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Synthesis and Versatile Reactions of β-Azidotetraarylporphyrins.

Sellström A (1992) Anticonvulsants in anticholinesterase poisoning. In: Ballantyne B & Marrs TC eds. Clinical & experimental toxicology of organophosphates & carbamates. Oxford-Baltimore, Butterworth-Heinemann, pp 578-586.

Johnson MK & Vale JA (1992) Clinical management of acute organophosphate poisoning: an overview. In: Clinical and experimental toxicology of organophosphates & carbamates. In: Ballantyne B & Marrs TC eds. Oxford, Butterworth-Heinemann, pp 528-535.

The Potential of Cycloaddition Reactions in the Synthesis of Dendritic Polymers.
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Synthesis of a Benzolactone Collection using Click Chemistry.

Living Radical Polymerization as a Tool for the Synthesis of Polymer-Protein/Peptide Bioconjugates.
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Taylor, Synthesis of selective agonists for the alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor with in situ click-chemistry on acetylcholine-binding protein templates, , 82 (4), 687-699 (2012).

A number of studies have been performed, which are relevant to the question of whether diazepam has any action in organophosphate poisoning other than as an anticonvulsant. These studies have concentrated on various aspects of the cholinergic system, as well as the GABAergic system and cGMP concentrations. Very large doses of diazepam (20 mg/kg), increased the acetylcholine content of mouse brain (Tonkopii et al., 1978). In the corpus striatum and hippocampus of rats exposed to sarin and soman, diazepam decreased the magnitude of the elevations in choline concentrations, but not those of acetylcholine (Flynn & Wecker, 1986). On the basis of studies on the acetylcholine synthetic system of the mouse brain, Lundgren et al. (1987) suggested that in addition to observed effects on acetylcholine turnover, diazepam might have an effect on choline transport across the blood-brain barrier. Whether diazepam-induced effects on the GABAergic system are responsible for anticonvulsant activity in soman poisoning is unresolved (Lundy et al., 1978). An effect on soman-induced elevations in central nervous cGMP concentrations has been hypothesized as a mechanism of action of the benzodiazepin

Sharpless, Molar Scale Synthesis of Enantiopure Stilbene Oxide,

Fokin, Rapid Discovery and Structure-Activity Profiling of Novel Inhibitors of HIV-1 Protease Enabled by the Copper(I)-Catalyzed Synthesis of 1,2,3-Triazoles and Their Further Functionalization,

Synthesis of Molecular Brushes by "Grafting onto" Method: Combination of ATRP and Click Reactions.
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Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure α-[4-(1-Substituted)-1,2,3-triazol-4-yl]-benzylacetamides via Microwave-Assisted Click Chemistry: Towards New Potential Antimicrobial Agents.

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Benzyl carbamate 99% | Sigma-Aldrich

Synthesis description for preparation of urethane (ethyl carbamate)

Sharpless, Syntheses of Diols by Catalytic Dihydroxylation Reactions, "Applied Homogeneous Catalysis by Organometallic Complexes", Boy Cornils and Wolfgang A.

benzyl carbamate | Sigma-Aldrich

Synthesis of Photocleavable Linear Macromonomers by ATRP and Star Macromonomers by a Tandem ATRP-Click Reaction: Precursors to Photodegradable Model Networks.

Search results for benzyl carbamate at Sigma-Aldrich

Zargarian, Synthesis of Optically Active Secondary Allylic Alcohols from Allylsilanes via Successive Asymmetric Dihydroxylation (AD) and Peterson Olefination Reactions, , 34, 2509 (1993

Benzyl carbamate for synthesis | VWR

Gogerty JH, Griot RG, Habeck D, Iorio LC, & Houlihan WJ (1977) Synthesis and central nervous system evaluation of some 6-alkoxy-3H-1,4-benzodiazepin-2(IH)-ones. J Med Chem, 20: 952-956.

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B., Synthesis of azide-alkyne fragments for click' chemical applications; formation of oligomers from orthogonally protected trialkylsilyl-propargyl azides and propargyl alcohols.

benzyl carbamate | C8H9NO2 - ChemSynthesis

One-Pot Synthesis of 1,2,3-Triazoles from Benzyl and Alkyl Halides, Sodium Azide and Alkynes in Water under Transition-Metal-Catalyst Free Reaction Conditions.

Benzyl carbamate Carbamic acid benzyl ester Cbz-NH2 Z-NH2

R., Activity-Based Protein Profiling Reagents for Protein Arginine Deaminase 4 (PAD4): Synthesis and in vitro Evaluation of a Fluorescently Labeled Probe.

Benzyl (3-Fluoro-4-morpholinophenyl)carbamate …

Lipp (1972, 1973) showed that a combination of diazepam and atropine in monkeys exposed to soman was more effective than atropine alone in abolishing seizure activity and preventing dmbination of atropine and diazepam, after carbamate pretreatment of guinea pigs poisoned with tabun, sarin, VX and soman also increased the LD50 (Inns & Leadbeater, 1983).

Benzyl and tert -butyl carbamate derivatives of 1,ω …

R.; Lober, S.; Hubner, H.; Gmeiner, P., Click chemistry on solid phase: parallel synthesis of -benzyltriazole carboxamides as super-potent G-protein coupled receptor ligands.

Isopropyl-n-phenyl carbamate: Carcinogenic Potency …

In the context of organophosphorus insecticide poisoning, most experimental work on the efficacy of diazepam has been carried out using treatment combinations of atropine, oximes and diazepam. Most frequently, the mode of administration has been by the intravenous route. Furthermore, a considerable proportion of the experimental work has been designed to evaluate the use of diazepam in nerve agent poisoning. Some studies have been performed in which carbamate pretreatment has also been applied. Some of the studies involving nerve agent poisoning are discussed here as these chemicals are very similar to organophosphorus insecticides.

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