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Zhengzhou, China-based designer of a vintage alphabet in 2014. He/she also drew a cuneiform alphabet in 2014. In 2015 he published the oriental simulation font ABR, the all caps typeface OHBI (Ox Hide Bronze Ingot), the experimental Honeycomb font, the cuneiform numeral typeface MQ (2015), and the flared all caps typeface EAG for Latin--the name EAG for elegant ancient Greek, though, is misleading. . . At Behance, we find the name Carpenter Baker. . [] []

Pinyin TT fonts by Daqing (David) Chu of Calgary. "Pinyin is a phonetic system used in Chinese to help people to pronounce Chinese (Mandarin). It has been widely used in the People's Republic of China since 1958. Many none-speaking-Chinese people also find out that this is a very good phonetic system for them to learn Chinese." [] []

Microsoft fonts for Chinese and Japanese. Some sites where you can find them: , , , , , , . [] []

Audience of "Fakebook Generation"

“The Fakebook Generation,” Alice Mathias focuses on the somewhat ..

Free high quality Chinese truetype Unicode fonts under the Arphic license (Arphic is based in Taiwan). They contain almost 22000 characters (!!!) and contain glyphs for Big 5 Chinese, GB2312-80 Chinese, ISO8859-1,2,3,4,7,9,10,13,14,15 and Bopomofo extended for Minnan and Hakka (Taiwan). The missing glyphs for Japanese, Korean and HKSCS are under development. The fonts are Uming (Mingti, or printed) and Ukai (Kaiti, or brush stroke). They are gorgeous and reproduce well at small screen sizes. Subprojects include modules for typing the Taiwanese styles Minnan and Hakka. Colloborators: Aaron Cheung, Akar Chen, Alex Ho, Chow Lok Yuen, CP Tung, Eric (EC-graphic), Eric Chan Chi Shing, Firefly, Ga Ming, Jack Tse, John Ma, Kevin Tse, K.M. Lau, Kong, Kwok Wun Yung, Lam Wai Tung, Munkwui Ho, Qianqian Fang, Simon Wong, Shiu Kau Wong, Willy Yuen. [] []

Chinese-Japanese-Korean fonts for figlet, a GNU Linux program by Francesco Tapparo. "Figlet is a program that creates large characters out of ordinary screen characters. It can create characters in many different styles and can kern and "smush" these characters together in various ways. Figlet output is generally reminiscent of the sort of "signatures" many people like to put at the end of e-mail and Usenet messages. " Fonts included: Fang Song Ti, Song Ti, CNS, Jiskan 16, Hanglg16, Kanglm16. [] []

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We also find information about the ancient Chinese scripts covering Jiaguwen, Jianbo, Jinwen, Pre-Han, Han, the six dynasties, and Leishu. [] []

the most determined generation to fight injustice and inequality ..

Zhuang chracters, or sawndip, are logograms derived from Han characters and used by the Zhuang people of Guangxi, China to write the Zhuang languages for more than one thousand years. In Mandarin Chinese, these are called Gu Zhuangzi or Fangkuai Zhuangzi. Old Zhuang Script is restricted to those characters used before the founding of the Republic of China in 1911. Quoting wikipedia on the modern use: [] []

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“The Fakebook Generation" ..

Alice Mathias, "The Fakebook Generation" ..

General links on typography and fonts, compiled by Denis Roegel (with earlier contributions by Karl Tombre who is no longer involved). Very, very useful. This page contains, among other things: At , he created Sixer (a pixel face) and Smallish (bold unicase). [] []

What is the difference among subject, topic, and thesis

Large Chinese font archive that includes a few thousand Latin fonts. We find, for example, the entire enStep collection from 1997. On the Chinese side, several hundred full Chinese fonts, including about 100 fonts from Dynacomware. Other similar download sites include , , , , , , , , . [] []

06.12.2012 · The world will have a generation of ..

"A new generation of Asian language software for Windows. RichWin is an add-on software that fits between Non-Chinese Windows and other Windows applications, enabling users to process the two-byte languages Chinese, Japanese and Korean on non-Chinese Windows and on other platforms. It provides 30 different Chinese fonts." For more info, email Bruce Liu. [] []

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and Sun-ExtB are two full free Unicode fonts, covering everything under the sun. Inside, we find information that these fonts were made by Beijing ZhongYi Electronics Co. [] []

Thesis on linear generators : Prothesis covers

Based on research by Professor Horace H.S. Ip and Dr. Helena T.F. Wong at the Department of Computer Science of the City University of Hong Kong, two approaches are followed for the generation of Chinese (and other) calligraphic fonts. In the first approach, a truetype font's features are detected using fractals, and this permits generation of characters using calligraphic pens. In a second approach, a (physical) brush model is able to capture the physical effects of the writing process due to brush geometry, brush orientations and motions, ink absorption and depositing by the brush hairs. Resulting papers: [] []

7 Effective Essay Tips about The stolen generation essay

MDW$T draws from his research in the Midwest for his “Outskirts” series and borrows on the tradition of the one-man show using songs, jokes, sayings and stories.

SAT problem solving practice test 03 - MajorTests

A truetype tool by UniDoc System. TrueKeys is the only font conversion utility that handles Chinese/Japanese/Korean TrueType font conversion between Windows and Mac OS platforms. Can also be used to add Unicode support (required for OS X) to older fonts that don't have it. US$50, and crippled free demo. An OS X version is available. The manufacturer reports: "TrueKeys is a Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK) 2-byte truetype font conversion utilities. What makes it different from other truetype utilities such as TTConvert 1.5 and TrueConvert 0.3b is that it generates its own cmap table for specified language encoding, and assemble the original font data into a new truetype. This strategy corrects some common PC font problems such as no Mac cmap table support, etc. When TTConvert or TrueConvert does not work for your font, you should seriously try TrueKeys. TrueKeys v3.5 is guarenteed to work with any Mac format CJK truetypes and Windows format truetypes (including TTC format). TrueKeys v3.6 is currently in beta, supporting both pre-MacOS 9 and MacOS X platform." [] []

SAT problem solving practice test 03

Free fonts by Sean Moldenhauer of Michigan City, Indiana, a graduate of the Art institute of Chicago who apprenticed with Donna Karen. Sean has beautiful Japanese calligraphic prints (shodo style) as well as fonts based on carefully researched historical typefaces. Examples: JapaneseZenSampler1 (2001), TheTombwinterandspring1 (1997, "heavily inspired by the incised letters from the tomb of Henry III, Westminster Abbey, about 1272"), Thorns (1997), VampyresGarden (1997, initial caps inspired by a copy of the Romant de la Rose from the beginning of the 16th century), HoursintheRain (1997), SevenWavessighsSalome (1997, caps). Very nice gothic and medieval style creations. He showcases great Arab, Japanese and Chinese calligraphy. [] []

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