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Sundowner's Syndrome : Elderly dementia after sunset

In the early years it seemed to make no difference in a debilitating way as it seemed to be an inconvenience rather than an illness although my intolerance to alcohol was sometimes an experience I would rather forget (Bit of the never again syndrome). Things went downhill for me about eleven years ago after a viral infection. My intolerance of many drugs prescribed to try and resolve the problem only made matters worse. The long term effect of the viral infection left me with Fybromyalgia. I got terrible muscle aches all over. If I sat at the computer for even short periods my neck would ache and no amount of normal painkillers would even touch this sort of pain and discomfort.

My experience seems so typical of everyone else here - you'll laugh. A series of inexplicable symptoms, a visit to the doctor, two blood / urine tests for nothing specific. Diagnosed with GS, a harmless syndrome with no effects at all, apparently. As for my symptoms; tiredness and aching limbs, sweating, memory loss, brain sometimes feeling and performing like porridge, pain in lower right abdomen when ill / hungover / exercising – these were all a bit of a mystery according to the old doc, bless him, but definitely nothing to do with GS.

Following are the symptoms posted by people with Gilbert's Syndrome on the Gilberts Web Forums

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ENTER ISSUE # 1- (2 years ago), for that entire year, after she had called the police many times, and had made a total of 47 visits to her house that year, for various disturbances. We as next door neighbors, were accused by her, of shooting lazers at her through her roof, attic, ceiling, and into her bed to terrify her (every) night. This continued, even after Jim an his wife arrived to care for her last summer. His mother, who we, my wife and I, think she has had Sundowners Syndrome for some time now. After Jim’s dealing with all of the issues (mother won’t go to Dr.)(mother cursing at Jim) (mother refusing to leave house for any reason)(mother incessently complaining next door neighbor (Me),shooting Lazers at her every nite), Mid June Jim told me that he felt both helpless and trapped and after seeking help from many social agencies and workers, that he, with only Power of attorney, felt his only choice was to return to Alaska.

In November, whilst doing various DIY tasks around the house i started feeling hot, nauseous, dizzy and developed what felt like a hair caught in my lower throat. I went to the Doctor and said i was concerned about the throat and was given a course of antibiotics. From 2 days in to the antibiotics my health has gone haywire. The nausea got stronger and it noticeable waves throughout the day, my eyesight deteriorated and when the nausea was strong i would see yellow flashing specks in my vision which would last for weeks at a time. I struggled against whatever this was and tried to keep active but the effects got worse and my initial throat senstaion disappeared to be replaced with the most sore aching muscles frpm jaw to upper chest. The sensation was of being physically strangled and then it would ease and I would find myself yawning continuously for 5 minutes. The whole of my mind and body had a feeling of being drugged on amphetamines. My sleep was poor, getting to sleep difficult and upon waking I felt totally groggy. Then I developed muscle aches, twitching and spasms down left leg and right arm to which the doctor prescribed drugs for shingles, not surprisingly this had no effect. He surmised that I had been wiped out by a virus in November (the antibiotics helping the virus) and because I was run down and stressed I failed to fight it off properly. The virus had knocked my liver out and he said I suffered from Gilberts Syndrome and was now suffering from Post Viral Fatigue, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome otherwise known as ME.

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Lynda: I appreciate your response to my post and to attempt to supply an alternative (Medical Power of Attorney)To solve his delima in this perticular case. I have been reading the prerequsites in aquireing MPofA and California, The mother that Jim was trying to help, has to agree to his aquasition of the MPofA, before he could aquire one. His mother would definately have said NO WAY!!!. Unfortunately the longer Jim tried to help Mom, Jim found he was trapped in a (no win) situation. Jim did not want to leave his mother alone but the situation was affecting his marriage and all of his 7 brothers and sisters who FLED years ago, as mother had become so impossible to deal with. My heart reaches out to him and his wife, as he is trapped here in Ca. to try to get the charge of grand theft dismissed, as he is innocent of this. As you know, the wheels of the system can and usually move SLOWLY. The situation he is trapped in is SO BISSARE that he is affraid to go near the town he grew up in, for fear the police will find an excuse to re-arrest him. He is LIVING A NIGHTMARE and can’t wake up, and return to Alaska and put this behind them and get their lives back. I can’t for the life of me understand why when the police had made 47 visits that year, to her house to calm her down. Why they would not realize when talking to her that she was not rational. and issue a 5150 on her, to have her mental state evaluated, THAT WOULD HAVE GOTTEN HER (MEDICATION as well as PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP) and none of this would have ever happened. I don,t know if Jim will ever get this purged from his memory, because, as of now this is all he can think and talk about. The longer this drags on, the more it haunts him. I personally would not advise ANYONE to attempt to come in to the middle of Sundowners Syndrome, even with a parent without knowing exactly what to expect and especially if you have been away from that parent for an extended period of years so you don’t trapped like Jim did. Hindsight is ALWAYS 20 20 but my guess is, that Jim should have not told his mother he was leaveing, he should have notified a local sibling that he had to go back to Alaska to save his marriage and business,and left. QUESTION IS——- WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE????. Thanks for your thoughts Jim’s situation. will

Syringomyelia (SM) and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

i have been feeling bad for 1 year 4 months, now i got cold/flu type it felt morphed, never went away, felt TOXIC, really sluggishly, after tons of test, got slapped with GS label, and doctor trying to push anti-deps on me... I have had symptoms similiar to yours the past month and half. This is so wierd, how long this lasts. I'm started to feel brain/fog. nerves. Mostly because of how long this has been going on. I do not feel nausea now, but i feel tired alot and my mind I wanna go play soccer and run around, but my body is sluggish... My symptoms seem to come in cycles now for the past 4 months… I well start to feel better for a week or two, then i well feel the (GS) type symptoms for a week... Mainly when it starts i feel the fatigue, sluggishly, toxic feeling, then the anxiety or nervous feelings, then the stomach stuff. this lasts about a week, then start to feel better, never 100%, but then in about 2 weeks or so it starts over again.

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Symptoms: depression, chest pains, bowel problems, vision problems, difficulty gaining weight, insomia, night sweats, itchiness, tiredness, antisocial, irritability, anger, fatigue, A1AD, IBS, Pigment Dispersion Syndrome, diarrhea, back pain, joint pain, burning ankles, gum disease, poor vision, liver pain, acid reflux, headaches, allergies to antibiotics

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