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Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Well-Defined Glycopolymers.

Davis D, Safe S (1989) Dose–response immunotoxicities of commercial polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and their interaction with 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo--dioxin. , 48:35–43.

Fava F, Di Gioia D, Marchetti L, Quattroni G, Marraffa V (1993) Aerobic mineralization of chlorobenzoates by a natural polychlorinated biphenyl-degrading mixed bacterial culture. , 40(4):541–548.

Photovoltaic Properties of New Cyanine-Naphthalimide Dyads Synthesized by 'Click' Chemistry.

Synthesis of Functionalized Bisphosphonates via Click Chemistry.

Copper-Catalyzed Synthesis of -Sulfonyl-1,2,3-Triazoles: Controlling Selectivity.

A., Expedient synthesis of 1,2,3-triazole-fused tetracyclic compounds by intramolecular Huisgen (click) reactions on carbohydrate-derived azido-alkynes.

S.; Jahed, N.; Golas, P.; Matyjaszewski, K., Gradient Polymer Elution Chromatographic Analysis of α,ω-Dihydroxypolystyrene Synthesized via ATRP and Click Chemistry.

Synthesis and Versatile Reactions of β-Azidotetraarylporphyrins.

M., Regioselective synthesis of [1,2,3]-triazoles catalyzed by Cu(I) generated in situ from Cu(0) nanosize activated powder and amine hydrochloride salts.

Synthesis of Saccharide-Terminated Poly(ε-caprolactone) via Michael Addition and 'Click' Chemistry.

Synthesis and Supramolecular Structures of N3P3(N(Me)N=CHC6F5)6, -N3P3(C12H8O2)(N(Me)N=CHC6F5)4, and -N3P3(C12H8O2)2(N(Me)N=CHC6F5)2.

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Synthesis of New Substituted Lactones by "Click" Chemistry.

Synthesis of a Benzolactone Collection using Click Chemistry.

Synthesis of Azide/Alkyne-Terminal Polymers and Application for Surface Functionalisation through a [2 + 3] Huisgen Cycloaddition Process, "Click Chemistry".

Modular Synthesis of ABC Type Block Copolymers by "Click" Chemistry.

Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure α-[4-(1-Substituted)-1,2,3-triazol-4-yl]-benzylacetamides via Microwave-Assisted Click Chemistry: Towards New Potential Antimicrobial Agents.

Synthesis of Triazole-Linked Pseudo-Starch Fragments.

In addition, the methyl sulfone PCBs have been shown to inhibit the CYP11B enzyme activity in the adrenals of mice and grey seals (). This type of mechanism could explain the observed modulation of glucocorticoid synthesis (Johansson et al., 1998a,b). Furthermore, reproductive toxicity, interaction with the estrogen receptor, and pulmonary metabolism have been observed after exposure to methyl sulfone PCBs (Letcher et al., 2000).

Synthesis of Cyclo-PMMA via Click Chemistry Combined with ATRP.

Synthesis of DOTA-Conjugated Multivalent Cyclic-RGD Peptide Dendrimers via 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition and their Biological Evaluation: Implications for Tumor Targeting and Tumor Imaging Purposes.

Synthesis of Lanthanide(III) Chelates by Using 'Click' Chemistry.

B., Synthesis of azide-alkyne fragments for click' chemical applications; formation of oligomers from orthogonally protected trialkylsilyl-propargyl azides and propargyl alcohols.

Synthesis of Ferrocene-containing Polyacetylenes by Click Chemistry.

testing in eukaryotic organisms resulted in negative mutagenic responses in Chinese hamster V79 cells (Hattula, 1985). Results with Aroclor 1254 in human lymphocytes are inconclusive, because Hoopingarner et al. (1972) found no evidence of chromosomal damage at a concentration of 100 μg/ml, whereas Sargent et al. (1989) observed chromosomal damage at a concentration of 1.1 μg/ml using Aroclor 1254. Aroclor 1254 induced DNA damage in rat liver cells in culture as judged by an increase in unscheduled DNA synthesis (Althaus et al., 1982). However, whether the genotoxic doses also caused cytotoxicity was not stated.

Design and Synthesis of Triazole-Based Peptide Dendrimers.

L.; Struthers, H.; Brans, L.; Anguelov, T.; Schweinsberg, C.; Maes, V.; Tourwe, D.; Schibli, R., "Click to Chelate": Synthesis and Installation of Metal Chelates into Biomolecules in a Single Step.

ConCept: de Novo Design of Synthetic Receptors for Targeted Ligands.

R., Activity-Based Protein Profiling Reagents for Protein Arginine Deaminase 4 (PAD4): Synthesis and in vitro Evaluation of a Fluorescently Labeled Probe.

Click Synthesis of Fluorine-Rich Cyclotriphosphazene Hydrazones.

Synthesis of Functionalized NMP Initiators for Click Chemistry: a Versatile Method for the Preparation of Functionalized Polymers and Block Copolymers.

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