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Under FBI interrogation, Diane Howell admitted to investigators that she and her close friend Sarah Stahler had been "conned by Mexicans" into parking the cars at the tunnel exit as a prank, and that she had nothing to do with the explosion. When investigators informed her that they had found evidence that she had recently received a large amount of cash from an unknown source, Diane broke down and changed her story. She confessed that she had met the "Mexicans" when their private landscape was doing some contract work at one of her real estate listings near Oyster Bay. She admitted that she was immediately attracted to one of them who she described as quite handsome. She said that she had been quite lonely since being divorced, and that she had a brief affair with the handsome Mexican, meeting him for trysts at her vacant listed properties. When questioned, Diane denied that the man had introduced her to cocaine. She said that eventually the landscaper told her a strange story that he had a beef with the tunnel authority over a car of his which had broken down in the tunnel. He convinced Diane that his car had been accidentally towed to a crush site and destroyed, and that the tunnel authority refused to reimburse him. He claimed that, being an illegal immigrant, the car was not insured. Diane told investigators that the Mexican convinced her and her friend Sara to participate in a prank as revenge on the tunnel authority. She stated that she believed no harm would come to anyone from the prank. Investigators did not buy her story.

A female prison nurse quickly stepped between the condemned prisoner's legs and roughly pulled the catheter from the woman's pee-hole as she groaned. While the nurse detached the collection bag from the condemned female's leg, another execution technician attached blood pressure and pulse monitors to both of her up stretched arms. The nurse then noted aloud into a tape recording device attached to her lapel that the condemned prisoner had been adequately prepped with the complete clean-shaving of her vulva, mons pubis, and peri-anal area, and that her bladder had been completely drained.

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But our story begins at a different time, not in Gamehendge, but on a suburban street in Long Island, and our hero is no king sitting in a castle, he is a retired colonel shaving in his bathroom.

As in all suicide-bombing crimes, the perpetrator vanishes at the moment he appears. America had evolved into a paranoid land, both emotionally numb and ethically bankrupt - a land of many victims – and in desperate need of perpetrators to punish. This is a story of three women who lived in that time.

The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday

The judge called the court into session in Russian and the doors at the other end of the courtroom immediately swung open wide. Five uniformed Russian guards escorted a frightened looking, dark-haired young Chechen woman into the courtroom. She appeared to be no more than 16 or 17 years old. After walking her down the short aisle the guards stood her before the judge's bench, unlocked her handcuffs, and stepped back several paces, leaving the young woman to face the judge alone, her arms nervously at her side.

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PATRIOTIC Americans don't spend an inordinate amount of time whining about people and the free press exercising their First Amendment rights granted under the United States Constitution. Real men and real patriots don't whine about itty bitty words; Trump whines about the press and calls them the "enemy of the people" in the exact manner as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and the Party drones and bigots follow suit as if marching in goosestep... so ignorant and so lacking in self-awareness that it never crosses their tiny and disease-addled "minds" that they're whining about a basic freedom of Americans and the American free press. The attacks on our free press are a strategy, and you are a TOOL.

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As the whipmaster stepped back into the darkness, guards unhooked the young woman from the spreader bars and carried her to beneath a looped steel cable which had slowly lowered from the darkened ceiling into the lighted area.

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The young woman, still with her hands above her head, now wept aloud as tears of humiliation and fear rolled freely down her cheeks. The moment the judge finished reading the sentence the doors at the back of the small courtroom flung open and five American prison guards in off-white jumpsuit-type uniforms and matching ball-caps entered the room, quickly replacing the Russians ones who immediately turned around goose-stepped out of the room.

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The witnesses watched in amazement as a group of uniformed guards slowly escorted this mature but very pregnant, completely nude woman into the theater. After she entered her arms were uncuffed as she stood facing the gallery. Diane could see the three unusual looking obstetrical tables queued up in a row directly in front of the witnesses. She could tell they weren't traditional OB tables, but had unusual leg restraint stirrups at the head end of them. With one glance her instantly knew the extreme position into which she was about to be placed. She surmised that one of the other two tables would be occupied by her own daughter, whom she had not seen since they both had been whipped in the same punishment theater several days earlier.

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Jason stood up and stepped back,as much as he could in the small booth anyway, as Warden Bowden pulled a pair ofmedical examining gloves on with a sharp snap which caused the woman to jumpslightly at the sound. Her arms were still overhead as Jason gazed and wonderedwhat was next. She was exactly twice his age, he thought, yet he wanted sobadly to frisk her again, to feel her buttocks once more as he stared into her frightenedeyes.

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