'solar' energy was and is transferred down the food chain in animals. This energy provides living things with the energy to grow and live. When living organisms die the energy contained within them as chemical energy is trapped.

Non-renewable fossil fuels (crude oil, natural gas, coal, oil shales and tar sands) currently supply Australia with more than 95 percent of our electrical energy needs. Non-renewable energy is energy produced by burning fossil fuels such as coal. They are non-renewable because there are finite resources of fossil fuels on the planet. If they are continually used, one day they will run out.

Sonoma and San Diego test the waters for a new source of renewable energy.

Renewable energy technologies : a review of the status …

Fossil fuels are non-renewable and will eventually run out because we are using them much faster than they can be restored within the earth. Burning fossil fuels produces photochemical pollution from nitrous oxides, and acid rain from sulphur dioxide. Burning fuels also produce greenhouse gases including vast amounts of carbon dioxide that may be causing the phenomenon of global warming that the planet is currently experiencing.

Biofuels are produced from living organisms or from metabolic by-products (organic or food waste products). In order to be considered a biofuel the fuel must contain over 80 percent renewable materials. It is originally derived from the photosynthesis process and can therefore often be referred to as a solar energy source. There are many pros and cons to using biofuels as an energy source. This page contains articles that explore the many biofuel technologies.

Solar Energy and Renewable Energy Science Fair …

With the help of photosynthesis plants convert light energy to chemical energy. This chemical energy is stored in the bonds of sugars they use for food. Photosynthesis happens inside

There are a few major advantages with non-renewable energy. Fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas are abundant in Australia so this means they are a relatively cheap fuel and readily available. Australia has enough fossil fuel resources to last for hundreds of years. Also very large amounts of electricity can be generated from fossil fuels.

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Google’s Bill Weihl expresses his opinion, “We see a chance to make a difference in the field of renewable energy and energy information that can help bring the world

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Artificial photosynthesis requires only sunlight and simple organic chemicals to generate renewable energy cheaply and cleanly. While some limited progress has been made in this area, until now, no proposed solution has been nearly efficient enough to warrant commercial use.

Waste as a Renewable Energy Source - Alternative Energy …

Some fun and educational solar projects for kids or for the kid in all of us. These are projects for students that involve renewable energy, solar physics, model wind generators, PV powered boats and cars, and even a solar balloon.

What is Biomass Energy - eschooltoday

The renewable fuel industry received a jolt in the form of Kathy Bryan’s death. She was the founder of BBI International, a global bio fuels consulting and publishing company.

Renewable energy and sustainable development: a …

Waste-to-energy plants offer two important benefits of environmentally safe waste management and disposal, as well as the generation of clean electric power. Waste-to-energy facilities produce clean, renewable energy through thermochemical, biochemical and physicochemical methods. The growing use of waste-to-energy as a method to dispose off solid and liquid wastes and generate power has greatly reduced environmental impacts of municipal solid waste management, including emissions of greenhouse gases. Waste-to-energy conversion reduces greenhouse gas emissions in two ways. Electricity is generated which reduces the dependence on electrical production from power plants based on fossil fuels. The greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced by preventing methane emissions from landfills. Moreover, waste-to-energy plants are highly efficient in harnessing the untapped sources of energy from a variety of wastes.

Energy - Royal Society of Chemistry

An environmentally sound and techno-economically viable methodology to treat biodegradable waste is highly crucial for the sustainability of modern societies. A transition from conventional energy systems to one based on renewable resources is necessary to meet the ever-increasing demand for energy and to address environmental concerns.

Fun and Educational Solar and Renewable Energy Projects

Biomass fuels come from things that once lived: wood products, dried vegetation, crop residues, aquatic plants and even garbage. It is known as 'Natural Material'. Plants used up a lot of the sun's energy to make their own food (). They stored the foods in the plants in the form of chemical energy. As the plants died, the energy is trapped in the residue. This trapped energy is usually released by burning and can be converted into biomass energy.

Wood is a biomass fuel. It is renewable. As long as we continue to plant new trees to replace those that were cut down, we will always have wood to burn. Just as with the fossil fuels, the energy stored in biomass fuels came originally from the Sun.

Six Million People in China Just Went 100 % Renewable …

resources can be considered in a completely different way from their — whether or not they are renewable. Some sources incorporate released comparatively recently from the Sun and are replenished naturally over a timescale of days to tens of years. Therefore solar, wind and wave resources, being continually available, are renewable supplies. Other examples of renewables are geothermal and tidal sources.

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