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Free rate of photosynthesis Essays and Papers - …

See diagrams c
& d below…

Diagram c Diagram d

Results obtained from experiment : "Investigating if light intensity
effects the rate of photosynthesis in an aquatic plant."

As mentioned previously, the results I have obtained from the
experiment will be of measured in 5 intervals, ranging from 0cm
-100cm, 1 repeat reading taken as well as an original reading & an
average of the 2 results calculated.

6CO + 6H O ® C H O + 12O (in the presence of light energy and chlorophyll) Aim- The aim of the experiment is to determine what effect light intensity has upon the rate of photosynthesis of Canadian Pondweed (Elodea)....

In this experiment we were told that we would be measuring the rate of photosynthesis.

Free rate of photosynthesis papers, essays, and research papers.

The Plan In my experiment I am going to see how light affects the rate of photosynthesis.

Diagram f

On considering my experiment, in hindsight, perhaps I would have
gained an even higher rate of photosynthesis if I had made the
temperature of the water slightly lower.

My reasons for believing my results are reliable & accurate are
firstly, they agree with the theory behind the rate of photosynthesis
when light intensity is increased, secondly the result which I gained
compared accurately to my prediction, which was well thought out
before it was made, and finally the results I gained for my final
experiment differed so much to the results of my preliminary procedure
which was very inaccurate.

Glossary of Biological Terms ← BACK

20 degrees centigrade is the
recommended temperature for photosynthesis, and yet we conducted out
experiment with the water around 25-27 degrees C, as I found that 20
degrees was a little low.

Temperature - This will affect photosynthesis because plants will photosynthesise at a quicker rate at different temperatures....

If we had conducted the
experiment with the surrounding temperature at 30 degrees then we may
have found that the rate of photosynthesis would have been very low,
or even that photosynthesis within the pond weed was non existent.

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Concept 1: An Overview of Photosynthesis - …

Oxygen is a chemical element with symbol O and atomic number 8

This process is also affected by the temperature
surrounding the (the species of plant we experimented with, pond
weed, photosynthesised best at around 20 degrees centigrade.)

Light, temperature & CO2 are known as limiting factors, and each is as
important as the next in photosynthesis.

BioCoach Activity Concept 1: An Overview of Photosynthesis

This process is also affected by the temperature surrounding the plant (the species of plant we experimented with, pond weed, photosynthesised best at around 20 degrees centigrade.) Light, temperature & CO2 are known as limiting factors, and each is as important as the next in photosynthes...

Demonstrating Oxygen Evolution during Photosynthesis …

Although this is slightly high for
the temperature in which a plant generally photosynthesises best, (20
degrees centigrade) it was the first temperature at which the
experiment worked successfully, and so we decided that it should be
kept constantly at this in order to conduct a fair test.

Free rate of photosynthesis Essays and Papers - 123HelpMe

Variables: The variables that might affect the rate of photosynthesis in this experiment are: Temperature: When the temperature rises so does the rate of photosynthesis; this is because as the temperature around the plant rises the enzymes controlling photosynthesis inside the chloroplasts heat up and start moving around faster, the fast moving molecules collide with other fast moving enzymes causing them to react....

Gas Laws Webloc - Awesome Science Teacher Resources

If I had altered the water steadily by 1
degree, instead of making it 25 degrees C straight away, I may have
found that the water only needed to be at 22 or 23 degrees, and the
pond weed would have photosynthesised at a higher rate at this

LabBench Activity Dissolved Oxygen and Aquatic Primary Productivity

A) sunlight concentration B) temperature C) chlorophyll concentration D) carbon dioxide availability Effects of the variables and there concentrations: The amount of sunlight will decide the rate of photosynthesis as there will be a an increased rate of photosynthesis due to the increased availability of photons of light....

Photosynthesis – Plant Management in Florida Waters

Plants require large amounts of water just to satisfy the requirements of transpiration: a large tree may transpire hundreds of litres of water in a day. Water evaporates from leaves through stomates, which are pores whose aperture is controlled by two guard cells. Plants must keep their stomates open in order to take up CO2 as the substrate for photosynthesis (Chapter 2). In the process, water is lost from the moist internal surfaces of the leaf through the stomatal pores (Figure 3.1). Water loss also has a benefit in maintaining the leaf temperature through evaporative cooling.

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