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The remaining 27 units of electives are to be chosen from courses at Caltech that support the broader goals of the respective programs, subject to the approval of the option representative. Students must have a proposed program approved by their adviser prior to registration for the first term of work toward the degree.

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A test station on the 9th floor of MillikanLibrary is analysed.

The bioengineering option at Caltech is designed for students interested in subjects that form the core of the new interdisciplinary science of bioengineering. These branches of science provide the basis for the growth of modern technology. Students may choose biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and applied mathematics as their elective subjects and choose a thesis adviser within the divisions of Engineering and Applied Science, Biology and Biological Engineering, or Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

Graduate students in biology come with very diverse undergraduate preparation—majors in physics, chemistry, mathematics, or psychology, as well as in biology and its various branches. The aims of the graduate program are to provide, for each student, individual depth of experience and competence in a particular chosen major specialty; perception of the nature and logic of biology as a whole; sufficient strength in basic science to allow continued self-education after formal training has been completed and thus to keep in the forefront of changing fields; and the motivation to serve his or her field productively through a long career. In accordance with these aims, the graduate study program in biology includes the following parts: (a) the major program, which is to provide the student with early and intense original research experience in a self-selected subject of biology, supplemented with advanced course work and independent study in this subject; and (b) a program of course work designed to provide well-rounded and integrated training in biology and the appropriate basic sciences, which is adjusted to special interests and needs. An individual program will be recommended to each student in a meeting with the student’s advisory committee.

CaltechTHESIS is a growing repository of Ph.D., Engineer, Master'sand Bachelor's/Senior thesesauthored by Caltech students. It is updated continuously asstudents add new theses, and as library staff scan and add older theses.

(3) How to characterize the equilibrium points of the model?

As she steps down as CEO of the , Telle Whitney (PhD ’85) reflects on her career in tech—and the path ahead for the next generation of women. From Caltech to researcher to entrepreneur to advocate for women in technology, this Caltech alumna’s career has thrived on risk-taking and transition—and she’s inspired and assisted hundreds of thousands of women along the way. []

Please visit the Caltech Graduate Studies website for downloadable forms, important dates, and further information about the admissions process.

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(4) How to prove the stability of the equilibrium points?

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Understanding the brain remains one of the great intellectual challenges for science, and it requires the integration of approaches from many disciplines. Caltech Neuroscience research spans a wide range: from the molecular function of receptors; through signaling organelles like the synapse; the structure and function of single neurons; the assembly and function of circuits of nerve cells; and the collective function of brain systems in controlling behavior, perception, memory, cognition, and emotion. Several laboratories are applying basic science findings to animal models of brain disorders, and these translational approaches are opening up novel therapeutic avenues. Finally, Caltech's traditional strength in engineering stimulates the development of new tools for brain science: from optical techniques to new twists of genetic engineering, to novel multi-electrode devices, to computational models and theories.

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(2014) Boundary-layer transition on a slender cone in hypervelocity flow with real gas effects. Dissertation (Ph.D.), California Institute of Technology. doi:10.7907/Z9H9935V.

Ph.D. Thesis - John Clinton, Caltech, 2004

The laminar to turbulent transition process in boundary layer flows in thermochemical nonequilibrium at high enthalpy is measured and characterized. Experiments are performed in the T5 Hypervelocity Reflected Shock Tunnel at Caltech, using a 1 m length 5-degree half angle axisymmetric cone instrumented with 80 fast-response annular thermocouples, complemented by boundary layer stability computations using the STABL software suite. A new mixing tank is added to the shock tube fill apparatus for premixed freestream gas experiments, and a new cleaning procedure results in more consistent transition measurements. Transition location is nondimensionalized using a scaling with the boundary layer thickness, which is correlated with the acoustic properties of the boundary layer, and compared with parabolized stability equation (PSE) analysis. In these nondimensionalized terms, transition delay with increasing CO2 concentration is observed: tests in 100% and 50% CO2, by mass, transition up to 25% and 15% later, respectively, than air experiments. These results are consistent with previous work indicating that CO2 molecules at elevated temperatures absorb acoustic instabilities in the MHz range, which is the expected frequency of the Mack second-mode instability at these conditions, and also consistent with predictions from PSE analysis. A strong unit Reynolds number effect is observed, which is believed to arise from tunnel noise. NTr for air from 5.4 to 13.2 is computed, substantially higher than previously reported for noisy facilities. Time- and spatially-resolved heat transfer traces are used to track the propagation of turbulent spots, and convection rates at 90%, 76%, and 63% of the boundary layer edge velocity, respectively, are observed for the leading edge, centroid, and trailing edge of the spots. A model constructed with these spot propagation parameters is used to infer spot generation rates from measured transition onset to completion distance. Finally, a novel method to control transition location with boundary layer gas injection is investigated. An appropriate porous-metal injector section for the cone is designed and fabricated, and the efficacy of injected CO2 for delaying transition is gauged at various mass flow rates, and compared with both no injection and chemically inert argon injection cases. While CO2 injection seems to delay transition, and argon injection seems to promote it, the experimental results are inconclusive and matching computations do not predict a reduction in N factor from any CO2 injection condition computed.

Ph.D.s Awarded by Caltech, with Thorne as the Thesis Advisor

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