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They contain water, food molecules as well as cellular waste.

Also, occam’s razor this. Seems like every independent study on GMO’s seems to turn up negative results, while all the industry-funded studies seem all positive. I think in law they call it a “conflict of interest.”

You should change your name to parrot donkey or something, that way you could at least metaphorically suit your debate style. It’s fun though, thanks for the entertainment. Pretty easy to poke holes in arguments as devoid of thought as yours. It’s like wrestling with an angry teenager who thinks they’re really strong but are really just laughably cocky…

It contains genetic material in the form of DNA organized into chromosomes.

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The rough ER has ribosomes attached to it, and is the site for protein synthesis.

Biotech science today is based on the assumption that the principles governing the inheritance of genes are the same when we move genes horizontally as they are when they are moved vertically. It just goes to show that GMO’s should be subjected to much more experimentation and rigorous research before we continue to consume them.

But since this is a skeptical website, let’s look at this research and the conclusions. Are the anti-GMO people correct in assuming that GMO genes transfer to humans – well, let’s look at the data:

Here are the steps you need to follow while making this model.

I don’t know if the study in PLoS One is going to stand the test of time given the high probability of contamination of the study samples, which has been demonstrated by another researcher.

Smooth ER is devoid of ribosomes, and is the site for lipid synthesis and protein transport.

No they haven’t. The way that GMO’s are created are by injecting bacteria loaded with DNA that scientists want to take root in-vitro on a crop. Farmers have not been using test tubes OR bacteria to genetically modify crops…they’ve been using Gregor Mendel’s method (remember his pea plant experiment in school?) for thousands of years.

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It could be any cake as long as you enjoy its taste.

Once the cakes are baked, let them cool.

“..We know that screwing with mother nature for profit is bull..”. I hate to burst your bubble, but people have been doing that for at least 10,000 years.

Place this slice in one corner of the cake cytoplasm.

You don’t even have to be a genius, or even if you flunked science as Skep assumes, we still much smarter than ol’ Skep. We know that screwing with mother nature for profit is bull. We don’t need or want no stinking GMO, got it? Monsanto is nothing but a bunch of thugs, same as the fracking industry.

Place some candy belts attached to the nucleus to resemble ER.

Bacteria are extremely poor vector for transferring genes. Just goes to show how ignorant people like you are. Get an education before posting here.

Place these clay chloroplasts evenly on the cotton base.

But, first hand, I lived on Kauai, one of the most beautiful and sacred places on earth. Since sugar left the island, much of the land that is privately owned or owned by the state, is being used to test GMO crops. All the common sense concern about stacking pesticides, cancer in nearby schools, etc., is being fought off by these big companies. As usual. It’s redundant, money wins over common sense every time. People of the island just wanted them to disclose what pesticides they were using…but noooooo, that’s trade secret, blah blah. It’s frigging insane.

Place it in one corner of the base but within the clay cell membrane.

They have 10 pages or more of research on different GMO related stuff. A no brainer on who you are going to listen to…. and it’s not the conservative windbag.

Now, paint it black and allow the paint to dry.

Check Skep’s bio. He worked for the medical industry. He is conservative. He has an agenda. He calls people nasty condescending names in the comments section. Now check the PLOS site.

Place this ball in the box as the nucleus of your cell.

It’s one of the methods used…it may be one you consider poor, but it is a method of transfection (Protoplast fusion) via bacteria. Sorry you feel that somehow this means I’m not educated.

You do not have access to this lesson.

I have noticed that a lot of the anti-GMO people are also anti-vaccine and anti-evolution. Some accept climate change, if it suits their agenda, but most are basically just anti-science and don’t want to know about it.

Grana (plural); Grannum (singular)

You see, these anti-GMO types flunked evolution, genetics, cell biology, physiology and probably any other biology out there. That way they don’t have to be encumbered by basic biological science, and can spout whatever they want.

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